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      This idea came to me a few months ago, but I just remembered it. I was thinking that since the main story line is actually pretty short and can be finished in 20 minutes, I was thinking that instead of replaying the story line, there could be a mod installed or an update for DBC with Beerus, Whis, capsule corp [So like there would be different ships and different capsules(such as the ship Goku traveled to Namek in, the ship Vegeta trained in before the Andriod saga, ships that Bulma and Videl traveled in, etc.) that could have their own abilities and features] and even other characters such as Bulma, Trunks, Goten, ChiChi, Vegeta, and others. This would be much more exciting, and could greatly improve game play, as well as average downloads a month or a year. Capsule corp with Bulma’s house, and other cities would be amazing, as well as different cities around the entire MC world, so that when you go through the Cell saga, you could travel to other cities and it could seem more realistic and more fun, mainly because the journey is longer and you can make pit stops along the way. The Battle of Gods saga [bet this an entire topic on it’s on, but if Saiyan God and Super Saiyan God could be implemented with it’s own challenges(such as gathering saiyans around the MC world for the Saiyan God, and training with Whis for attaining the Super Saiyan God form), as well as it’s own transformation animation this would be badass] , Resurrection ‘F’ saga, as well as the Champa saga(this saga has not been released in the anime yet, but the manga I’m not sure if it has been), and even the sixth universe saga if need be. The Champa saga as well as the sixth universe saga can be addons, and can be downloaded, without it being tied in with the actual Dragon Block C mod. This can be slowly implemented into the DBC mod, instead of a huge update with tons of work hours ahead, but tiny updates(e.g. 1.5.7, 1.5.8, 1.5.9, etc.) with different content such as the capsule corp update or the Battle of Gods update. I doubt that I am the only one who has brought this topic up, but it would be amazing if it could actually be read by JinRyuu, and taken into consideration. This a long ass message, but its the forums, so whatever. Thanks for your time.

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      You do realize this is all planned? Seriously people, just look around, there is a devblog, AND the home topics as well that tell you whats going on and whats planned. There is also a 4 part video series that talks about the future stuff on the youtube channel.

      Sagas will be introduced as they are ready to be implemented. We aren’t going to introduce Beerus when we don’t even have Kid Buu yet, or when we don’t even have fusion/ssjg yet and isn’t planned to be released in the next few weeks.
      Capsule Corps will be implemented when Cities are implemented most likely, so as said above, already been stated in the main announcements and devblog.
      NPCs like Bulma, Vegeta, etc will be introduced as needed. They aren’t all exactly necessary for the mod, so they will be one of the last things (probably not lol) to be added.
      Addons are unlikely and will probably never happen. Everything will either be implemented into the mod, or against terms of use.

      TL;DR Just read the devblog/announcements or watch the videos. Please do not suggest stuff already suggested MULTIPLE times. Its just considered spam.

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      Ok thanks for the advice

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      Since when can the story be beat in twenty minutes? Maby if you use cheats, but if your playing without cheats, than it’ll take alot l longer. Hell, saiyan saga will take twenty minutes, and that’s the shortest saga.

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      Lightning Shots

      Dam Suggestions get more stupid every time .-. or its a bad idea or its just a stupid kid thinking about what have already been thought about

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      Wait, were there cities already implemented? Or is it planned on being added with Capsule Corp?

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      *Thinking about what has been already brought up @Kahlil

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      Cities are most likely being implemented into the Capsule corp update but here”s a link to JinRyuu’s channel so you can see what the plans are for this year

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