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      Thank you for clicking on this post. I know it will not be well accepted, but I know there are many who share my frustrations; some who are long time supporters of this mod, and some who are new.

      First of all, these are frustrations that I know have already been said, but allow me to vent, if you don’t care about seeing this you can skip on ahead to my suggestions. This does, however, help my points.
      Okay so i’ll lay it down straight for you. I heavily dislike DBC stat upgrading in its current state. I will not say I hate it, but I do have a strong disdain for it. While I understand why it is like this, I also don’t. When the Mind update came out. I didn’t know how to feel about it. I didn’t try it out when it first came out. I, in fact, stopped playing this mod for a bit. The last version of this mod that I had for a while was actually BEFORE the mind update happened. I have played the most recent version of the DBC mod and oh boy. If I thought leveling up was difficult and too grindy before, then I had another thing coming. The raising of the TP cost was one thing. I honestly could have lived with just that. It wasn’t the best thing in the world, but it certainly wasn’t the worst. I used to enjoy how the mind stat used to work as well. The more you upgraded the more it “Expanded” your mind; allowing you to learn more skills. That’s all fine a dandy right? Well now put it as the main way of learning skills along with TP. Imagine it this way. You go to Wal-Mart right? You go there for a Pokemon starting pack for, let’s say, $5.00. Alright you go the check out and they scan your item. They then tell you that it’s $5.00, you hand them the money, but before you can actually have it they then tell you that you need a new type of coin you’ve never heard of and you need 500 of that coin to purchase the item, but you can only get it by burning a hospital while doing 300 push-ups. That may sound like a over statement, but oh it feels like it when you’re trying to get Super Saiyan without cheats. What kills me about it most of all is that all of the skills, and I mean ALL of the skills are set to 500, and the ONLY way you can set it to 5 or 6 mind is by going into the configs and changing. That’s a little absurd if you ask me, and you’ll agree once you realize that if you play the Saga you need to get to SS3 just to progress. The Mind is not changeable for transformations when you upgrade them, and you need to get to level 5 in super forms. 5 X 500 is 2500. That is ALOT of TP for one game session. Your other stats will not get very high because you have to spend your time grinding the Mind stat, and with Tp cost getting higher, you get stuck in a constant state of grinding. So you might as well not even play as a Saiyan if you want to play the Saga as legit as possible, and everyone knows Saiyan is the strongest race to play as and the most popular.
      In short. Mind is not a fun mechanic to play with at all. It is tedious and frustrating.

      Why was it added?
      Simple. DBC is suppose to be like a RPG mod. It was added to make the game more difficult, have everyone play longer sessions and give those who want a “better” RPG experience just that.

      My Suggestions

      Here is what I suggest to be done to the mind stat.
      1. Be taken out. Just as simple as that. Have a frustration removed, and it’s no longer a frustration.
      2. Lower it heavily and have the mind cost increase with each level. 500 is asking for a lot. I don’t know if Jin as noticed this or not but I have noticed that NPC enemy power levels have been heavily reduced. Freeza final form used to be over 1Mil. Now it’s just in the thousands, and I feel like that’s just due to the fact of how difficult it is to level up the mind stat and get anywhere in the game at all, that’s not right, takes out the glory of being just barely as strong as Freeza and beating him knowing you put in all that hard work. Plus it doesn’t ring true to the series. Like when I first played this mod. I knew that for me to beat Vegeta and Nappa, you best know that I had to get my BP up to 10,000 or else I would be destroyed. So if you don’t want to remove it. At least lower it to make it a tad less annoying at the very least.
      3. Remove Tp up cost. While I have no problem with needing more Tp as you upgrade your stats. I feel as if you removed that it would make the mind stat less of a chore and less of a grind. Though this would be a step back.
      4. Have another way to get mind points, maybe don’t even have it as a stat since it just acts like a type of currency now just like Tp does.


      I don’t hate this mod one bit. This mod is literally my favorite mod of all time. I am also very thankful that Jin added SS4. I have been waiting for that form for 4 years straight. I have been a long time supporter of this mod and I will continue to support this mod until Jin calls it quits. I feel as if he does not get enough credit for all the updates and the hard work he puts into all of his Mods and sometimes I feel like he works himself into a corner and tires himself out. I used to play this mod all the time with my buddies just messing around back in the 1.6.4 days back when I was younger. We would either play through the Saga all the way up to the Cell saga (Because that’s where it used to end). We would also make our own big, giant moves. Have our stats all the way up, go SS3 and just throw attacks at each other, have beam battles, and test out if our attack would push back a giant ball of death or not. We would go on so many RolePlay adventures as out OCs and make so many stories together. I believe that is what I truly call a RPG, simple, and fun for all. Nothing flashy, just fun. I have so many fond memories of this mod and that’s what keeps me and i’m sure a lot of other back for the new updates. This is why it frustrates me so much to see how difficult this Mod as got to play without cheating just a bit. It saddens me to say the least, and this is why I wish for the Mind skill to be changed.

      Thank you Jin for all your many years of work on this mod. I know it gets hard sometimes, but it sure is still fun to play, despite the grinding that you have to do to get anywhere in it.

      I hope you all see my point on why I am frustrated. Thank you for giving this a read. I’ll see you all around the Forums.

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      What happens is not that it is set to 500, the cost depends directly on the maximum attributes, if you have 50000 it will be 500, it can be configured to only be 5.

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      Personally I would rather have it so that skills could be set to require a certain amount of mind.

      For example: Super Form level 1 requiring say 10 mind or even 10k mind if you’re feeling a little bit like an asshole.

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      All of the problems you adressed can easily be solved by changing the configs; this whole post is essentially a default config rant. You can tweak the TP cost for attributes increase per stat level up, you can tweak how much mind basically anything costs, and you can make it so every 1 mind you get like, as much TP per punch as you want.

      You can even make side quests for extra TP, and change the strength of saga mobs and how much TP you gain from beating them. Their BP is literally meaningless btw, as it was changed in an earlier update, mob BP no longer scales with player BP nor DBZ Power levels.

      Honestly, if you couldn’t change the configs, this shit would be unplayable. Though, it’s pretty nice that you can change a ton of things.

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      Sam Noé

      The others brought up solutions to your problem, but indeed this has become even more grindy now.
      But now still I feel even more proud and satisfied when I reach a new form. I mean I used to get everything, grind and then upgrade all to max in one shot. Easy but not funny. So while this system is still far from perfect, it’s better than the previous, and it gets the job done.

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