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    Not to be confused with the Afterimage technique.
    The vanishing could be a lot like Xenoverse’s Step Vanishing

    Step Vanish

    The looks of it is the important part.
    When and how it is activated however.. When you are 100x stronger than a player in terms of BP, you suddenly cannot sense the weaker player’s BP (the dude who has x100 less BP than you).
    That’s when it should step in!

    When your BP is 100 times bigger, you should be seen vanishing that way by just moving in Turbo mode (only or maybe configurable).
    Of course this is default x100 in BP, but there should be an option to turn the BP of it up. To about 1000 or even 1 million times bigger BP for it to occur. It would make high leveled battles look more intense for the new player.

    You should also be able to turn it off with the configs.

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