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      I’ve been trying to balance the damage, HP and freedom of movement that DBC allows with other mods, in order to make it playable as part of a modpack.
      I understand that Dragon Block C is made to be played on its own, or possibly with some complementary mods, but please help me out with this.

      What needs to be solved with DBC in a modpack is its high numbers.
      Through the config it’s possible to lower the damage done by players, the skill costs, TP gained from attacking and from minigames.
      The point where I’m stuck is the high HP numbers. The starting HP/Body and added HP per upgrade is simply too high for any other mod to prove challenging, and the config options do not allow for any changes to that.
      The only doable way around that I can see is restraining the amount of TP gained to a ridiculous extent while setting the starting Constitution to 1, meaning players would start off with ~20 HP and gain around 20 HP per upgrade. That’s simply not logical though, because not only is that too sudden of a HP burst to work in a modpack, it also means that the other stats would not be upgraded enough.

      In a nutshell: I am asking for way to get around the high HP that’s normal in DBC: commands or edits that allow for editing the mod’s base stat-per-point-spent, or tips on how to modify them myself.
      Also: I do remember in an older version of the mod, there was an option for each stat to have its separate upgrade cost. If there’s a way to do that as well, I’d love to know.

      Any and all help is appreciated. Have a good day, and a fantastic life

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      Sam Noé

      Well you could limit the maximum attributes but that would also limit the other stats.
      You could also set not only a low TP gain but also increase upgrade cost growth rate (being like I think 1.5 per default). Make training doable for only a short period at a time.
      You could also use others mods to make mobs more challenging through high damage/health and things that slows down the fight, meaning that you could take more damage on the long run.
      Set yourself personnal limits to make it more challenging,like not using any forms or limited power release.
      Just throwing out random ideas here, hope you can use some of them.

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      I think the only way to reconcile the DBC health with any other mod is to find a way to boost damage dealt from all other mods. Not sure how you’d go about doing it, maybe going into the code and tweaking some stuff but I guess if you figured out how to do that it’d be easier to just go into the Core mod and lower HP gain.

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        Sam Noé

        I don’t think you can do that from config file, so you’d have to litterally decompile the mod to modify it, which is not doable for most people, and you wouldn’t be allowed to use it for public usage.
        Also, if you have to dive this deep to tweak that, maybe that means you should just cope with the mod as it is. It’s never gonna be perfect.

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