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    Not to be confused with the Afterimage technique or the already implemented “swoop” move:
    The “vanishing” could work VISUALLY very much like Xenoverse 2’s “step vanish” in the the sense that you seemingly go invisible when you move with the added line effects to convey movements, and on stop you return visible.

    The visuals of it are important,
    how it activates is roughly based on BP; When you are ‘X’ amount stronger than a player in terms of BP(This will likely be configurable), you should be seen vanishing by moving in turbo mode, and as explained by Piccolo in the fight with Yamcha vs Saibaman, you can always just follow them with ki sense. However Players you don’t fall below “X” amount weaker are still able to see the player moving.


    I imagine some of you may see this as “Broken”, however, it doesn’t make the game more “broken” than it already is as at a certain point it becomes impossible for a weaker player to defeat a stronger one. And lastly you should be able to turn it off within the configs.

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    Hell yeah, i’d love to see something like this added. It’d be super DBZ-like to see two strong guys go at it and all you’re able to see is their energy drop because they’re too fast to follow.

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