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      Hello Everyone!
      I’m going to make once again Great Roleplay!
      We have the main Storyline which we can follow but it doesn’t stop you from doing anything you want.

      Our Roleplay have Custom Races like Majin, Androids, Demons a lot more, really there is a lot of them!

      Also, we have a lot of Custom Forms, like ssj5, ssj rage, mastered ui, god of destruction form and a lot more!

      Heres little story that can be changed a bit over time,

      Cado the Great Emperor of the Universe, The strongest of all Arcorsians.
      There are many of Cados soldiers all over the universe, Planet Vegeta has been destroyed.
      Some Saiyans went on earth and the other ones went on planet Zetheryn undetected.
      Planet Namek and Planet Earth has been attacked too, not many Namekians and Humans survived but some did survive.
      Even some Arcorsians betrayed Cado and went on Earth.
      All races needed to cooperate to rebuild Earth their new home.
      They even procreated creating hybrids like Half Humans Half Saiyans, soon, later on, started appearing Saiyans from Planet Zetheryn and got disgusted by Half Breeds and other hybrids and was surprised why Saiyans didn’t conquer this world and also they saw an Arcorsian which they recognized as Cado, also Saiyans from Zetheryn didn’t lose their evil nature like those on Earth and they soon started destroying Earth.
      But Cados soldiers start to do the same and The Saiyans from Planet Zetheryn recognizes real Emperor Cado.
      Will they join Cado again or maybe they will help Earthlings.?

      If you are interested please make your application here, following this blueprint:








      -Name and ID

      See ya!

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      Juan Gomez

      Name: Raizu

      Years: 22

      Race: Saiyan

      Gender: Male

      Personality: Quiet, a little impulsive, he is not a fan of fights but trains with his teammates to be strong and protect his planet, he likes to laugh and have fun with his friends

      Appearance: A dark long hair Saiyan like his father, white boots with two black ribbons that serve as laces or ties, a dark Gi (similar to the one Goku uses in the movie “Fukkatsu no F”) and red ribbons (same as shoes) in the forearms tied by 2 other red ribbons.

      Background story: When Raditz was entrusted to travel accompanying the prince vegeta on a mission, Raditz asked to take a Saiyan quite close to him, After the “Vegeta Planet Incident” happened Raditz suspected that Frezeer might have something to do With that, then he look for a planet with the optimal conditions for the survival of his wife while he was under the orders of frezeer. When Raditz was entrusted with the mission of supervising the conquest of the planet Earth by his younger brother, he went on his search to the earth (when Goku was 24 years old) to see if the planet was already conquered and During the time in which Raditz did not return to the planet where his wife was she gave birth a child who was the son of Raditz to whom he was given the name Raizu, from a very young age his mother instills the value of respect and humility with other races despite If he was Saiyans, Raizu had never been a fan of fights since childhood, although when he saw that his friends were being attacked, he looked for ways to help them.


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      Name: Vegeta V

      Years: 25

      Race: Saiyan

      Gender: Man

      Personality: Serious as his grandfather.

      Appearance: As Vegeta

      Background story: Grandson of the great king Vegeta IV, this new Vegeta V arrives on earth to proclaim himself the new king of the Saiyans and thus conquer the planet earth, in turn, do what his grandfather never did. Nonetheless, the Zetheryan Saiyans would arrive, creating an environment … Prince Vegeta V was willing to fight.


      ?: Hmmm… Grandson of the great Vegeta IV ….

      A flash step is made because of the unknown Saiyan, Vegeta V falls unconscious to the ground

      ¿? 2: He has a good power … Let’s take him …

      ?: Understood captain!

      Vegeta V wakes up locked in a room

      Vegeta V: WHERE AM I ?!

      ¿? 3: So you’re Vegeta’s grandson … That scumbag …

      And that’s how the story of the current Prince Vegeta begins …

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        If you make this app better, maybe more story or about appearance, personality?
        something that will make this application more interesting I might accept you.

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      Jacob Avilez



      Race:Half Saiyan


      Personality:Carefree Full of energy always ready for a fight has more likes than dislikes gives people a second chance immature slighty above normal intelligent

      Appearance:Black hair similar to future gohan and wears a capsule corp branded jacket similar to trunks but instead it white and wears a brown under shirt and pants are just the same black pants with a yellow belt

      Backstory:Son of a Saiyan Dad who came from earth and mother a human they both left him at a young age he been living in the forest for awhile so he has been training to get time to past does small job task for money from a city and in some of his free time he reads book since there nothing else better to do

      Jacob690 #9631

      Question if I am accepted will the server IP be given through DMS in Discord

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      Name: Celeron

      Age: 17

      Race: Saiyan

      Gender: Male

      Personality: Brash and straightforward, not one to think things through before acting.

      Apperance: Celeron stands at an impressive 6’3, taller than a fair portion of his home race. As with most saiyans, he has black bushy hair and dark irises. He’s also currently wearing the armor of a saiyan that he attacked and killed.

      Backstory: Celeron was born from a mid ranked saiyan man, meaning he was nothing special when his power was checked after birth. Soon, he is sent to a faraway planet with many dangerous and strong predators capable of killing full grown humans with ease. Though, despite being a child, Celeron’s heritage allowed him to overpower these monsters and gain strength while at it. After sixteen years of killing the numerous inhabitants, he sees a spaceship land and begins to run towards it. Once arrived, he is confronted by two low class saiyan soldiers, who try to use brute force to coerce Celeron into coming with them. What they hadn’t expected, however, was for him to overpower the both of them, murdering them with ease. After checking out their bodies and technology, he takes their armor and climbs in the pod. As he grew up with no education and no access to tech, he randomly presses flashing buttons and is sent to yet another foreign planet- Earth. Along the way, he learns basic English from his pod, allowing to him communicate with others, despite a poor vocabulary and ability to structure sentences.


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        accepted, but ur discord name&id doesn’t work

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        Oh, my bad. KKrieg#3227

        I think the capital matters, whoops

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      Name : Tanjuro
      Age : 13
      Race : Human
      Gender : Male
      Personality : Pure of heart, seeks the best for everyone
      Appearance : He is a purple-eyed human with short crimson hair, he is about 5″3.He is wearing tien’s gi.

      Backstory: Born an orphan, Tanjuro lived in the rough mountains with his old grand father that later passed away ( Tanjuro was about 7 when his grand father died).He lives alone in small shack and is physically gifted with immense strength.He doesn’t know how to use ki so he sticks with smashing stuff and using his fists.He usually goes from town to town trying to discover the normal world, but always gets rejected and called by names such as freak and monster from the mountains.But he heard about a certain martial art tournament in which he is interested.He thinks that he may find people like him and maybe find his true home.And so he joined the crane dojo in which he trained with his fellow new friends and comrades.
      Discord : stonefree#3177

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      Personality:only trusts good friends; no sense of humor; likes fighting, training and eating; doesnt like to be underestimated

      Apperance:gohan hair style (i cant decide between custom hair), black hair, he always wears something different

      Backstory:he was born on a distant planet, his parents being survivors of the destruction of planet vegeta. as his parent both died he traveled to earth with a space pod.


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      name: Tako


      race: Saiyan

      gender: male

      Personality: chill, friendly but he does not take crap from anyone

      appearance: has Vegeta hair but wears a black and blue gi

      backstory: he used to work with Cado the Great Emperor of the Universe until Cado betrayed him and now he’s devoted to destroying his empire and killing him but first he has to get stronger to do so

      discord: demonic idiot#7591

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      Im not very creative, but here’s my attempt


      Age: 23

      Race: Arcosian

      Gender: Male

      Personality: Neutral

      Apperance: (image)

      Backstory: Once was one of Cado’s soldiers, but after seeing his true self, betraying his soldiers, he quit the Cado’s Army and went to help planet earth on its edge. He’s thinking about returning to cado’s army, but he’s still not sure… His desire for making Cado pay for betraying him is big, but he knows Cado is alot stronger, and will train for making him pay

      Discord: SSJBlueSonic54#4296

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      Name: Shinra

      Age: 14

      Race: Half-Saiyan

      Gender: Male

      Personality: Not Much of a Talker Enjoys Eating and is quite Friendly but quick to anger.

      Appearance: Black Trunks Hair With Variety of diffrent clothing that he wears

      Backstory: He was Born in a Small Town he never knew his father but his grandmother told him that they only knew his father by Appearence that he came one day and left the next his mother died during birth he never left the house much because of his tail he was home schooled most of his life after his grandparents passed away he was adopted by a Martial Artist who did not do much but feed him and teach him a small amount of self-Defense

      Discord:Freed (Fix) Fixit#0638

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      i apologize for any errors

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      Name: Daiko

      Age: 17

      Race: Saiyan

      Gender: Male

      Personality: Serious, Hard Worker, Tactician

      Appearance: Goku’s Hair and Saiyan Armor

      Backstory: Born on Zetheryn with his father and mother as one of the high-rank soldiers. Daiko was trained by father and mother, increase doing better every training session. When he was 15, he stole his father’s spacepod and went to Earth because his parents were few Saiyans that supported Cado the Great Emperor. Since then he has been living on Earth.

      Discord: Falcan#2796

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      Personalidad:es un tipo frió, algo agresivo y muy silencioso

      Apariencia:cabello de ssj4 goku en gris, vestimenta saiyan negra

      Trasfondo:fue criado en la tierra pero en cuanto cumplió los 16 años y unos guerreros de Zetheryn lo secuestraron para así poder entrenarlo como un asesino perfecto pero no contaron con que él los traicionaría y se iría a vivir a la tierra alejado de todas las demás razas pero siempre los ayudaba con lo que necesitaba


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      Name: Ascoth

      Age: 15

      Race: Sayian (read all the backstory)

      Gender: Male

      Personality: Lunatic (from happy to sad), optimistic, generous, clever

      Apperance: 1.77 meter, not very muscular but more than a normal person. Low long curly Dark blond hair. Green eyes. wear glasses.

      Backstory: Born on earth, he was a human. His parents were divorced His mother beat him, until he was 4. When he was 4, he went to live with his grandparents with his sister. When he entered in school, he discovered he was clever, very clever, but not very strong, he was pretty skinny. Passionate about physic and astronomy, he found sayians fascinating. During his entire childhood, he went sometime at his mother’s because he didn’t remember she beat him (it never went well) but less often at his father’s (around 2 weeks per year). When he was 10, his grandfather died and he went to a psychatric hospitale because his mother manipulated him. He stayed there 2 mounths. At psychatric hospitale, other teenagers was beating him. When he went out, her grandmother got into a relationship. 4 years later, he found dragon balls. His wish was to be a sayian. When his wish has been granted, he swore he will protect people and that no one will suffer as he suffered. Now he’s training to get used to his new body and to be strong enough to protect people from misfortune.


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