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      Middle mouse button doesn’t do anything when in the spacepod, so I cant travel to namek or vegeta. I discovered this issue while progressing through the story in a mod pack. THought it was a mod conflict, but found it was still happening when only the jrmc mods were installed. couldn’t find anything wrong in the config files. Not sure if its something on my end or something with the mod.

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      Spadepod might be using the “pick block” key. Perhaps if that one changed in your settings then you need to use the new one for the pod as well.

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      hey, thank you for the response, but I just (as in just a few seconds ago) discovered that it was my mouse that was broken. I was also having a similar problem in other games, and I just got a replacement for it and found out the middle mouse button was broken. Again, thank you for getting back to me

Viewing 2 reply threads
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