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      Ben if you have time and want to add something even more NEW i think a lot of people would love to see Ikari form from DBS Broly movie and you could go SSJ with Ikari mode and even Kaioken since Broly could go SSJ and EVEN LSSJ when being in Ikari Form / Wrath Form but it would multiply your power x10 or x5 don’t know how much it multiplies but i think a lot of people would like Ikari Mode / Wrath Form , Ikari / Wrath mode make your hair go up like SSJ and have yellow/orange eyes so basically just changing the aura and hair colour of ssj and name would be enough i think ( just my opinion ) but i would like i mean LOVE to see Ikari/Wrath Form in DBC please make my wish come true Ben <3 Love and thanks for all your hard work.

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      I, personally, would love to see a skill similar to golden form where you can make your own custom form. (i know I’ve been requesting this for a while) but i would love if it was just to set the hair color (or body color for arcosians), the aura, and the boost that you get from the form. Of course, it would be a command-given skill since it would be a little bit op if new players could just go to whis or someone and get a form that’s 20x more powerful than ssjbe kkx100.

      That’s just my suggestion, though.

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        (personally i set my x100’s name as (ultimate) and set the x2 as (basic) because x2 kaioken is literally the regular kaioken and kaioken x100 sounds a bit too edgy for my taste)

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