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      I’m going to get strait to the point, I’m going to make a fanfic of dbc, if you want your character to be in it, list their name, gender, race, power level (at first introduction), preferred fighting style (warrior, spiritualist, or mixed), looks, what their personality is, background (don’t be hesitant to leave a mysterious background, maybe even no background at all), and alignment, any special attacks, and if they are the person that will train, (will they be left behind or just a filler sort of thing, or will they be a person that is continually shown and keeping up with or getting stronger than the main group of characters.) I’m going to give you an example, (this is one of the main characters,) name: Kasan. gender: male. race: saiyan. powerlevel: 2,000. fighting style: spiritualist. looks: black aggressive eyes, black future gohan-ish hair, goku’s gi, but inverted colors and broly’s gold wristband thing, brown tail. personality: normally keeps to himself, although will help people without question, sometimes even to a point of being called gullible, wants to be the strongest there is, mainly so he could surpass his brother (who will not be apart of the fanfic. or will he >D) alignment: neutral, will do almost anything to get stronger, sometimes putting him a little more to the “evil” side. attacks: uses a variety of ki attacks, including (but not limited to) volleys, beams, explosive waves (like vegeta’s) as well as using his ki to do a all out punch that, at introduction has the power to destroy mountains. Training: very frequent, wants to be the best, despite being quite weak compared to other characters that will be introduced. Now keep in mind a few things, 1.) the stronger your character, the more likely that he or she will be introduced later on. 2.) be descriptive, I need to know how your character is to know how to put him in my fanfic 3.) please try to keep It to 1 character per person 4.) this will be based off what dbc will have or might have in the future, not only what it has now. 5.) the making of this will be slow, but steady. 6.) the characters that appear will not be limited to whatever characters you come up with. that’s all for now, see ya!

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      if no one replies by the end of the week, I will not write the fanfic

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      name: Boten
      Gender: Male
      A long saiyan with black eyes, black hair and black hermit gi and blue wristbands and teen
      gohan styled hair and a brown tail

      Personality: A nice but sometimes mean person
      Preffered Fighting Style: Mixed

      Powerlevel: 1500

      Race: Saiyan
      Background: Send away from planet vegeta to a planet called Raigon to kill all of its inhabitants at a young age. The warrior realized he was outmatched but the inhabitants were friendly and took him as one of their own and they raised him till he was 16 where he had to leave to go to earth cause the planet was gonna be destroyed by the remaining saiyans, now he pushes trains on earth pushing himself over the limit and becoming strong enough to kill the remaining other saiyans who destroyed his planet.

      Training: He trains alone in forests and pushes himself over the edge to beat the remaining saiyans that destroyed his planet where he was raised on

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      Name: Better Than Goku
      Gender: Demi-Pan-Asexual
      Race: Fox-kin
      Power Level: 9999
      Fighting Style: Supersonic Warrior
      Looks: Like a better Goku
      Personality: Like a Cooler Goku
      Background: Suburban nuclear family, one brother, and one sister
      Alignment: True Neutral
      Special Attacks: Better Kamehameha, like the Kamehameha but better. Tepes Nightmare
      Trains?: Loves trains, can’t get enough of trains

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      1firebry (Froster)

      Name Froxenix
      gender male
      race Freeza’a clan (arcosian)
      power level 1 mill base form 2 mil second form 3 mill third form 8 mill final form 26 mill god form
      fighting style Warrior that can teleport
      looks like final form freiza in 1st form a demonic gargoyle in 2nd form a majestic dragon in 3rd form fuzzy and too hard too get a good fix on in 4th form and so bright yet still black that you cant look at him in god form has a color scheme of black and read in all forms with black being predominate. (In dragon form make him appear almost like a europeon dragon not an asian dragon)
      Personality Impulsive and arrogant while still having enough wisdom to hold back when facing someone weaker than him.
      Allignment pure evil (so reddish black aura)
      moves INSTA-kill die puny beings and fireflash
      training never until he is beat then he trains non stop until he can beat who he lost to

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      Wether he trains, as in gets stronger, and cooler than you, I’ll actually take this character into consideration despite the fact that this is a joke character.

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        1firebry (Froster)

        dbzfan what about mine please accept it.

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        You’re only saying that because it’s one of the responses you got.

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      1firebry (Froster)

      dbcfan i want my character to be a character even if it is later on

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      Name: Frizzle Pop
      Gender: Would a boy even look that different than a girl?
      Race: Acrosian
      Power Level: Too lazy to check.
      Fighting Style: Recliner
      Looks: Like a Form 3 Freiza with a beer belly and some stains on its armor.
      Personality: The kind of guy who will reach for the dog food since it’s closer.
      Background: An Acrosian that never really fell for the whole fighting thing, was more at peace just watching SpaceFlix.
      Alignment: Recliner
      Special Attacks: Ricochet Snack Bounce Bullet
      Trains: Moving its arm for swigs of booze makes up it’s weekly workout.

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      1firebry, your character will be added, he will be added at the start, although won’t be seen much in the beginning and will be a major villain. also cooler than goku will be added as a joke – filler thing. Boten week be added at the start, and wetek be apart of the main group their
      Throughout the series, leaving on random occasion for reasons i well not spoil. If you dislike the role a character has, please tell me and I’ll give them a new role

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        Yes, I believe that Cooler Than Goku should be the main character.

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      Name: Mitaku.
      Gender: Female.
      Race: Saiyan
      Looks: Black eyes with a golden ring around the pupils, 5’4 feet tall, lithe body with Long Dark hair, brown tail and wears Standard Female saiyan battle armor.
      Personality: Bit of a drama queen, very aggressive when people stare or mock her but good at heart and hates to lose any type of fight.
      Alignment: Semi good but loves the thrill of fighting.
      Attacks: Galaxy Wave(charges like the Spirit Bomb), Night Shade blitz(basically a barrage attack) and Light stone cannon(a Blast attack).
      Power Level: 7,500, 12,000 when enraged
      Fighting Style: Warrior
      Background: a Saiyan born on an asteroid outpost and sent to a rather hostile planet to exterminate them all but was raised by a small town of warriors.
      Training: Trains everyday to be the best fighter in the whole galaxy and beyond, Fighting everyone and everything she can to become stronger

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      Name: Zae
      Fighting style: Mixed (leaning to ki)
      Age: 15 (teen)
      Gender: Male
      Black hair green eyes 5’6 hair goes to neck somewhat curly pretty strong build generally calm but can get angry when you fuck with his shit or his friends, reluctant to make new ones, pretty shy and doesn’t like to fight unless he has to or is training, eats a lot, raised by the namekian god Flute (Calveron) and taught to fight in the namekian ways, trains pretty much the whole day with Flute protects people who can’t protect themselves
      Alignment: Good
      PL: 3500 (without weights) 5500
      Clothing: Wears a namekian gi
      Not aggressive and will generally help people
      Background: Grew up on the streets until Flute stumbled upon him in West City with a group of knocked out people around him, didn’t know his parents and didn’t have many friends

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      Android 21

      Bald, lost his left eye, 5’11”, thin.
      A poor nomad, always trying to do good, but will do whatever it takes to survive.
      Always tries to be calm in battle
      Galick Gun
      Lightning Blur (multiple electrically charged rays)
      Falcon claw (like wolf fang fist, but faster)
      Makankosappo (“special beam cannon”)
      Will never raise his fists in anger.

      His father was killed by the saiyans, and after finding his power, decided to use his power to help others, just as his father would have wanted. Only, things did not turn out as planned.
      Trains whenever he can.

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      the original plan was to start making the fanfic at the end of next week, but since I’ve got more characters in this day than I though I would get the entire week, I’ll start writing it now, and no matter how far I get, I will release whatever I have at the end of next week, although I’m still open to new characters. Thank you for the support!

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      1firebry (Froster)

      Awesome thanks for this dbzfan.

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      Yeah your awesome!, And so that means my character’s in the story? if not that’s fine I’ll read it all the same 🙂

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      ok people, since I have completed two (short) chapters, I will post it to see if you like it, keep in mind that the following chapters will be much longer, I just wanted to get out something that way you can see if you like how I’m using your character. here is chapter 1&2!
      Chapter 1: Beginnings

      Year 3425, October 1

      It has been about 3200 years since the death of Goku and Vegeta, and without these heroes, the universe has plunged into chaos. It has effected most of the galaxy, almost all of it, except a planet named earth, and that is where the story begins… Out in the forest, there was the sound of trees falling, and explosions, one would think that the military of the planet’s greatest continent was training, but it was just a 14 year old saiyan training. This saiyan’s name was Boten, he had a gi that represented Goku’s, but was entirely black. His hair was mostly well kept, except for the top right corner of his hair, which was spiked up as if he had stuck his finger in an electrical socket. While this odd hair may seem strange to the average person, they would understand once they saw the tail. Yes I said tail, he was a saiyan, and he was training to the point that every muscle ached, and he felt as if he was about to pass out from exhaustion, yet he kept going. He punched down one tree, then obliterated about six or seven using a ki blast, but then he collapsed from using to much energy. His forehead was beaded with sweat, I have to get stronger, I have to beat them! He thought while breathing heavily. He got up and got ready to blow up a few more trees, but then heard someone talk behind him, “I think you’ve punished this forest enough.” He swirled around and saw another saiyan, a little older than him leaning against a tree, he was also dressed in a Goku like gi, but the colors were inversed, and he had golden wristbands that Broly once wore. His tail flicked around as if humored, his hair was similar to Botens hair, but with smaller spikes. He raised an eyebrow and said “What are you gawking at? Have you seen yourself lately?” This guy was starting to annoy Boten, after all, who did he think he was, talking to him like that. As Boten clinched his fist and got ready to beat this guy up, he said “Don’t even try it, I’m much stronger than you. The fact that you’re worn out doesn’t help. Can’t you sense ki?” Boten saw the confident look in his eyes and knew he wasn’t joking, so he unclenched his fist and sighed. “What’s your name?” the stranger asked, when Boten didn’t answer, the guy shrugged and said “My name’s Kasan, I was just passing by.” He started to walk away and said, “you know, I don’t normally like people, but there’s something about you, like you have a goal, an ambition. I appreciate that, after all, I have one myself… I’ll come by here tomorrow if you want to do some sparring.” With that said, he flew off. Boten was shocked, most saiyans wouldn’t engage in a conversation with a stranger, much less tell them their name. Boten simply shook his head and went home, not sure weather he wanted to spar with Kasan. Meanwhile, neither of them knew they had an audience, one of the people watching said, “hey Zae, did you see those two guys, they were almost as weak as you!” Zae replied with, “Look, you don’t always have to remind me that I’m weaker than you, and besides Mitaku, I could beat them if I took off my weighted clothing.” Mitaku looked shocked, then laughed out loud. “Zae, that’s the most aggressive thing you’ve said this week!” Zae sighed and followed Mitaku as she flew off.

      Chapter 2: Meets, greets, and a death lord

      year 3425 October 2

      As Boten went to his normal training grounds, he saw Kasan leaning up against another tree, smiling. “Well, took you long enough, I’ve been waiting for an hour! Also now that you know my name, and we’ll be sparring, it would be nice to know your name.” Boten decided to tell this guy his name, after all, he was another saiyan, “My name is Boten, here’s some dinosaur meat in case you haven’t eaten yet.” He tossed Kasan a large piece of Dino meat, which he caught and devoured in seconds. “Thanks! Now let’s get to sparring.” Kasan got a serious expression, as if about to fight for his life, and got in a fighting stance. Boten did the same, without the intense expression though. Just before they were about to launch at each other, a female voice yelled “Hello!” Both Kasan and Boten turned and saw a saiyan girl about 5’4 feet tall and a human male about 5’6 feet tall. The male was dressed in common namekian clothing, and with a bored expression said “you don’t have to yell so loud Mitaku.” the saiyan girl turned to him and said “you don’t have to be so passive Zae!” obviously exasperated by his interruption . She was dressed in saiyan armor, but instead of shoulder pads it had straps, and the white spots were all jet black. Zae simply sighed, whereas Mitaku said, “now, were was I? Oh, right, hi! My name is Mitaku and his name is-” “Zae. you just said his name.” Kasan said in a bored tone. Mitaku looked as if he had just slapped her, “I’m sorry, did you just interrupt me?” By the tone in her voice it was obvious that she wanted to fight. Kasan didn’t seem to notice and said “yeah, you got a problem with that?” Mitaku replied with an angered voice, “yeah, I do.” it was obvious a fight was about to start, then Zae intervened, “Look please don’t fight him Mitaku. Just cause you’re stronger than him doesn’t mean you can just go around starting fights.” Kasan said, “whoa, whoa, whoa, no one here is stronger than me.” Then Mitaku jumped at him and sent a punch directly at his face, which Kasan caught with one hand. Man, she is strong, I’m going to have to use ki attacks if I’m going to win. So Kasan jumped back and shot a bright blue ki wave, but Mitaku deflected it like it was nothing, and her power kept rising until it was six times stronger than him. “Shit!” Kasan barely had time to finish saying the word because Mitaku closed in and started to punch him so fast he could barely see her. Kasan put his hand flat against her stomach and launched a small volley of very powerful ki blasts which flung Mitaku through a tree. She got up, more enraged than hurt, and just before she launched at him again, then they all suddenly felt a gigantic power that gave off a sense of hopelessness and fear, that they were all paralyzed. Then a man appeared between Kasan and Mitaku. he was an alien known as an arcosion. The top of his head, as well as his shoulders were made of a red crystal like substance, the rest of his skin was pure black except for two red lines that led from his face to his chin. The white of his eyes were black, and his pupil was completely red. “So, this is earth. And you four seem like its strongest warriors. pathetic, this planet does not deserve to live.” he said in a booming voice. It took everyone a second to understand his suddenly proposed threat to destroy the earth, then they all charged him. Kasan got to him first, but got a knee to the stomach and was almost knocked out. Then Mitaku got to the arcosian, but got backhanded hard enough to send her through a few trees and into a boulder, which was cracked by the force of Mitaku getting thrown into it. Boten and Zae got there at the same time, but were flung backwards by an unseen force as the arcosion launched his hand in their direction. Boten was knocked out, but Mitaku and Zae almost immediately recovered. They launched at the same time, then the arcosion grabbed Mitaku’s throat and punched Zae’s face hard enough to brake his jaw, and was flung over by Boten’s unconscious body. The arcosian turned his attention to Mitaku who was gasping for air, but to no avail. just as she passed out from lack of oxygen, there was a boom ten times greater than a sonic boom, and the arcosian dropped Mitaku. He turned his attention to Kasan, who had used all of his ki to deliver a punch with the power to destroy entire mountains. Yet this did not even scratch the arcocian.”H-How, w-what are you?” Kasan stammered. The arcosian said “my name is Froster, and I will spare you four and this planet. You four aren’t even worth the time killing.” With that said, he knocked Kasan out by flicking his forehead. A humanoid form engulfed by fire appeared next to him and said in a deep voice that sounded like three voices at once, “earth is not the right planet, these people are to weak. Either that or the strong ones are suppressing their power. We don’t have time to check the whole planet, move to the next one.” Froster bowed and said, “it’s a shame I didn’t even have to use my second form. I will see you at the next planet master.” with that both of the men disappeared.

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      Name: Harpor but people call him Hp
      Fighting style: Mainly a warrior but he is shown to use ki in life threathning situations
      Age: 14
      Personality and looks: Hp is evil and likes to injure others. He accidentally kills alot of people without meaning it. He dosent have full control of his power. When someone injures his friends he overflows with power. he cares alot about his friends and family even if hes evil and will die for them.

      He has a broly look except without the huge muscles and the amulets,jewelry his robe reaches one of his shoulders but the other looks like if it has been ripped apart. His hair is brown, his robe is brown, his eyes are brown, his skin is White but not too white. his hair is spiky leaning toward the left. he looks like someone peaceful and calm but he is the opposite
      Power level: He starts with a whopping 22k Powerlevel but can occasionally spike to 32k when his emotions arent stable

      Background: Is one of broly’s decendants. And the reason he is evil is because he cannot easily tell right from wrong. If you want more info about his look search up Kid Broly

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      Your character will fit perfectly into the story gold freeza, although it’ll be a little bit before he’s added

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      also, look at the comment above you gold freeza

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      ^Also he is a half saiyan.. the other half is unknown. He is stubborn and is angry alot.
      But he can change

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      got it.

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      how’s the story so far?

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      I really like this fan fix I’m hype for the next chapter

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      Brb reading crimes chapter 2

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      Damm! That’s like. 6 hour read

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      1firebry (Froster)

      Awesom dbzfan i love it although i was hoping i would be added later on as a freeza type thing.
      Thanks dbc fan you described my froster almost perfectly.

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      Name: Koro
      Race: Namekian
      Power Level: Upon arriving on Earth, 7,502
      Fighting Style: Mixed
      Looks: Tall, resembles Piccolo in appearance.
      Personality: Wise, and likes to help his allies. Always cautious when meeting a new (potential) ally or enemy.
      Background: Born on New Namek, he trained there to be a special guard of the planet. Along with many other nameks, they went through vigorous training, and many left halfway through. 4 years after the training was finished, nameks was still a peaceful planet… Until the fateful day. On his planet, they had made statues to honor the hereos who saved Old Namek many, many years ago. But that day… his planet was attacked. He went to fight, but he was easily disposed of by this attacker’s henchmen. Knowing this was the end of new namek, the elder kai healed him, and then fused with him passing on all his knowledge. Before they fused, the elder told *name* to go to Earth not only in search of their Dragon Balls to help, but the warriors who had once saved their planet. With this knowledge, he takes one of the henchman’s spacepods and makes his way to Earth.
      Alignment: Good
      Special attacks: *You can give him any that you want.*
      Train: Likes to train by himself, but when there is danger coming, he likes to train with others.

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      1firebry (Froster)

      Super_Kami_Guru nice character and backstory, i hope i get to fight you when i become the main antagonist of the story . . . right now im only a minor one.

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      Hey I also got a screenshot of how boten looks but I can’t put it in here can I send it trough skype or something maybe?

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      Good job dbzfan

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      1firebry, your character will not be shown as a main villain until much later in the saga. As a matter of fact, by the time they start to fight him the Kasan Boten and Mitaku will all at least reached ssj2, Zae will basically be a better mystic gohan, so don’t worry about that 🙂
      Super kami guru, your guy will actually fit perfectly into the part I’m writing. For anyone making a character from now on if you want your character to stay with the group, I’d advise having their power level around the 10,000 to 30,000 range. if it’s a villain, don’t worry about how high or low the power level is. if you want them to just be a one time appearance, then you can give them a low power level, or just tell me you want him to be a one time appearance. that’s all for now, onto making the next chapter!

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      Man, with all these quality characters I’m writing for you, maybe you should credit me as co-author!

      Name: Zack The Magic Wonder Cat
      Race: Wonder Cat
      Power Level: 5000
      Looks: Like a wonderful cat but with a cape and cool glasses
      Personality: Edgy as hell
      Background: Before the tragic fall of Planet Vegeta, one brave parent sent their child to the stars, in hopes of preserving not only their future but the future of their race.
      Zack’s parents saw this and assumed that it was a hip new fad, and not wanting their son to be left out, shot him from the Kannon to a distant planet where he learned the true secret of magic.
      Alignment: Good
      Special Attacks: Fireball, Magic Missile, Despell Illusion, Tera Healing
      Train: Reads books and plagiarizes attacks from them, but he’ll never admit it.

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      … yeah,no. lol

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      ok, before i release this next chapter, I have to ask, do you want me to frequently post each chapter, or post once a week but have a bundle of chapters, if you want the first option, then i have finished a new chapter, and from this chapter on, things are gonna get more action filled.

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      1firebry (Froster)

      frequently post

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      Awesome story so far! so hyped for the next part!, I think it would be fun if you posted in a bundle this is worth the wait :).

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      Hey I got goten his backstory explained here

      The Backstory of Boten:

      It was a long time ago. Boten was sent away from planet Vegeta as a baby to destroy a planet called Raigon, the saiyans did not realize there was something wrong in the system they thought they send an elite saiyan soldier to the planet to destroy it but they didn’t, they sent a saiyan child. Not realizing this Boten arrived on the planet and started living in nature. Then when he was 4 he came to a village trying to kill everyone there. But he was clearly already outmatched by one of them! As the saiyans said they needed an elite class to destroy this race. The saiyan child was lucky that the Ragonians meant no harm and took them as one of their own. There he grew up learning how to fight and he quickly became a warrior, he was kind and never harmed anyone on the planet. Then when he was 14 the remaining saiyans arrived. Telling him that he was one of the last saiyans in the universe. Then the saiyans brutally finished the long lost mission of destroying the Ragonians and killed every warrior one by one. The warriors stepped in and the saiyans read their powerlevels and their scouters told them that they ware all mere creatures with a powerlevel of 5000. While the saiyans all had atleast over 50,000. The saiyans had killed the whole village and decided it would be easier to destroy the whole planet since they won’t need it. Boten quickly got put in a space pod to a planet called Earth when he saw from out of his pod the huge explosion of the planet. Boten now arrives on earth and starts training for days pushing himself over the edge everytime. And he slowly starts meeting different people

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      Also please please please please post it now! I beg you!

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      i will release the chapter i just finished, but then will release them in bundles, unless you say you don’t want me to. here’s the next chapter, jeep in mind, the chapters after this will have alot more fighting, action and such, sorry for any typoes or bad grammar, I wrote this fast, the rest of the work will be more polished so to speak.
      Chapter 3:Truce, more or less

      Year 3425 october 3
      about a day after the two men left, the four fighters awoke, they realized that the earth was still there in one piece. Kasan passed out senzu beans, but neglected to say where he got them. Boten, Mitaku, and Kasan all got a zenkia boost, putting Kasan at Zae’s level, Boten a little stronger than Kasan was before the fight, and Mitaku at a power level around 15,000. Meaning that she could take on the other three fighters and win. They all sat cross legged in a cricle and were silent for a while, but there minds couldn’t stop asking questions about what happened. Mitaku said, “I’m sorry about fighting you Kasan.” which Kasan replied to with “you have no needto say sorry, I started it. I’ll admit, I’m not good at meeting new people.” Zae said shyly, “neither am I.” Everyone was silent to a count of five, then Boten said, “So were going to team up? I know that we don’t know each other, so why don’t we tell each other about ourselves. Then we can figure out to do from there.” Everyone nodded, Zae started off, “well, I’m fifteen years old, and I’m normally with my master Flute. I’m was an orphan living on the streets, and one day a gang started to beat me up. Flute found me, beat the gang in seconds, and raised me. He taught me the namekian fighting style, he gave me this gi, and I train with him every day. Although sometimes, I’ll go train with Mitaku, that’s why I’m here with her now. Mitaku, why don’t you share next.” She glared at him for a second but them told them about her, “I lived at a prison, although it was technicly a “astriod outpost.” I was stuck there, unable to leave my room except for food and shower. I was weak back then, my power wasn’t even over 100, but i was eight years old, what did they expect!” She took a deep breath and continued, “Anyways, they sent me to a planet about five times earth’s gravity, and it was full of strong people. I was supposed to erradicate them, but they took me in, and treated me as their own…” Then she seemed to get a gaurded look, like she expected them to try to get more details, and she finished with, “then I came and trained.” Boten got a brooding expression and said, “that’sactually simular to what hapened to me. I was sent to destroy a planet, but I didn’t, I became one of them. Then a group of saiyans came, they had no juristriction to be there, but they were, they killed every being on that planet except me. I managed to escape in a space pod, scince then, I’ve been training to kill them.” Everyone looked at Kasan. Then he told his story, “Me and my family lived on a planet, far away from earth. Then, my parents and younger sister died, the rest of us were scattered across the solar system. I ended up here.” Mitaku could tell he was holding something back, but she wasn’t going to prob for answers, after all, she wasn’t telling the full story either… “So our next step is to train, follow any leads about this guy, and kill him.” Zae asked. Kasan looked at the ground and said “I guess so.” Mitaku stood up and said impatiantly “well then lets start training, you three come at me at once. After all, I’m the strongest out of all of us.” This time Kasan didn’t even argue this time, the three of them tried to beat Mitaku. After a day of training, everyone went home, except for Kasan. He flew to west city, and went strait to the capsule corp. building. they have got to have something that’ll help me surpass Mitaku! He rang the doorbell and almost immediatly someone answered. It was a 20 year old woman that had blue curly hair,glasses, a plain white t-shirt, and shorts. She asked “How may i help you?” Kasan then asked, “do you have any gravity machines?” She looked surprised for a moment then said, “I see, you want to do some training? I see you’re a saiyan. Yes I have Gravity machines, but can you pay fo-” Kasan pulled out a large wad of 1000$ dollar bills that he had saved up from the jobs he did(Including being a body gaurd, house builder, house demolisher, ect.) “Yep, thats enough, give me your adress and I’ll have it delivered within twenty four hours.” So Kasan would train with the other three warriors at day, and then train in times ten gravity at night, getting little sleep. This continued for about a month. So by the beggining of november, Boten’s power level was at about 15,000. Zae’s power level was around the same, he was a human, so he didn’t get powerful as fast as saiyans do, but he was keeping up. Kasan and Mitaku were about at 20,000. One day during training, As Zae was going to get food, he had the appitite of a saiyan. On his way, he saw a man, with a torn shirt and jeans walking twoards him. He wore a turban, that covered up his left eye. Zae didn’t pay much atention to him, but the man tried to punch him in the face. The mans fist was so fast it was almost unseeable, but it wasn’t fast enough, Zae had caught his hand by the wrist. He punched the man in the gut, just strong enough to knock him back about five yards. The man immedeatly recovered and put two fingers to his forehead, his fingers started to glow brighter and brighter until you couldn’t see his fingers anymore. Zae recongnized this tecniuque, so he stood still and got ready to move last second. He fired the ki attack, it was a thin yellow beam with red coils around it, sure enough, it was the makankosappo. Zae moved as the attack went flying past him, then he closed the distance between him and the man. Zae punched him in the gut hard enough to make the man cough blood, he then charged a ki blast in the same hand he punched him with, and fired. The man was blasted into a street light and ramed it hard enough to break it. Zae again rushed in, then delivered a volley of punches before the man started to fall. Just before the man hit the ground Zae jumped back away from him. The man got up again, but raised his hands in surrender, Zae was gald he did this, not because he can’t fight, but he doesn’t want to. Zae went over to the man, although he was ready for an attack any time. Before Zae coould say a thing the man said ” I’m sorry, my name is Akima, I had to test your power for my friend. I can sense that you’re good, so I’ll tell you why I had to test your power. About a month ago, I met a namekian who said his name was Koro. He was looking for the strongest warriors so they could help him avenge his planet. It was taking over and nearly destroied by some tyrants believe, are there any others of you?” Zae started to think, the planet was nearly destroied, this might have something to do with Froster. And since it’s obvious were not going to be able beat him for a long time, this is the best thing to do. I’ll ask him if has anything to do with Froster. So he asked him, “Does this have anything to do with a arcosian named Froster?” Akima’s eyes narrowed and he said, “As a matter of fact…” Meanwhile at the camp, everyone was wondering what was taking so long. “What if he’s hurt, We can’t sense his ki this far away.” Mitaku said obviously troubled. Kasan tried to calm her down, ” it’s fine, he’s one of the strongest people on the planet.” Mitaku glared at him and replied with “that’s what you said just before we all got beat byb Froster.” Kasan simply sighed, walked over to some trees and layed down. Just as Boten was going to try to talk to Mitaku to calm her, he felt Zae’s power, and someone else,”hey, Zae is coming,and someone is with him.” Boten informed them. Zae and Akima landed, and before anyone could say anything, Zae said “tell them wbat you toldme Akima.” So he did, then Zae said, “now tell them about how this is connected to Froster.” Akima nodded and started talking, “Froster is on the lookout for any planet with strong warriors, if he finds one, he destroies it. Although sometimes, he doesn’t have the time, so he’ll recruit people to do it for him. That’s what happened with namek, I don’tknow the specifics, but he hired some tyrant to destroy the planet, instead, he took it over. I’ll contact my friend, he’ll bring his spaceship, although it’s only made for four people, and my friend is going back to namek.” Mitaku let out a loud dramtic sigh and said, “we are not leaving anyone behind!” Kasan said “don’t worry, I have my own ship, it came with a gravity machine a bought about a month ago.” He had a smug expression on his face. Mitaku looked amused, “you felt so compelled to get stronger than me that you bought a gravity machine?” She laughed out loud much to Kasan’s discomfort, she started talking again, “well Kasan, if your ship has a gravity machone, then I’m going to go on your ship.” Boten then added, “so am I.” after a minute of waiting, a namekian ship touched down and Koro came out. Kasan whistled, “man, he’s as strong as you and me Mitaku!” Koro looked at the four warriors, and grunted, then said “I’m not very fond of saiyans, but you’ll do.” he looked at Zae and said “although I have nothing against humans.” Kasan murmered “you’re welcome for helping you, you little shi-” the namek then said “I can hear you. us nameks have sensitive ears. Now, anyone who wants to come with me, get on my ship. Thats ship,” he pointed at Kasan’s ship “will take twice as long to get to Namek.” Kasan replied with “my ship has a gravity machine,so I’m going on it.” Mitaku and Boten said “us too,” at the same time. Koro replied with “very well, I will see you in two weeks. Here are the coordnants for Namek.” He tossed them a piece of paper with Nameks coordinants on it, then got on his ship. Zae said “I’ll go with him, after all, we don’t want him to be on a dangerous planet all by himself.” Kasan scoffed, then said “I wouldn’t care if he was on that planet on his own.” Zae sighed with frustration, Kasan was a good guy once you got to know him, but he wasn’t good with strangers. So they went to Namek…

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      Nice once again!

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      another awesome chapter dbzfan can’t wait for the next one!

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      1firebry (Froster)

      Nice dbzfan i like how you connected me to planet namek. Is the tyrant who is ruling it Freeza, or is it Harpor/Hp? Either way I’ll have to despose of them later in the series . . . Mwa HAHAHAHA.

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      1firebry (Froster)

      Oh and dbzfan my character is almost like my profile image.

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      my character idea.
      name- Kronos
      gender- Male
      age- 17
      looks- wild black hair, tall(6’5), slender, green eyes, white gi with black arm bands and boots.
      personality- silent and usually keeps to himself, almost always calm, doesn’t show feelings for others, emotionally detached
      power level- 20,000
      fighting style- mixed
      Ki color- black
      race- 1/2 Saiyan, 1/2 Human
      alignment- neutral, morally grey
      background- when he was a child his parents were involved with a inter galactic crime ring led by a rouge saiyan named Hadock. his parents tried leaving the crime ring in order to keep Kronos and his sister safe but after Hadock found out he slaughtered their parents and his sister in front of him while laughing. after this he was left emotionally detached with 1 goal to murder Hadock
      special attacks- wave of devastation, dark rush, flood of anger(a sort of power up when he lets his true anger out)
      training- Trains every chance he gets to be strong enough to kill Hadock

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      for my character can you make him into a hero after his defeat? (reluctantly of course) and show him slowly opening up to others

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      You know, Zack the magic Wonder Cat owns like, twenty Gravity Machines if you want to use that in your story.

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      1firebry,it’s actually neither, you’ll see who it is. (It’s a character of my own creation) also i figured he would look like your picture. Tadem00, I have a idea for your character that i think you’ll like. He’ll actually be introduced in a chapter or two.

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      Hey Dbzfan I Boten has white skin by the way he looks like future gohan but instead of where he has orange colored gi he has black gi, and he has the same boots too but instead of light blue it’s very dark blue and he actually does have special moves which you maybe can implement later? Since I have one that is planet destroying.

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      Ok. also, Boten is going to be a badass in a little bit.?

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      Somewhere in the future in a different universe:

      Our heroes have trained hard enough to reach incredible levels. But an unexpected force has wiped most of them out in a single hit, a force unknown scattering trough multiverses searching for strong fighters which he could kill and take their energy from, this creature is a mere blur that has never been seen by anyone in the multiverse. It is slowly waiting for new strong warriors to come which he will devour and take their energy from.

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      Super4321master is it a certain being known as froster?

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      Uhm no. This isn’t really canon unless dbzfan allows me to, but it’s in the far far future and the fighters have already reached the level of Whis strenght but the creature was still way way way too strong and he crushed them. But yeah most likely everyone of the fighters in the story is dead, and maybe dbzfan can one day make it part of the story? Like a creature travelling trough multiverses absorbing their power and such on his way to becoming perfect (well he’s kinda like imperfect cell he needs 3 saiyans from a universe to become fully perfect)

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      Also Dbzfan I got a question. Maybe you don’t want to tell this butWho will be the first super saiyan?

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      I haven’t decided yet, it will either be Kasan or Mitaku, but the first ssj 2 will be Boten. And after Boten goes ssj, I have a interesting turn of events that have to do with Zae. >)

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      I dont like the filthy monkeys which is why . . .http://cdn2.designbyhumans.com/product/design/u631487/pr84130-2-1335996-600×600-b-p-0e9745.jpg

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      Also got a new character btw

      Name: Boddonk
      Gender: Male
      Race: Saiyan
      Age: 28
      How he looks: He has almost identical armor to nappa and raditz’ he has spikey hair fully white skin and black eyes
      Personality: He’s a huge prick having fun torturing people all around the galaxy
      Alignment: PURE EVIL!
      Fighting Style: Mixed
      Backstory: An elite saiyan that was born to become an incredible elite, he succeeded and joined later got in a saiyan elite squad which he lead to destroy multiple planets including the planet which a saiyan was raised on (you most likely get who this saiyan child is) and he becomes even stronger after, fighting an arcosian who was hiding his Powerlevel and demolished them all and nearly killed them. He got a zenkai boost after and then went on to go search trough the universe for something called the dragon balls.

      Ki techniques: Boomburst (black planet buster blast), Micro blast (a red beam that does incredible damage) and Saiya stun (a move that stuns his opponents for a minute, won’t work if someone has 10x his battle power)

      Powerlevel: Child: 5,000. Teenager: 12,000. Young Adult: 50,000. Post arcosian real critical condition: 250,000

      Ki color: red and sometimes black with a blast

      Training: He sometimes trains under 5x his planet it’s gravity but barely gets any stronger. He still exercises in various martial arts forms and spars with his other team members

      Note: if you read his back story you most likely know that this is one of the guys that destroyed the planet Boten was raised on. and dbzfan I hope you put him on namek doing something there and trying to engage the fighters

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      He’ll appear near the end of their time on namek

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      And when are my characters going to show up?
      I didn’t spend a whole minute creating them just so to be spurred.

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      Edit on harpor

      Harpor can travel from planets to planets it might be his mysterious half. Also his moves are like omega blaster but he had two versions of it. One is small and spamable while the other one is as big as the amount of energy he puts into it so size varies.

      He is kind of a random lunatic who ruins all the fun hehe
      ^^^me on Saiyan craft

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      lol. also cooler than you, the wonder cat person and cooler goku will show up soon.

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      Ha haa ha dbzfan your actually putting them in the manga . . . lol!!!!

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      Perfect, I may just have to come up with a new character to celebrate!

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        Android 21

        Lord Crimson will show no mercy to you, HUMAN HATER!

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      This is going to be epic with all the character’s and plot!, Also what age did you make mitaku?

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      `Fter the manga it would be cool if you make it a dbc show and Post it on youtube

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      Zae, you didn’t specify your race, so i made you a human. don’t worry, you’re gonna end up pretty badass. as a matter of fact, here’s a piece from the chapter I’m on: Then Zae created a shockwave by thrusting his fist forward, making the arcosian get flung back, Zae didn’t waste the opening, and shot a powerful ki wave at the arcosian. It made a massive explosion, and once the dust settled, the arcosian was brused, scratched,and bleeding almost everywere. The arcosian started to power up to his maximum thinking if I can just power up to my maximum i can beat them! He then said “fools! How could you do so much damage?! No matter, in a few seconds, you’ll be dea-” Zae shot a small, but powerful ki ball into his mouth that blew up his head. “you won’t hurt anyone else,” and with that, he obliterated the rest of his body. Also, gold freeza, I’m not making a manga. I’m good at drawing, but don’t have the things needed to make a manga…
      I know he’s normally non violent, but when i release the chapter, you’ll understand why he did that. 1firebry, your gonna laugh even more when you see how I impliment them.

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      Don’t worry dbzfan, since I see that you’re swamped with all these characters I’ll take the time to write that chapter for you.

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      Boten SSJ

      If you can’t see it just go click on this and you’ll see http://imgur.com/gOQYMTj

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      I will attempt to post every Wednesday and Saturday, but I will for sure have a post on Saturday. Also Baddok will be shown at the end of their time on namek.

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      All right, it’s time to write the magnum god damn opus of this story, y’all ready?

      Despite their best efforts, they couldn’t match the unyielding force that stood before them.
      “Damn it!” Boten murmured. “H-How can he be this…”
      “We can’t falter now! If we lose here, we lose everything and then some!”
      Froster was trying to keep it together, but even in his mighty fourth form; the very sheen of his armor was nothing more than a dull reflection of their attacker.

      From behind a distant rock Mitaku lay motionless, in her hand lied their last hope of even surviving this battle.
      There were several Senzu Beans in the bag, enough for each of them to recover and grow stronger from this ordeal… Assuming they managed to luck out and avoid instant death.
      “Please…” She whispered, swallowing her pride for the sake of her life.
      In her heart she would gladly rush out and die in a blaze of glory, but there was too much that she was attached to. The hot blood that flowed through the veins of the Saiyans had been replaced with love for the people she called family, and that love filled her with the desire to live.
      So she could only wait, slowly ebbing small amounts of power for an attack she may never even have a chance to unleash.

      Their final opponent had finally shown himself, or it’d be accurate to say that he never was never seen at all.
      The sheer emotion of rage emitting from his soul had triggered something primal within all of their minds, a mental buffer that blots out what can’t be handled without driving the viewer to madness.

      To put their dilemma in a situation you can understand, it’s as if you were to try fighting back against heat or cold.
      Every fiber of your being hurts and you know that what you’re feeling is unpleasant, but it’s impossible to fight back, all you can do is run and hide from the source.
      But for them, the source of that “Heat” may as well have been the sun over a ragged desert.

      “You’re right Froster, I think it’s time to bust out *that*.” Boten dropped to one knee and focused his concentration, mustering what little power he had left turned him Super Saiyan 2.

      “Ara? I suppose that no matter how this ends, I’ll end this day with regrets anyway…”
      Froster slowly made his way to Boten, In his mind he figured that the only reason that they had even lasted as long as they have was because their opponent didn’t have the decency to wipe them all out with one movement, so instead of bothering to fight back he focused his efforts on toying with whatever stood against them.

      “I hope you’re ready, because I wager this is the only shot we’ve got!” Boten said with a smirk, attempting to hide the uneasy tension in his stomach.

      “I don’t think we have a shot left anyway, but I guess your Saiyan blood won’t just let you give up, will it?” Even when he believed all hope was lost, Froster didn’t lose his cocky sense of humor.

      Boten pushed his body beyond it’s limits, risking it all for the future.
      Froster’s once dim armor had begun to shine with new light, radiating so strongly that fissure began to form on his scales.

      For the first time since the fight started, that ungodly terror emitting from their foe had finally been met with their own power, and a stalemate had been formed to offer them one chance to prove themselves.

      “It doesn’t matter how strong you are!”
      “Your will that threatens the lives of my enemies.”
      “We’ll stand against it every step of the way!”
      “Even if it means swallowing the pride of our races!”

      From the sidelines, Mitaku rushed in and seized her chance to tip the scales.
      Shouting with all the guts she could muster, she put the last words in their last stand.
      “The hopes of the planet will give us the strength to win!”

      Passing around the last Senzu they had, they regained the power they needed to repel their foe.
      Boten gained a Zenkai so large from the damage his reckless fighting had caused that his body gained the insight it needed to transform in it’s Super Saiyan 3 form.
      Froster had enough energy that he could use his God mode on last time.

      “Let’s finish this everyone!”
      “Ultimate Heaven and Hell, Saiyan and Acrosian technique!”

      A rushing torrent of sparking energy flowed directly to the center of the mass of negative emotions, washing over it like a tsunami swallows the landscape in it’s path.
      Every inch of callous and despair was slowly dissolved from the force of the three warriors hopes.

      In the aftermath, all that stood were figures.
      Three on one end, and in the direction that their attack was launched, standing on the grass and flowers that were left in it’s wake.
      There was one man.

      “You’re all pretty good.”

      Boten, Froster, and Mitaku perked up in an instant.
      It was the coolest man in the universe, cooler than you, cooler than me, cooler than Goku even.
      It was Cooler Than Goku.

      Boten could hardly hide his joy.
      “Oh my God it’s Cooler Than Goku, I am his biggest fan!”

      Froster nodded approvingly.
      “I wish I were him.”

      Mitaku rolled on the floor in enjoyment.
      “I hope I can get his autograph on all my positions!”

      “Believe me, there will be time for all of that later, but now I must go. My people need me.”

      And thus Cooler Than Goku left, saving the day once again.

      And thus ends DBC-Fanfic Movie 42: All The Lights In The Night Sky Are Cooler Than You

      *CUE ENDING*

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      … actually cooler than you, I have a different idea for how the wonder cat guy and fake goku are shown, here’s a sneak peek at the next chapter.

      After about an hour of searching for answers and getting none, Zae was about to give up when he heard a slurred voice, “you tryin’ to find the mayor?” He turned around and saw a humanoid cat, as well as a saiyan that looked like goku, each had a bottle in their hand. The cat continued to talk, “if ya wanna find our mayor, then ya gotta cause trouble, other wise, he hides in a buncker,” he took another sip out of the bottle, “I’d love to see that prick killed.” Zae decided to ask this wierd cat, “are you drunk?” although he already knew the answer. “yeah, I mean no… A little, what’s it to ya?” Zae quickly responded with “nothing, never mind.” the cat said, ” I’m gonna fly away now, WWWEEEE!!” and he fell on his face… God, what did I do to deserve meeting this guy, Zae thougth, then he walked off to find Zoro.

    • #10065


      It’s better than what I expected you to write about them.

    • #10066

      Quick piece of advice. You may want to use paragraphs.

      Also Cooler, that’s some pretty decent writing. You should probably come up with an idea and perhaps write about it.

    • #10067

      I’m not one of those people who say “Oh no I’m no good at it at all.” but there are definitely some parts of the story that I could’ve done better.
      The most obvious to me is the Senzu Bean part, I mean it makes sense but I think it could’ve been worded better and both sentences with Boten and Froster could’ve been combined.
      Something like
      “While Froster recharged enough energy to transform into his God mode once more, Boten’s Saiyan blood ensured that the power gap between them was as thin as wire.
      Being pulled back from the brink of death, his body was renewed with even more power thanks to his Zenkai. The determination of his spirit and the power of his body shattered even the deepest limits within the mind, allowing him to tap into the next stage of his transformation; Super Saiyan 3.”

      The only thing that really keeps me from writing on like that is my fear of over using purple prose and finding one part that I can describe so well that it just drags on compared to parts that I’m struggling to extend or have to rewrite.

      I’m also really bad when it comes to the word “Definitely”, I keep forgetting how to spell it and when the spelling suggestion says “Diffidently” I just assume that’s what it is.

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      how do i post pictures?

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      One more day until the next chapter.

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      I can handle that one too if you want, we could finally introduce Frizzle Pop.

    • #10079

      No thanks, I am perfectly capable of writing this on my own. (And it’s not like that chapter you wrote is cannon to this story, sorry. )

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      DBC Fanfic Joke Story:

      After the fighters went on their way to namek. The world tournament started 2 days later! Now once the tournament had started a lot of fighters had joined.

      Announcer: Alright everyone! The tournament is about to start we wish every participant good luck!

      In this story we follow a human warrior with barely any hair. And blue fighting clothing. His name is: Hade he isn’t really a strong warrior. Compared to our heroes he is nothing, he is just an average human fighter with a mere battlepower of 22 looking for fame by joining the world martial arts tournament!

      Hade: Heh, I will beat everyone here with my super strength. And amazing moves! They’re nothing hahahahahaha

      Announcer: Now the long awaited round! Hade vs Vorban. Hade is a human warrior that has came here to prove his strength against each fighter he faces! Vorban on the other hand is a huge buffed strong martial artist who came in the semi finals last tournament. He absolutely crushes his opponents

      Hade: (thinking) Oh man, this guy is super strong why me why me?! Well I gotta face him no matter what!

      Hade: (thinking) I can’t beat this guy I just gotta forfeit! No wait then what about my carrier. I’ll stay in I hope I just get lucky and beat this guy
      Announcer: Alright the match is gonna start in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!

      Hade stands still frozen in fear while Vorban runs at him as fast as he can to finish this quickly
      Then when he gets close enough he launches a punch but misses cause of Hade’s fear. He automatically dodges all of Vorban his punches, then Vorban tries to launch as much punches as possible. Vorban slowly starts to get tired then Hade balds his fist and punches him with a counting punch, that gives every bit of damage he can do! Vorban gets almost knocked out when he starts bleeding out of his mouth.
      Vorban: That hurt! That really really hurt! TAKE THIS!
      A storming huge punch targets Hade his face, to utterly crush every bone in his face. He dodges this quickly then he launches an incredible amount of blows and knocks out his opponent. Then all his next rounds the opponents he has all forfeit… This wasn’t what really happened, but this is how it was told by the camera’s here’s what really happened!

      As hades stands frozen in fear with Vorban coming right at him right before he launches his punch he trips over a really small rock which he slips over and he flies in to the air, landing on his face out of the ring being knocket out. That is how it really happened!

    • #10081

      name- Masutā Kama
      gender- Male
      age- 14
      looks- Ultimate Gohan hair with Vegeta Buu saga clothes (Saiyan armor… without the armour)
      personality- Very excited and always ready to fight, and when he fights he fights with a vegeta style stance.
      power level- 100,000
      fighting style- Mixed
      Ki color- Green, Black, White
      race- Saiyan
      alignment- neutral
      background- He is a prodigy child who loves to fight, he was born with a power level of 35,000, but at first he was a farmer, but then, his planet was blown up and he was the only one to escape.
      special attacks- Green Soldier {Wave} Black Luster Grenade {Blast} Light Disc {Disc}
      training- His goal is to be way stronger than his ancestor, Vegeta.

    • #10082

      Vegeta Buu Saga Stance

    • #10083

      It’s canon in our hearts, and most in most of the readers as well.

    • #10087

      I can’t wait to see what happens on namek I can already tell its going to be a VERY pleasant experience XD

    • #10088

      Pleasant experience? HA GAY! but I do think ittl be pretty cool though

      -Dont worry i dont hate on homosexuals

    • #10090

      Hade vs Everyone of the saiyans right now!

      Hade: Hehehe who are you? You want an autograph?
      The saiyans: We are here to fight you!
      Hade: Hehehe alright! I won’t hold back!

      Everyone goes into their battle stand, ready to charge at Hade. Once the battle starts they all fly at Hade. Hade quickly vanishes like a blur and then appears from behind and launches a weak punch that destroys the whole forest and the saiyans almost all die. Then they all 3 flew at him from a different side. But he still vanished and saw a blur punching them.
      Hade: Alright hehe! Seems like it’s time to finish this!
      Then Hade launches a full power air punch that absolutely obliterates everyone of the fighters to near death. Hade had claimed his throne as best martial artist on the planet. AND THE UNIVERSE!
      Or so he thought… This is how it really went.

      Kasan: This is going to be very easy guys!

      The fight starts, all 3 fighters fly right at Hade. Hade just runs away out of fear. Then he trips and his foot accidently hits a rock which leads to one tree falling. Then a domino effect starts and every tree in the forest is gone. Then the fighters all punch the fighter at 1% of their power and then go away. And Hade once again is lucky to still be alive!

    • #10091

      Well, if your being sarcastic, you’re Completely correct especially since Zae… I almost spoiled it…

      • #10092

        Hey you gonna make Hade a canon character btw?

    • #10093

      Sure, he’ll be another joke character. 🙂

    • #10094

      Zae was trained by Better Than Goku’s son, Better Than Goten who’s better than Goten.

      Zae only lasted one day, but his training was so good he can go Super Saiyan 6 and whenever he dies he just Instant Transmissions back from heaven.

      • #10104

        Confusing but k

    • #10095
      1firebry (Froster)

      dbzfan i want hade not to be a joke character but to be like hercule almost

      • #10134

        Actually I think you’re one of the only people who realized he kinda looked like Hercule. He is very similar indeed.

    • #10100

      name: Wind aka Rasier

      Age: 16

      Gender: male
      Looks: Whatever dbz decides for him
      Personality: A calm and chill guy unless there is something going on then he gets wild and serious.
      goku stance
      power lvl: 29,987
      fighting style: warrior
      ki color: blue
      alignment; good
      Backstory: Wind is a human who had a crazy childhood. He lose his parents at age 7 and looked for someone to train him so he could avenge the death of his parents. He found Tien and can surpass him with he gets angry. Wind’s anger if not controled can rise to about 4 mil in power for seconds until he passes out. Wind trains like crazy and gets a zenkai boost from fighting just as a saiyan would but lower.
      Special moves: neon tri beam, Wrath of gods( only when he has reached his max when angry) and the kamehameha. Also when mad his power max only lasts for 4 seconds and can not be used for 1 week each time reached to max.

    • #10103
      1firebry (Froster)

      jehopoly extremely descriptive and mabye a bit underpowered compared to the awesome froster (me).

    • #10105

      hey i wanted dbz to handle power ups and other stuff so i didnt include the other things i wanted to say.

    • #10106

      I was going to say something about hidden god ki that when he gets his potential unlock he can give to other people as well as use it to seal incredible villians

    • #10107

      oh and that he can use himself

    • #10109

      My guy is the least op out of all

      • #10110

        Did you not see the little part of a chapter dbzfan wrote when you asked why your character is not a saiyan?

      • #10115

        I meant at the start

    • #10112

      1firebry, hercule is a joke character, but I get what you mean. Jehopoly,I’ll add Him in the chapter I’m currently writing. P.S. the next chapter may come out A little late, or i can give you part of the chapter tomorrow, which would you guys prefer?

    • #10113

      Zae is gonna be somewhat weak during their time on namek, but after that, I have a very unexpected turn of events that will make Zae really op. It’s kinda hinted twoards in the chapter I’m writing.

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    • #10122

      dbz just a question who is gonna be the main villain on namek

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    • #10124

      part of chapter tommorow

    • #10125

      There once was a Saiyan, his name was Izok, he was a very evil man, who wanted to rule the universe.
      But one day, after his morning galactic takeover to ease his anger, Izok landed on a planet.
      The planet was inhabited with strange creatures, but he recognize the race, they were none other than arcosians, hundreds of them, villages of them.
      He saw that the planet had quite alot of jewlery, so he wanted to take this planet over, possibly getting a new army for himself.
      He then left the planet with his new-established empire, but felt lightheaded.
      He thought he was dying, so he had a child with his wife, as he had a technique that allowed him to inhabit a new body, he was going to enter the childs body and use him as his new tool of destruction.
      2 months before the child is born, Izok gets up, feeling terrible.
      He goes into his private, 11/10 star bathroom, which kings would dream to have.
      after cleaning up, he washs his face off in the mirror, not really looking into the mirror.
      however, when he looks into the mirror, he sees an arcosian, he turns around and fires a blast at the “Arcosian” blowing up his bedroom, and around 100 mountains.
      He knows he destroyed that Arcosian, and he was safe, even though he wasn’t worried one bit.
      He looks in the mirror, and there is the arcosian.
      “What is this arcosian doing here? Who is he!”
      Just then, it struck him, he turned into an arcosian.
      He wondered “How the hell am I a arcosian?” but remembers his trip to the arcosian planet, he must have been mutated by the toxic atmosphere to be a arcosian.
      He feels weak, losing his power rapidly, waiting for his son to be born- so he can inhabit his body.
      1 month before the son is born, Izok died of the radiation of the mutation.
      The son is born, but he is half saiyan… half arcosian. (well, 3/4 saiyan, 1/4 arcosian, due to the mother being a saiyan as well)
      He looks like a normal saiyan, and acts like one too, but what people don’t realise, is he is really half arcosian.
      Name: Kaizoku Okami (Pronounced Kai Zoku – O Kami)
      Gender: Male(Ish)
      Race: 3/4 Saiyan, 1/4 Arcosian.
      Looks: He looks like a normal saiyan, even though he is 1/4 arcosian, 3/4 saiyan, he has black hair and black eyes, he has that of a saiyans tail, but one that is stronger than normal due to the arcosian part of him having a strong tail. He wears a purple shirt with purple pants, a light blue belt, and a red headband.
      Powerlevel: When you first see him, he is in the 90,000 range, he gets Zenkai boosts, but to a smaller scale due to his 1/4 arcosian race, While he has a 90k powerlevel, you will normally see him in his suppressed form, he has 3 forms he uses, Base (The most powerful, which is around 90k powerlevel) Second Form (His middle form, cutting his power in half) And Third Form (Cutting
      second forms power in half.) Due to normally being in third form, you usually see his max power as 22,500, but while others train to get a larger maximum power, he trains to shorten the time it takes to un-suppress his forms. For him to go from Third Form to Second Form, takes around 10 seconds, to go from Second Form, to Base, takes about 15 Seconds.
      He has a very large potential, that hasn’t been tapped into yet, but with the right training, he could unleash his locked potential, and easily double his base power.
      Now, while he uses arcosian suppression, he has the (Unknowingly) Ability to go super saiyan, while super saiyan is around 25% less of a multiplier for him (37.5x power, instead of a normal super saiyans 50x) His base power is quite alot stronger than that of a saiyans, meaning he has less of a multiplier, but he has more to multiply. 10 x 50 = 500, 15 x 37.5 = 562.5.
      He still needs to unlock super saiyan, though.

      His main move-set is Uzzuhauringu, a utility move, it acts like solar flare in a sence, the user flys behind the target, puts his hands over each ear, and it makes a loud noise, around 150 decibels, or a gunshot in each ear. This can cause the target to go deaf from 1-2 minutes, and weaker targets to be deaf forever. So unless they go to some high powered hospital and get/force the doctors to heal them, they aren’t going to hear ever again *Cough cough*
      Another move that Kaizoku uses, is Kyuban Munku, it is a move that is comparable to a sucker punch, it is made to look weak, something that Raditz would think pathetic, but after the pebble of pure condensed energy hits its target, it expands into a orb around the target, which re-condences, squeezing the target with extreme force, you would need around 75% of Kaizoku’s third form power to even break loose of it, which would still take extreme effort.
      To the prideful, this can be lethal, if Kaizoku hasn’t revealed his full power yet.
      While a target is being engulfed in the Kyuban Munku, Kaizoku can drain the energy of the target by holding the ball, which can be bad for him if the target breaks free.
      His main move, his most powerful move, is Shi No Nami, the Wave of Death.
      He casts it sorta like kamehameha, going “Shi… No… Nami!” but some argue that it is even more powerful than that of the kamehameha, but also more ki consuming.
      Even though the Shi No Nami is ki consuming, Kaizoku can hold quite alot of ki within him.
      Fighting Style: Kaizoku prefers to punch people, though he isn’t very good at hand to hand combat.
      By punching first, it leaves him room to throw the Kyuban Munku at his enemy, as if they can beat him in hand to hand combat, it gives them a false wall of hope, which can trick them into getting consumed by the Kyuban Munku. Overall: His strength is in Spirit.
      Alignment: Kaizoku is the kind of person, that will go around fighting people randomly until they’re just about to pass out or die (Or both) but spare them, as he doesn’t find fun in showing people power, just for the sake of killing, overall he is questionable, he isn’t evil, more of neutral. However, if he met the right people, he could become a Hero of worlds.
      But he’ll still fight people for fun.
      Background: After he was born, Kaizoku’s mother abandoned him, as he reminded him of his evil husband, who she was forced to marry (And have a child with).
      He was a poor child, but made friends with the human children, they were starving, but every year there was a Martial Arts Tournament being taken place, with a prize large enough to support him and his friends until they’re old enough to get jobs.
      Kaizoku entered the tournaments to win the prize money, and at that time he had around 30-50 Power levels, he lost and lost, as he had to fight in the full tournaments, as there was no junior division. He tried every year, training, getting stronger, until his seventh tournament, at that time he was around a 400 PL, and was age 11.
      He fought up to the finals, where he had to fight someone named Aku Hitsuji, known as “The Ram Warrior” This guy was no joke, easily a three thousand power level.
      He got onto the stage, with the millions watching him, around 20 thousand people in the stadium, and millions on television (And soon youtube, once its uploaded on there)
      as he watched Aku Hitsuji get onto the other side of the stage, he took off his silver-colored silk cape, when it hit the floor it sounded like an easy 200 pounds.
      Aku walks up, and speaks to Kaizoku.
      Aku: So, you’re the kid that has been going at this tournament for 7 years, heh?
      Kaizoku: Yeah, whats it to you?
      Aku: Well, we’re fighting, so I figured we could share a bit about ourselfs, my name is Aku Hitsuji, also known as “The Ram Warrior”
      Kaizoku: Sounds cheesy, My name is Kaizoku.
      Aku: You sound like a goku fanboy
      Kaizoku: Well, I have studied his techniques.
      Aku: Hmm, good luck.
      Kaizoku: Same goes to you.
      Aku walks back to his corner, and says
      “You’ll be needing it.”
      The bell blows, and Aku stands where he is, waiting for the first blow.
      Kaizoku charges at Aku, his punchs doing nothing.
      Aku: “Is this all you got after 7 years of training?”
      Kaizoku: “Not even close”
      Kaizoku jumps back to his corner, and yells to Aku
      Kaizoku screams
      this goes on for about 20 more seconds, he sounds really constipated.
      Kaizoku charges at Aku once more, hitting him in the side of his face.
      It does nothing to him.
      Kaizoku: “What are you made of, rubber?”
      Aku: “Heh, haven’t you heard of biology? Rams are made to charge, not to be charged at!”
      Kaizoku: “Clever, but how about this?”
      that goes on for about 30 seconds
      “AHHHHhh… Now I’m ready to take you on, Aku!”
      Aku: “We’ll see about that.
      Kaizoku charges at Aku, not leaving a scratch, but it does make him step back to make him regain balance.
      Aku: “This is your full power? No wonder you lost 7 times in a row!”
      Aku picks Kaizoku up by the arm, and throws him up into the air, then he fires a simple ki blast at him, damaging him quite alot.
      Kaizoku: Damn, that hurt, if I beat this guy its going to have to be with a ki attack.
      Kaizoku: “SHI…. NO…. NAMI!”
      The wave of pure ki flys at Aku, knocking him on his back, but still not doing much damage.
      Kaizoku blasts Shi No Nami after Shi No Nami at Aku, but with little effect, besides knocking him back.
      eventually, kaizoku is going to go all out on one more shi no nami, if this doesn’t get him a win, nothing will.
      “SHI……..NO……..NA……MI…… GO!”
      He sends a full energy Shi No Nami at Aku, which pushs him back a foot, but he recovers instantly.
      Kaizoku: “Looks like I met my match with you, Aku”
      Aku: “One day, you will surpass me, but not today!”
      Aku charges at Kaizoku, uppercutting him off of the stage.
      Tournament Speakers: “We have a winner! Aku Hitsuji!”
      Aku walks down to Kaizoku, and gives him a hand up.
      Aku: “You did pretty good kid, I’m impressed.”
      Kaizoku: “I got stomped by you”
      Aku: “No, you got rammed, hehehehe”
      Kaizoku Sighs at that bad joke.
      Aku: “Kaizoku, do you want me to train you? I see potential in you, I can even teach you a move, I call it the Kyuban Munku.”
      Kaizoku: “Sure, but what about my friends? They need money so they can live good lives.”
      Aku: “They can have my prize money, I just like to fight.”
      Kaizoku: “Thanks, Aku.”

      Will Kaizoku Train? Hard as possible, for as long as possible, for as efficiently spent as possible, he knows what he needs to work on, and knows what he already mastered.

      How old will he be by the time he’s in this series? Around 27.

      Are the Names and moves I came up with from google translating phrases that sound cool in English into Japanese? Yeah lol

      Recurring or one time? Recurring, probably going to meet people on earth by coming back after a 10 year voyage to get stronger, then he’ll fight people for fun, and when everyone thinks he’s going to destroy the earth, he’s just going to go spend his tournament money on some candy and coffee (and coffee flavored candy)

      He’s going to want to defeat people that kill, because he thinks killing is wrong, but thinks its perfectly fine to go around beating strangers to the point of near death.

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    • #10128
      SüńGòd ED

      Idk if the Registrations still open or not, but I will type in my character anyway lol.

      Name = Zure

      Alignment = Good

      Backstory = A mysterious fellow, he is mostly a lone wolf but he will take help if he thinks he will need it, he likes to do rapid training, his race is also a mystery he is not a Human, a Saiyan nor any races you might know, He doesn t he reveal his race or face, his voice is quite deep.

      Clothing = A purple Hood covering his face, a purple full sleeve, crimson red gloves, black boots, and purple pants.

      Race = Azure (Also where the Zure comes from)

      Power Level = 4000

      Body Type = Muscular

      Fighting style = Different Fighting styles, he mostly uses normal martial arts.

      Attacks =

      An Energy Wave Barrage…Enough Information, okay okay, its color is crimson red, happy?
      Giga Buster = An Energy wave he created, he shoots it like the Buster Cannon and its Green in color.
      Spirit Breaker = Zure charges up some Ki in his right hand and then hits the opponent on the chest.

      Transformations = None yet, he will unlock some when the story progresses, that is if he is even added lol. (I will tell when he unlocks a transformation)

      Age = His race can live up to around 2500 years, he is right now 750 years old. Lolwut.

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    • #10136

      Hey guys got another character. Kinda not creative, but let me know what you guys think of it. Dbzfan you too ofcourse

      Name: 27
      Race: Cyborg (android)
      Alignment: Neutral
      Personality: Arrogant thinks that theres no one stronger then him. And if there is someone who is almost as strong as him that’s not family or another android he kills them.
      Backstory: 27, or as his real name is Josh. And his sister 38, or as her name is Sandra.
      Both ware still about 7 years till a man came to their home and offered to make the whole world a safer place. He wanted to take them both and train them and use metal attachments to make them way stronger. On their way it turned out that this man didn’t want to make the world a safer place. But instead he used them for universal domination. He trained them for years and put bombs in their chests so they couldn’t escape. Then we skip to 8 years later where the children have became stronger, and they slept for years till the preparations for universal domination ware made. When the man woke them up 3 years later. He got killed by his own creations and now they both roam free on the planet under the names #27 and #38.
      Training: Sometimes he fights his sister when he’s bored.
      Powerlevel: 15 years old post training: 50. 15 years old attachments. 500,000,000. Adult max power: 5,000,000,000.
      Age: 18
      Transformations: None maybe later?
      Ki abilities and skills: Infinite stamina (he never gets tired he can fight for years straight without getting tired) Massive Ki regen (he regenerates 1/3th of his ki each 30 seconds) Toy Blast (a small but pretty powerful blast that does about 4x the damage of a normal ki blast) Color Yellow. Super Finish Strike Blast (a massive blast that does insane damage but drains almost all of his ki) Color green

      How he looks: Well this isn’t a very creative one but. he looks like android 17 with brown hair and instead of a black shirt he has a dark light blue color. And his bandana (the red thing around his neck) is lime green and he has red shoes. And black colored pants

      • #10138

        If dbzfan added him I Feel like it would make a nice addition to the story (and can we make more then 1 character? cause I had an idea for another character/mitaku’s back story). but getting back on topic I like #27 and I hope he gets added 🙂

    • #10139

      I’ll think about it, but if he’s added, it’s going to be a while.

    • #10142

      now, I kind of lied I’m not going to release the chapters in packs, mainly because of their size, but here it is, chapter 4!!

      Chapter 4: Namek

      After a week of travel, they were arriving at Namek. Zoro started to inform Zae what they would have to do, “when we land, a group of guards will show up and ask us for identification. We have to kill them quick, we’ll find a village and figure out what to do from there.” Zae, being the kind hearted person he was, wasn’t fond of the plan. Can’t we just reason with them, or knock them out? why do we have to kill them? When Zae asked Zoro this, Zoro shook his head and answered, “these guards are corrupt and cruel, there’s no reasoning with them. If we just knocked them out, they would alert more guards. Got it?” Zae nodded reluctantly. Just as Zoro said, when ley landed on a small island, four aliens of an unknown race in saiyan armor came on board. Just as one of them opened his mouth to say something, Zoro rushed forward and pierced one of the alien’s heart with his bare hand. Zae immediately charged up two ki blasts and obliterated two of them. The last one tried to run, but Zoro’s arm stretched out further than any human arm could, and grabbed the guard by the neck, and pulled the guard back. Zoro looked at the terrified guard’s face, then obliterated it with a wave of ki. Then Zoro said, “let’s go.” After about ten minutes of flying across the blue landscape, they reached a small town filled with guards and namekians. Here, the buildings were half spheres, and had dark blue windows. The roads were paved with a green stone, but there were no cars. Zae looked around, then asked, “what do we do now?” Zoro then responded, speaking as if Zae was a idiot, “we find the mayor, then kill him, that should make the guards run off to their master. Then we keep freeing up towns, killing the guards, and eventually, kill the tyrant who nearly destroyed this planet. Try asking around, split up and see if you can find any information about where the mayor might be.” After about an hour of searching for answers and getting none, Zae was about to give up when he heard a slurred voice, “you tryin’ to find the mayor?” He turned around and saw a humanoid cat, as well as a saiyan that looked like Goku, each had a bottle in their hand. The cat continued to talk, “if ya wanna find our mayor, then ya gotta cause trouble, other wise, he hides in a buncker,” he took another sip out of the bottle, and said, “I’d love to see that prick get killed.” Zae decided to ask this weird cat, “are you drunk?” although he already knew the answer. “Yeah, I mean no… A little, what’s it to ya?” Zae quickly responded with “nothing, never mind.” Then cat said, ” I’m gonna fly away now, WWWEEEE!!” and he fell on his face… God, what did I do to deserve meeting this guy, Zae thought, then he walked off to find Zoro. He told Zoro what the cat said, without the leaving out the weird and delusional parts. Zoro nodded after thinking it over, “yeah, that could work. I bet starting a riot would do the trick. But first, lets put on some armor.” Zae asked “what do we need armor for, the guards are weak.” Zoro then said “even weak people can have strong techniques, also it adds a sense of authority. People are more likely to follow a knight in shining armor than a old man in rags.” So they put on armor, and found a place with a good amount of people. Zoro looked over to Zae and asked, “you ready?” Zae took a second, then nodded. they landed, and Zae could already tell that Zoro was right, people were murmuring and staring at them as they landed. Zoro started yelling at the crowd “my friends, we all know that the government is cruel and unjust, so let’s take our planet back! If you are reluctant to follow us, then sense our power, or use your scouters. We can take our planet back, but I need you all to help me take back this city, get rid of this disease that infects our planet!” Everyone started to yell, not in protest, but in agreement. The people ran down the streets, attacking all the guards, burning down anything that had something to do with the tyrant. the guards tried to contain the people by shooting ki blasts into the crowds. Wherever it seemed the resistance was loosing, Zae and Zoro would fly in, killing entire squads of guards in seconds. Almost everyone in the city took part in this. Finally, once all the guards were dead, or had surrendered, the crowd of people met up at a statue of an arcosian that Zae assumed to be the mayor. Everyone started to shoot ki balls at it, and Zae heard the drunk cat guy from earlier yelling “MAGIC MISSILE!” and then saw a volley of energy that looked like gotenks’ “die, die missile barrage”. within seconds the statue was nothing but rubble, the sound of the namekians cheers echoed off the buildings. Then everything went wrong, a ki blast shot into the crowd blowing up at least half of the city’s population, someone moving to fast to see went through the rest of the crowd, dropping them to their knees or killing them. Then both Zoro and Zae were knocked out of the sky and into the ground by an unseen force. Zae hadn’t fully recovered from the attack, but he heard what was happening. A deep voice spoke out “Now you see what happens when you rebel, fools. After my master decided to spare your planet-” then a namekian yelled at him, “he enslaved us! We would rather be destroyed!” Zae started to open his eyes, and he saw an arcosian standing in front of the rubble. Although his vision was blurry and he couldn’t make out many details, he knew this was the unssen force that moved through the crowed, as well as the one who fired the ki blast into the crowd. The arcosian said, “as you wish,” and started to charge a ki blast. Within seconds he was done, and the ball was the size of the entire crowd, then he fired it. Just before it hit the crowd, Zoro moved in front of it, then he disappeared. Zae’s vision started to clear up as he realized that Zoro had just been killed by the attack. Zae looked over to the arcosian, he was massive, he had four ebony black horns coming out at an angle from his head, but had no crystal on his head. You could see every one of his muscles, and it looked like he was wearing black armor with massive shoulder pads, but it was a bone like substance similar to what cooler had in his fifth form. Just as Zae was about to charge him the ball of ki went flying back at the arcosian, then it rammed him into the building behind him, reducing it to dust. Zae looked over were the ki ball was and saw Zoro standing there, not even scratched. Zae flew over next to him, and before he could ask how he did that, Zoro said “the fight isn’t done yet, look.” Sure enough, the arcosian got up, without a scratch. “Now that was rude! launching by own attack back at me, for that, you’ll die.” He flew at speeds so fast he was invisible to the average eye, although Zae and Zoro are not even close to average. They both moved out the way and kneed him in the stomach hard enough to send him flying. They didn’t stop though, they launched after him and delivered volley after volley of punches and kicks, each attack that hit sounded like a bolt of lightning. Then Zae created a shockwave by thrusting his fist forward, making the arcosian get flung back, Zae didn’t waste the opening, and shot a powerful ki wave at the arcosian. It made a massive explosion, and once the dust settled, the arcosian was bruised, scratched, and bleeding almost everywhere. The arcosian started to power up to his maximum thinking dammit! How could I be damaged so much so fast! If I can just power up to my maximum I can beat them! He then said “fools! You think you can beat me, no, in a few seconds, you’ll be dea-” Zae shot a small, but powerful ki ball into his mouth that blew up his head. “You won’t hurt anyone else,” he said, thinking about all the villagers he killed. Then, he obliterated the rest of his body. Zoro looked at Zae with a grim expression, but only said “let’s get things settled with the civilians, then I think we should move to the next town.” Zae nodded, to worn out to speak. They checked to se who had survived, and Zae couldn’t help but smile when he saw the cat guy with his Goku-looking friend. “That was the best fun since I read that one book that had pictures of-” the cat started to say, but his Goku-like friend said “don’t talk about that book out loud, you old pervert…” I took about a three days to get everything settled down, and then Zae and Zoro flew off to the next town. On the way there, a thin lizard man wearing robes and a saiyan with clothing similar to Broly’s cloths without the amulets and jewelry ran into them, almost literally. Zae said “hey, I’m guessing you’re a saiyan, and your a karbonian?” the lizard man (karbonian) said “we finally found you two! Actually, my friend here is a half saiyan. I’m so sorry, but you two are going to die.” The saiyan got a cruel smile on his face and had ripped of one of Zoro’s arms and punched him hard enough to send Zoro flying into the water one hundred feet below them, all before anyone could react. He was about to punch Zae, but he launched a volley of ki blast into the half saiyan’s face. The karbonian said shyly, “that level of attack won’t effect Harpor.” sure enough, Harpor grabbed Zae’s face and repeatedly punched him in the stomach until Zae was uncontrollably coughing up blood onto Harpor’s hand. The karbonian said “you two have a bounty, whoever kills you gets a million zeni. Can’t pass that down, now can we.” Harpor started to laugh, and Zae used the opening, and fired a powerful wave of explosive energy that pushed him back about twenty yards before exploding. Again the karbonian started to say “No good,” but Zoro seemed to appear in front of him, and grabbed him by the neck. “call off your friend, or I’ll rip your head off.” The karbonian said, ” I cannot, Harpor is a mindless killing machine, when he fights, he doesn’t stop until he kills all of his opponents.” he started to laugh softly, then whispered, “you’re dead.” Then Harpor came out from the explosion and punched Koro’s face, making him drop the karbonian. He then rushed to Zae and punched him in the gut again. Harpor proceeded to grab Zae’s arm and threw him into Zoro. Dammit! He’s to fast and strong, how can we beat him?! Zoro grew his arm back and said “I’ll hold him off, you charge up the strongest ki attack you can, got it?” Zae nodded as Zoro launched at Harpor. Zae closed his eyes and tried to focus all the energy he had into one hand, he could hear fighting, but didn’t open his eyes so he wouldn’t get distracted. Zoro hoped that it wouldn’t take long, he was taking to much damage from Harpor, as he hit him no matter how or where he dodged. Harpor appeared directly in front of him and punched him in the gut, making him double over. Harpor elbowed the top of his head hard enough to send him into an island below. When he hit the ground the island was destroyed by the impact, and Zoro was barely alive. He couldn’t move, and he couldn’t open his eyes, but he felt Harpor grab his throat and bring him back in the air and heard him say with bloodlust, “time to die.” Then he heard a explosion, and felt weightless as he fell, then he lost consciousness. Zae caught Zoro after he fired the ki attack, he had focused all of his energy into a small ball that didn’t have a large explosion, but was very powerful. Zae turned to the lizard man and said, “I’ve defeated your friend, now scram!” The karbonian shook his head slowly and said, “that was a good attempt, but Harpor cannot be killed, see?” He pointed over to the dust cloud, and as it cleared, they could see Harpor standing there, unharmed, more powerful than ever. Zae could hear the planet shaking as Harpor’s power rose to nearly double its original strength. Harpor smiled cruely, and put his hand out, as if telling them to stop. Then, everything turned a dark shade of green, and Zae could sense the strength of attack he was charging, there was no way they’d survive. The green hue started to move towards Harpor’s hand until all of it had gone into a small white ball of ki in his hand. The blast was going to kill them, after all that fighting, they were going to die anyways, then Boten kicked Harpor’s face. Zae was in a state of shock, how could Boten be here? How could he manage to kick Harpor hard enough to make a steady stream of blood run down his chin, when Zae’s strongest attack didn’t phase him? Boten then punched Harpor in the gut, hard enough to make Harpor double over. Boten wasn’t done yet, he uppercuted Harpor’s chin as he doubled over, then made a shockwave that sent Harpor flying back, then shot a volley of super powerful ki waves that engulfed Harpor. When the dust cleared this time, Harpor’s clothes were in rags, and Harpor was cut and bleeding everywhere. Yet he didn’t look like he was going to back down. Sure enough, Harpor yelled louder than any normal person could, and his power started to skyrocket again, his white aura started to turn green, and his pupils disappeared. His muscles started to grow impossibly large, Then Boten punched his gut, making a sound like a mountain splitting in half. Harpor started to shrink back down to regular size as well add his pupils returned, and he fell unconscious. The karbonian caught him, looked fearfully at Boten, then flew off. Boten turned to Zae and said “let’s go, Kasan and Mitaku are waiting in a nearby town.” Then they flew off to the town. On the way there, Zae turned to Boten and asked “what was he doing when you knocked him out?” Boten shook his head and said “I don’t know, but I didn’t want to find out. Luckily for you, our ship got here early, and while that gravity training really was intense, it paid off! I’m equally powerful as Kasan and Mitaku!” Zae was glad about his friend’s strength, but now he was the weakest among them, and he felt hatred towards him as well. Zae tried to shake the emotion off, Flute would be disappointed if I hated my own friends, besides, they’re saiyans, they’re supposed to be strong. It’s not their fault your just a human! Yet no matter how much he tried to not think about it, he couldn’t stop this feeling of hatred and jealousy towards the others. Once they got to their destination, Zae saw that this was more of a military base than a town. Most of the buildings were made of a shiny black metal, as well as the guards seemed to be equipped with better gear. They dropped off Zoro at a hospital, then flew back up in the air. Boten pointed at a small building that was made of a stone like material and said, “that’s were they are.” They landed in front of it and entered the building, although unlike the rest of them, this one had no doors. There was lots of loud conversations going on, as well as the strong smell of what Zae guessed to be namekian alcohol. After a little looking around, they saw Kasan and Mitaku sitting at a round table with two bottles of namekian beer. After sitting down, Zae asked “don’t you have to be twenty-one to have alcohol,” which Kasan replied to with, “saiyans can start drinking alcohol at the age of fourteen, due to our maturity coming at a younger age than normal. Also we can hold twice as much as a human or same size could, without getting drunk. ” Zae sighed with frustration, Yet another thing better about the saiyans… Mitaku started to speak in a confident tone, “we did some asking around, and we figured something out.” Before anyone could ask what, she continued talking, “blowing up the mayor in this town won’t work for two reasons: one, he’s never around, and two, even if he was, he’s like a super commando, even if all of us, and the entire city fought him, we would lose terribly.” Zae was shocked by this, not because of the mayor’s strength though. “Mitaku, are you drunk, ” Mitaku replied with, “huh?” Then Zae continued, “because you just admitted someone was stronger than you.” Everyone burst out laughing, except Mitaku who simply said “shut up.” After the laughter stopped Mitaku continued, “the point is, we can’t just cause a riot. We have to break into the weapons station and destroy it.” She said out so calmly, like it would be walk in the park. She saw the expression on Zae’s face and said “hey, this is the were most of the tyrant’s men get their equipment, if we take it down, we eliminate allot of our enemy’s for power.” It seemed like a sound plan, but it also seemed easier said than done. Although sadly, “it sounds like the best plan. But won’t it be difficult to destroy an entire weapons facility, filled with guards armed with high tech equipment?” Zae questioned. Mitaku grinned and said “normally yes, but that gravity training made us allot stronger. Taking out that base will be child’s play.” Yet again Zae started to feel the hatred towards his friends again. why do I keep feeling this hatred? What’s wrong with me? They decided to order some namekian food, which was a blue lettuce like plant. Namekians only need water to survive, but make crops on case of instances were they can’t get water. Everyone looked at the food suspiciously, then looked at each other to see who would try the food first. Then a familiar voice spoke, “really guys, it’s not poisoned.” They all looked in the direction of the voice, and saw Zoro. He saw their surprised looks and said “some namekians have a power to heal almost any injury.” He sat down, ordered a glass of water. Kasan shrugged and started to eat, everyone else joined him. After they had finished eating and got some sleep, they got ready to attack the weapons facility. Upon seeing it, Zae was doubting the plan. The building was three stories tall, and was shaped more like a human building. It was completely metal, and had a ton of guards outside, making Zae wonder how many were inside. Mitaku told them the plan again to make sure everyone understood. “We’re going to blow a hole in the roof, then one of us will stay outside and fight the guards. The rest of us will go inside, and make our way to the control room. That’s were the commander of the base will be, luckily he’s weaker than the major, so we should have no problems beating him. Some people said that this guy knows where the tyrant is, as well as his name. Apparently none of the civilians knew the tyrant’s name. Ready?” Everyone nodded, then charged up ki blast, and shot them at the roof. The hole wasn’t big, especially considering the amount of power were in the ki blast, but it would do. Zoro said “I’ll stay outside, after all I can regenerate, go!” They flew inside as Zoro fought off the mass of guards that tried to prevent them from getting inside. Once they got inside, Zae thought that he was going to die. Have you ever seen a ton of birds in one place, to many to possibly count them all? Well that’s what it was like. There were guards everywhere, and all of them had their blasters pointed at them. Zae heard someone yell “FIRE!” and the guards did. All their blast seemed to mix, and transform into a massive, unstoppable wave of deadly energy. Kasan ,Boten, and Mitaku put their hands towards the blast and yelled, and the blast stopped right in front of them. Zae was too shocked to realize what was going on at first, but realized, that the saiyans made a shield with their ki. once the blast dissipated, Kasan and Mitaku looked at each other and nodded, then the three of them flew into the crowd of guards. Their power was monstrous, every guard couldn’t take more than one hit from the saiyans, and try as they might, the guards couldn’t hurt them. What kind of training did they go through?! Zae thought, he was terrified at his friend’s power, and was extremely glad he wasn’t amongst the ones fighting them. Yet again, Zae started to feel hatred towards his friends again, he wanted to kill them, to prove he wasn’t just the useless human that they made him seem. He wanted to prove he wasn’t obsolete, he wanted to rip their heads off to prove it. Zae tried to shake the feeling off, dammit, why do I keep feeling that hate, they’re my friends! Yet it wouldn’t go away. He flew into the crowd and helped his friends, even though obviously didn’t need it. “Kasan, go find the command center, we’ll will hold off these guys!” Mitaku yelled over the noise. Kasan looked at them worriedly, but did as he was told. Zae was grateful that Mitaku and Boten was staying behind with him, after all, he took down one guard by the time they’d taken down twelve… Kasan flew up, and took a second to try to feel where the strongest person in this facility was, but it was hard, there was just too many power levels, mixing up together. Yet he found it rather quickly, and then smiled, this guy might actually put up a fight! he thought to himself. He found the corridor that he had to go through, and flew down it at speeds to fast for the human eye to see. Within seconds, he had made it to his destination, and was disappointed. All this security, and they didn’t even have a strong door? Kasan sighed with distaste, and punched the door down without even having to try. A half dozen of guards flew at him after getting over their shock of the four feet thick, metal door, being punched open. Kasan punched a hole through one’s stomach, blasted the heads off of two more and let the other three flee. Kasan looked around the room, it had industrial lighting, a desk that had a saiyan sitting behind it, doing paper work. The saiyan had long black hair, yet was a male, he had aggressive eyes that all saiyans seemed to have, and was wearing generic saiyan armor. Kasan got frustrated that he had just killed half of his guards in seconds, and this man didn’t even have the decency to look up from his paper work! Kasan obliterated the desk out of annoyance. The saiyan looked at him, not looking mad, and spoke in a tone a parent would use to a small child, “now that was rude of you.” Kasan figured that this guy was trying to make him get mad, and he was succeeding, but Kasan didn’t want him to know that. So he said “look, I don’t want to kill you, if you don’t want me to kill you, then you got to call off your men, and surrender this facility to us, got it?” The man sat up strait and nodded, but Kasan wasn’t done, he had some questions. “The tyrant who has taken over this planet, who is he, and where is he?” In the blink of an eye, the saiyan got out of his chair, flew over to Kasan, and punched him in the face. “I would never tell you anything about my master, I would surrender the base, yes, but then my master would send in an elite force to take it back! But I would never betray my master, not even on the threat of death!” he snarled. Kasan sighed, he had felt the force of the punch, but it didn’t hurt. Kasan said, “you know, a lot of people say that, but for some reason, after I rip off their arms and am about to blast off their head, they tell me everything.” He punched the other saiyan in the stomach and sent him flying into the wall hard enough to dent it. Kasan couldn’t help make a joke and said ” I’m just saiyan.” The other saiyan got himself unstuck from the wall, and said, “my name is Bathror, remember my name, so that once I kill you, you can remember it in the after life foreve-” he was cut short by Kasan, or, more accurately, his left arm was cut off by Kasan. This didn’t seem to effect Bathror though, he just sent a ki blast strait into Kasan’s gut, sending him into a wall, yet not even scratching him. Kasan launched a volley of ki blast around Bathror, not trying to hurt him, but make a dust cloud so he couldn’t see Kasan. Bathror simply charged his ki to clear out the dust, but when he did, Kasan was no where to be seen. Then he felt a blow to his head that would have killed him had he been any weaker. Bathror turned and hit Kasan in the face, just barely scratching him. Kasan then broke some of Bathror’s ribs by punching them, and followed it up with a volley of punches and kicks. Bathror knew he only had one chance, he concentrated his ki into his right hand, making a blade of energy, then lashed out at Kasan with it. Kasan was barely fast enough to avoid being gutted, but still got a pretty bad cut on his stomach. Kasan decided to switch tactics, he jumped back further and fired volley after volley of ki blast, most of them missing Bathror, although Bathror sliced through any ki blast that came to close to him. Bathror laughed through the pain of his missing arm and broken ribs, “are you even trying to hit me?” Kasan replied with “Nope, look around you.” Bathror noticed something that he hadn’t before, all the ki blast had stopped in mid air around him, and before he could ask what was going on, Kasan yelled, “HELLZONE GRENADE!!” Every single ki blast flew towards Bathror, combining to make a gigantic explosion that destroyed most of the room. After Kasan silently thanked his eighth grade history teacher for telling them about the warrior named Piccolo that had died a long time ago, then scolded himself for using up so much energy . As the dust cleared, Mitaku, Zae, Boten and Zoro came in the room, looking about as beat up as himself. Kasan said “took you long enough.” Zae and Zoro shrugged, whereas Mitaku rolled her eyes and said “that guy is still alive.” Sure enough, there he was, at the bottom of the crater that the attack made, not moving, but still alive. Kasan walked over to him, grabbed his neck, without choking him, and lifted him up off the ground, and asked “now, tell me the tyrant’s name, and where he is.” Bathror replied with a weak voice, “he’d kill me!” Kasan started to squeeze his throat and said “so will I, and I’m a lot closer, now TELL ME!!” Bathror chocked out the words, ” Norgaro, he’s a arcosian, I don’t know where he is, but I know that he has a palace made out of katchin, now, please-” his face started to turn blue from lack of oxygen, but Kasan didn’t notice, he was in to much shock, it’s him, it’s him he kept thinking, he barely heard Mitaku yelling at him to let Bathror go. Mitaku had to hit him in the back of his head to snap him out of the state of shock he was in. He immediately let Bathror go, who had passed out from lack of oxygen. Mitaku started to get mad at him and say “what was that all about, he told us what we needed and you still tried to choke him to death!” Kasan’s fists clenched, when he spoke, you could tell that he was barely controlling his rage, “Norgaro, that’s the one who killed my parents and sister, he’s why I’ve trained my entire life. I need to kill him.” No one knew what to say, except for Mitaku, who grinned and said “well, lets go find that prick.”

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      Base form combo: Harpor quickly teleports to the opponent and brutally punches the opponent in the stomach after that he punches
      the opponent about 40 times in
      the head in a matter of seconds.
      After this the opponent is in a dizzy state and if the opponent is at least 10 times weaker he will punch the opponent using almost all of his life energy depending on the planets size the opponent might circle around the world if this happens Harpor turns around and delivers a quick knee to the opponents stomach. But like I said this combo uses all his energy on a planet like earth and will knock out harpor
      so it is only useful in 1v1’s

      Lssj signature move: if the opponent is unconscious and 10x weaker lssj harpor will grab the opponent by the scalp and throws him at the sun. Since the opponent won’t make it to the sun with a mere throw he launches a green sparkly blast at the opponent sending him spiraling to the sun

      (Btw I know these moves are super op so you should nerf them ALOT until later in the fanfic ofcourse)

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      Our heroes find themselves in a city everywhere are explosions and we see a man with brown long hair a lime green bandana dark blue shirt black pants, and red shoes walking up to our heroes.
      ???: Hmmm who are you? Another weakling trying to show that you’re strong? Well that aint gonna happen. You better run away. I’ll give you a 10 second pass till I start attacking you
      Zae: Yeah we aint running away! You’re just someone who knows how to use some ki and you think you’re gonna beat us?
      ???: Shut up. I’m already bored of destroying buildings. Maybe right now is the time to attack you all!
      The fighters all stood ready. When a blur appeared behind them and punched them trough buildings 1 by 1 slowly taking the fighters down. Then Kasan and Mitaku both went super saiyan and tried to land a strong hit on him. But they couldn’t keep up with him and they both got taken down.
      ???: Well then this was fun for how long it lasted. I hope you survive this.
      Android #27 then creates a yellow ki blast floating on his hand he then flies up and throws it down against the ground, causing a huge explosion that destroys every building in the city. The fighters are not that much injured by the blast. But everyone but them got killed by the blast. Our heroes now start their quest for the android, but first they will all train incredibly! To become strong enough to beat him.

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      We start of this time with 2 six year old kids fighting each other on a far away planet called Raigon. The one boy has black spikey hair with old saiyan clothing. The other boy has brown hair, looks like a human and has long spikey hair pointing up and he has old saiyan clothing on too, these 2 boys are called Boten and Raidin. They both are fighting at fast speed, which you can barely keep up with. Both have powerlevels of 350, they are fighting to become strong enough to join the military on planet Raigon.
      Boten: Do you think if we keep going we’d be strong enough?
      Raidin: Ofcourse I mean! We’re stronger then some of the elite guards when they were our age. We got this man! Let’s keep training!
      The boys then start fighting again both go right at each other at the exact same speed, their fists clash against each other and then they hit eachothers faces at the same speed. They’re both exactly matched they both know eachother their strategies. Both fly right at each other. But then they make a stop, for a big dangerous creature.
      Boten: Oh no! Not another dinosaur! I hate these things.
      Raidin: I hate them too, but you have to admit. Their meat is delicious!
      Boten: Yeah! You’re right about that. Wanna take it down?
      Raidin: Sure! Let’s go!
      The boys fly right at the dinosaur, and quickly fired a bunch of punches knocking it out in mere seconds.
      Raidin: There we go, now we can bring it home. To mom and dad!
      Right before the boys decide to go back to their village. Something strikes down and many trees got destroyed. The boys go to check it out when they find a pod. It was a soldier from the galactic empire. A long man with blue skin and a fin on his head, and normal saiyan armor but instead of brown spots he has red spots, steps out of the pod.
      ???: Huh, I sense 2 powerlevels already? 350, that’s nothing. Compared to me hahaha, I wonder who these maggots are.
      The man then sees 2 kids, hiding behind a bush.
      ???: Come out, I know you’re there. I won’t hurt you. I know you’re here.
      The boys come out and look at the man. The man then fires a quick ki blast at Raidin. The power of the ki blast was incredible. And knocked out Raidin. Then Boten looks at Raidin his body, it looks very damaged and he’s bleeding everywhere.
      Boten: I need to get him to the village quick! He’s gonna die.
      ???: You’re not going anywhere Boten.
      Boten: How do you know my name?
      ???: I am part of the Galactic Empire, you probably already know that.
      Boten: I do. But what do you want from us?
      ???: Well let me introduce myself first, my name is Knorgazak but you can call me Krozak
      Krozak: I am here to help you on your mission!
      Boten: The mission you mean why I was sent here, as a baby? I won’t ever!
      Krozak: Idiot, they should’ve been dead by now! These creatures are gonna get stronger and cause trouble against us!
      Boten: I’d be happy if they would, are you too dumb? You’re a slave to the Galactic Empire! I wouldn’t ever join them. I’d rather be destroyed!
      Krozak: Hehehe, then that will be it!
      Boten: Bring it on! You’re just an average galactic empire soldier, I’ve trained hard. And you know how strong I am now! I am double your strength you won’t stand a chance!
      Krozak: If only you knew a little bit more about my race. Cause if you did, then you’d know that we can transform into a form 10x stronger then this one! I will crush you without a second thought! We both know that.
      Boten: I don’t even care if you’re a hundred times stronger then me! You are still not gonna win this.
      Krozak immediately transforms which takes about 10 seconds then he launches a strong punch at Boten. Almost knocking him out
      Krozak: Wow, you’re not so weak after all. This might get fun!
      Boten then tries to jump from tree to tree to confuse Krozak, then he launches a series of punches in Krozak his back, but it doesn’t seem to do anything Krozak then starts toying with him using weak but quick punches that bounce him around.
      Krozak: So much potential wasted… You could’ve been an elite if you kept training like this! But no you chose for the side of the weak!
      Boten: Ugh, I’ll beat you. (thinking) Oh no! I forgot about Raidin. He will die if I don’t bring him to the village soon! I can’t let that happen. I must defeat this guy no matter how hard it’s gonna be. I will do whatever it takes!
      Then Boten starts charging his ki up trying to shatter his limits trough using his willpower, and he succeeds
      Krozak: What the! This must be a joke! Your battle power! It has risen to 8750! That’s impossible! I’ll show you, you annoying brat trying to trick me!
      Krozak then launches a punch right at Boten but Boten is nowhere to be seen, then a blur appears behind Krozak and launches a series of punches.
      Krozak: Impossible!
      Then boten fires a quick but incredibly powerful ki blast at Krozak killing him.
      Then Boten turns back to normal and brings his friend to the village so that he will heal, and their training continues!

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      if you are still looking for characters

      Name: Drakorus

      Gender: male

      Age: 2000

      Race: Demon, demon dragon

      Alignment: Pure evil

      Personality: easily angerd, likes destroying solar systems for fun

      Backstory: a demon that wished for the power of a dragon using the dragon balls, he has been banished to the void by the kais for thousands of years, for attempting to destroy all life in the universe, eventually braking free from the void he decided to get revenge on the kais who imprissoned him there.

      Training: he trains by finding solar systems with extremly strong fighters and attacking them.

      Transformations: Ultimate Demon form, mega demon form, demon dragon form

      Ki abilities and skills: void explosion, instant transmission, void cannon, death barrage, galatic destroyer, Dragon Blast

      Apperance: BASE FORM: blue skin, black and red spikey hair, a red full face mask with horns, eyes are black with red pupils, a black trench coat and red under shirt, black pants and boots, red gloves and a massive katana.
      ULTIMATE DEMON FORM: massive, black and red armor, blue skin, Black eyes, long black and red hair.
      MEGA DEMON FORM: Dark red skin, Black eyes, Black armor and hair.
      DEMON DRAGON FORM: (Shaped like shenron) black and red, red spikes, horns and eyes

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      Character edit for i have made a mistake and did not add in one of my ideas. Wind is a 90 percent human and 10 percent saiyan so that is why he gets the zenkai boost but to a smaller rate and he is only capable of a false super saiyan form that he trains hard to master. He knows
      every martial art known to man and knows the namekian fighting style over brief training with a namekian named gmstill. He wears a black shirt with a red jacket over it almost like future trunks. Wind trains hard to get to the next level of super saiyan as he can do so with a lot of training and anger than when goku did it. Wind is capable of reaching incredible speeds when he is at false super saiyan when enraged to the max. When Wind gets to false super saiyan and is enraged to the max he loses all sense of control and only can remember who his target is. Wind can handle false super saiyan enraged to the max for 10 seconds because false super saiyan is nearly mastered but trying to control it is the reason why he takes a heavy toll on his body to the point of near death. Wind trains super hard every day to surpass everyone and one day find the person who murdered his parents in his face. Wind only knows 1 thing about the man and that is that he was an arcosian who’s name started with an f but who could it be i shall let dbzfan do the rest of my character.

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      Appearance: almost like a shadow,in his real form he is very tall almost 3x taller than the Zarbon guy

      special power: if he taps someone on the forehead for 10 seconds he can take their “form” which allows him to look like them except he will be slightly darker
      Also he gains half their power if he’s using their form.
      The one who’s form is taken Dosent lose power it’s just Xander earns power. Also he can only use one form at a time.

      Personality: evil, talks a lot, cocky Also when he takes someone’s form he greatly changed his personality so if he takes the form of someone TOO good he might turn against his own friends. He is very stealthy.
      Race: Xin(shapeshifters) like the guys in fake planet namek. And his other half is Ponz(Power stealers)

      His powelevel varies but his base form is as strong as 1/3 of Harpor.

      Forms unlocked: Harpor,Zarbon dude,a few weak namekians and saiyans. Also if he is beaten the crap out of in the form he is in he loses it until he gets it back.

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      After blowing up another building, they did a little dance, then once it was over they all did a pose. Kasan was the first one to speak, “we’re being attacked by the power Rangers.” Mitaku rolled her eyes and said, “that must be the ginyu force, but they died three thounsand years ago.” Nobody could figure out what happened, then went over to meet the power rangers, I mean the ginyu force…

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      Kasan smiled at this, then said, “oh look, Boten’s blast is pushing Harpor back.” Surely enough, Harpor could not stop the massive wave of energy, it engulfed him, pushing him further into the sky. Then there was a bloodcurdling scream of agony that belonged to Harpor. The karbonian seemed to get even more terrified, and said in a nearly hysterical voice, “We will all die. Harpor is releasing the power of his ancestors, awakening the ancient blood of the legendary warrior. He will loose all sanity, and his power will constantly rise until he is unstoppable, we are doomed.” Mitaku punched him and said, “shut up, you little-,” then Boten’s blast seemed to implode on itself, and everything started to change color. First it was green, then blue, red, violet, purple, so many colors going by so fast. They all seemed to be sucked in towards Harpor, who had become the center of a massive, shining ball of energy that looked like a sun. Then the ground, water, clouds, everything, was pulled towards Harpor, as if he was a black hole, he was still screaming as if he was slowly being killed in the most painful way possible. Then the last of the colors were sucked into the ball, and the colors turned back to normal. Then the the ground, trees, water, ectedra stop being sucked towards him, but then dark clouds started to gather, making everything dark. Then Harpor’s ball of energy shrank down, getting bright to the point that you could barely look at it. It took on a hulking, human like shape that was at least five times the size of Harpor’s size. “Harpor can’t have grown that much, could he?” Kasan asked fearfully. Then the energy faded away, and there Harpor was, he had grown five times his normal size. His puipls had disappeared, his hair was in the air, and it had turned a greenish blond.  Boten, who had stopped this before, did nothing this time, and was regretting his decision. damn, his power increased nearly twenty times his original power, and it’s still rising! I have to finish this now before he gets to powerful. Boten thought. He appeared in front of Harpor, delivered a volley of punches into Harpor’s stomach, then finished with an uppercut. Harpor didn’t even flinch. Harpor punched Boten in the stomach, making a sound like a atomic bomb. Boten fell towards the water, unconscious, every single bone in his body broken.

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      Chapter 5: The revived, and the legend

      Zoro immediately protested, “are you kidding? We can’t take on someone with that kind of power, we would be killed in seconds!” Mitaku smiled and said, “that’s what training is for.” Then Miatku and Zoro started to argue about it, then Kasan butted in, “it would take a lot of training to beat someone of that magnitude, but we came here to free Namek, and if it takes killing Nogaro. Especially if it takes killing Nogaro.” Zoro sighed, obviously frustrated by the fact that these saiyans thought they would ever have the strength to kill a warrior like Norgaro. He then said “fine, but we should find a village and rest before we start training. Can we all agree on that at least?” Everyone nodded as Zae said “I saw a village without any of Nogaro’s guards. Let’s go.” After an hour of travel they reached the town. They found a good sized Namekian inn, (which was about the size of a two story house) ordered some food, and got rooms to sleep in. The next morning, (or at least, twelve hours from that time, due to Namek having three Suns and no night time) they got some food and came up with a plan. Zoro started off with “if we want kill Nogaro, we’re going to have to go around and eleminate some of his forces, after all, we can’t fight him if he has an army helping him.” Everyone nodded. “But we don’t have that long, we need to kill Nogaro as fast as possible to make sure he doesn’t inflict to much damage.” Boten pointed out. Mistake shook her head and replied with, “I agree, but how would we do that? What’s your plan, huh?” Before Boten could say protest, Kasan interrupted with, “we’ve killed one of the mayors and forced another into submission, anyone who knows of us, knows our power. I’m guessing that a lot of people know of us, considering that fight with Harpor.” Everyone nodded, Zae and Zoro had described the fight afterwards. Then Zae questioned, “what are we going to do then, go around and advertise, try to scare guards enough to switch to our side?” Mitaku smiled in a way that made Boten uncomfortable, and said, “you know, that’s actually not to far off.” So their plan of action had been decided, they were going to go around towns, tell the guards to resign, and if they didn’t the group of warriors would destroy any resistance. they stuck to this plan about two weeks, but it was repetitive work and easy work, with very little fights. So I’ll skip ahead as not to bore you. They were having dinner after freeing a city, then they heard an explosion nearby. Kasan started to say “what the-” Mitaku interrupted with, “problably some of Nogaro’s forces trying to take back the city! Let’s go!” They rushed outside and saw a small building explode. Then they saw the people assaulting the city, all of them were wearing generic saiyan armor. There was a small, fat, green guy with four eyes. There was also a human looking guy with red, Mohawk hair, but he was massive, he towered over any human. There was another humanoid, even though he was normal human size, his skin was cherry red, and he had pure white hair. There was another person who was the same size as the large one, although this one was snake like, with completely red eyes, and blue skin with scales. The final one, obviously the leader, was the size of a tall human, he also had blue skin, but his eyes were normal and he had horns. His head was bald and had bulging veins. After blowing up another building, they did a little dance, then once it was over they all did a pose. Kasan was the first one to speak, “we’re being attacked by the power Rangers.” Mitaku rolled her eyes and said, “that must be the ginyu force, but they died three thounsand years ago.” Nobody could figure out what happened, then went over to meet the power rangers, I mean the ginyu force… The captain took notice of them and said in a loud voice, “you five must be the trouble makers that Nogaro told us about. Well, there’s five of you and five of us, perfect!” Mitaku decided to ask, “how are you alive?” The captain’s shoulders slumped, “you just had to mention that. Well, we were revived, and now serve Nogaro, who is a decedent of our master, Freeza!” Boten thought these guys really believe that? Freeza died before he could have any kids. Oh well. Kasan got strait to the point, ” so, you came to kill us, so we’ll have to fight you, and so on.” Then captain replied smiling widely, “that’s about right. But before we fight I must introduce my team.” They stopped posing, then the green one yelled “Guildo!” and made a new pose. Then the big guy yelled “Recoom!” and also made a new pose. Then the red one yelled “Jiece!” as the snake one yelled, “Burter!” They both made a new pose. Then finally, the captain yelled “Ginyu!” And made a pose. There poses looked like a pyramid leading up to captain ginyu. Zae informed them, barely containing his laughter, “you didn’t need to tell us, your fight with the z-warriors was recorded in history, we know all your techniques, and it seems like both of our team’s total power is equal.” Ginyu replied, still smiling “you’re not going to discourage us like that! This is how it’ll work, you choose a fighter, and we’ll choose a fighter, they’ll fight each other to the death, without any interference from the other team. I choose, Burter!” But then Guildo started to argue, obviously frustated, “but you said that I would fight first captain!” Ginyu looked amused, “alright, just don’t be the first to die again.” Guildo smiled as Kasan said, “I’ll fight, after all, I have a trick up my sleeve.” With that, Kasan also smiled and told Guildo, “alright, you make the first move!” Guildo laughed to himself and thought, fool! I’ll slow down time and kill him! Guildo thrust his hands out and yelled “YAAA!” As he slowed time to a near stop. Just as he started to use his psychic powers to lift a tree and stab him, he got punched in the face. Kasan had moved so fast, that even though time was almost stopped, he seemed to turn invisible as he moved. Before Guildo could react, Kasan hit him every which way, up, down, left, right, front, back. He had hit Guildo about a thousand times in less than a second, or at least from Guildo’s perceptive, really he had done it in a nano-second. Kasan then sent a uppercut into Guildo’s gut that made him lose his concentration and make time flow regularly. Mitaku was shocked, so this is why Kasan had so much power, and yet didn’t pack much of a punch, he was focusing on speed!* Guildo was bruised, bleeding, and missing a few teeth as he got up. Guildo started to say “I’ll kill yo-” but was cut short. Kasan again moved extremely fast. This time, he had appeared on front of Guildo, with his hand placed on his stomach as of about to use a ki blast. Kasan had managed to move fast enough to make the air move towards him, and then burst outward making a odd, shimmering mirage, followed by a blast of sound ten times louder than a sonic boom. Guildo looked down at his now non-existent stomach, although Kasan hasn’t used a ki blast, the speed and force of the strike to his stomach had been enough to completely obliterate it. Guildo was overwhelmed by embarrassment. Yet again, he was the first to die, and surely the others would tease him about this. He hadn’t even finished thinking before he fell over dead. Ginyu sighed, “well, that’s unfortunate, but I guess were better of without that weakling.” Kasan returned to his astonished friends, much more worn out than he looked. Mitaku broke the silence with a tone of fearful respect, “how could you move so fast? I couldn’t even sense your power level!” Kasan smiled modestly, but didn’t answer. Whereas Zae could barely contain his rage, dammit! These saiyans just keep proving how worthless I am, I’ll kill them! He was no longer able to control his thoughts, which were filled with seething anger. Ginyu then called out, “alright then, I’ll have Burter and Jiece fight next.” Zae was about to offer to fight them, but then Zoro offered to fight them, “I’ll fight them, after all, Namekians can stretch our limbs to extremely lengths. And I can regenerate, giving me the upper hand in a fight.” Zoro walked up to the red and blue aliens and waited for them to make their first move. The blue one moved at incredible speeds, Zoro barely dodged the attack. Now, had he just been fighting one of them, it would have been fine, but these two had learned to use their powers as a team, thus doubling their success rate. Jiece fired a powerful ball of red ki at Zoro. Zoro, while he didn’t learn any history, he knew this tactic. One would fire. Blast, hoping the target would dodge, so their friend could hit them, opening up the target to anther ki attack. So Zoro didn’t dodge, instead, he somehow deflected it up at Burter. “Blimy” Jiece said to himself. (he’s Australian, from space Australia, in space!) Burter moved out the way of the attack casually, then flew at Zoro moving Almost as fast as Kasan. Jiece also flew at him, but not as fast. Zoro’s style was full of evasion, he kept at least a ten meter distance, using his lengthened arms to attack his opponents. It wasn’t working, Burter appeared behind him and hit him into the ground, then flew up in air along with Jeice. They both charged up ki attacks, one was red one was blue, the ki attacks merged, making a swirling, red and blue mini-sun type sphere, then they fired while yelling, “super crusher hurricane ball!!” Zoro had recovered, but not enough to counter it, although he tried. He yelled impossibly loud and fired a green-ish yellow ki wave, and it got completely destroyed by the red and blue ki ball. It hit Zoro, who tried to catch it like he had with the arcosian mayor’s ki ball a few weeks earlier, but it failed. It pushed him a few feet in the ground, then exploded with about the same power of about one-hundred sticks of dynamite. When the dust cleared, Zoro was beat up, bleeding, and missing an arm. Burter rushed in and delivered a volley of attacks at light speed, then uppercut him in the air. Jeice then shot a small beam of energy that hit Zoro’s stomach, yet again, sending him into the ground. The other four were having trouble just standing there, letting their friend get slaughtered. “Dammit, he needs help!” Kasan said with a tone of barely controlled anger. Mitaku replied much more calmly, “if we interfere, then we’ll have to take all of them on, and even if it’s five against four, two of us are worn out, and it looks like the four of them are just getting started. We’re just going to have to hope that Zoro has a plan.” Even though that made sense logically, Kasan wasn’t one to watch his friends get butchered in front of him. Just as Kasan was going to lunge at the duo, Zoro’s arm extended far enough to grab Burters neck. Then Zoro slammed Burter into the ground, and flew up to Jeice after regrowing his arm. Jeice shot a small ki ball that Zoro dodged, then Zoro punched Jeice’s stomach hard enough to break the armor. Zoro causally put his am out towards Jeice, and charged a ki attack. “N-not again!” Jeice stammered, but Zoro had no mercy, he completely obliterated the Australian alien. Burter flew up and yelled “I’ll get you for that you little-…” His sentence was cut short when Zoro appeared in font of him and pierced Burter’s skull with his bare hand. As Burter fell to the ground, dead, Zoro descended and said, “he’ll most likely send out the big guy next. Zae, I think you should take this guy.” Everyone agreed, Zae was small, making him a hard target for such a big opponent. While Zae did have this tactical advantage, he was worried, what if he didn’t have he power to kill is guy? You’re going to have to wear him out, that’s the only way you’ll be able to kill this brute. Zae thought to himself. When Zae stepped up, Recoom said in a disappointed tone, “I thought I was going to have a challenge, oh well. I guess I’ll have fun killing you.” He smiled, showing his mouth full of missing teeth. Zae started to get angry, yet another person, proving he was weak. All logic left Zae as he powered up to his maximum, making Recoom take a step back out of surprise. Zae appeared behind him and kicked Recoom’s foot that stepped back, making him loose balance. Zae sent a volley of punches and kicks into the massive brute’s stomach, until he coughed up blood. Zae then sent a volley of small ki blast into Recoom, sending him flying backwards into a large rock pillar. Zae calmed himself down and thought to himself, *come on, control yourself. Wait for him to drop his guard, then deliver a critical attack.* The plan sounded good in his head, but his confidence crumbled when Recoom rose from the rubble, barely scratched. He then said, “my turn now,” and shot a large ki wave from his mouth. Zae jumped up into the air, narrowly dodging the attack that blew up a small island. Zae flew at Recoom so fast that he vanished, then kneed him in the face hard enough to make the ground shake. Recoom stumbled back but then caught the Zae’s fist. Recoom punched Zae in the stomach five or so times, then yelled, “Recoom kick!” and kneed Zae in the face hard enough to send him flying backwards. Zae stopped himself midair and wiped the blood off his chin. Recoom sent another ki blast out his mouth, but this time, Zae couldn’t dodge it. It engulfed him, and nearly killed him. He was burnt and bleeding, then he fell to the ground… This time, it was Mitaku who couldn’t stand by, “I’m going to kill that son of a b-” Kasan interrupted her, “don’t worry, he’s beat up, but I can still sense his ki, he’s up to something.” Recoom walked over to Zae about to finish him off by crushing his rib cage, then got half a dozen ki blast in his stomach. Zae jumped up, and uppercut Recoom’s chin hard enough to send him flying. Zae shot a massive wave of ki that completely engulfed Recoom, then followed up with a volley of ki waves that shot him into a mountain. He stopped, not wanting to kill Recoom, due to his normally soft heart. Kasan then said, “I know you don’t want to kill anyone, but you have to kill this guy. He a heartless, mindless murderer. Emphasis on mindless.” Then Zae shot a massive beam on energy that obliterated the mountain Recoom was stuck in. Kasan murmered “a little overkill, but that’ll do.” Then ginyu said, “well then! You all seem strong, so who’ll fight me?” Boten and Mitaku looked at each other, neither of them had fought yet, and only one of them could fight. Boten surprisingly said, “you fight him Mitaku, I know that you want to test your new power.” Mitaku smiled, then nodded as a sign of thanks. When she stepped up, Ginyu laughed, then said “Well! I get to fight a saiyan, a female saiyan. I hope you’re a as strong as the males.” Mitaku charged her ki so that she was using fifty percent of her power. It created wind strong enough to push Ginyu a few feet backwards, *well then, I may have to use my body change technique…* Kasan decided to warn Mitaku, “don’t use your full power, otherwise he’ll just swap bodies. Wear him out, then finish him off with quickly before he can use his technique.” Mitaku nodded, then released a wave of energy that obliderated the entire block in a small but powerful explosion. Zae yelled “Jesus! She could have warned warned us before she shot a blast that strong.” Kasan smiled slyly and replied with, “but that wasn’t anywhere near to a strong ki blast. That was only about twenty percent of the power she could put into a ki attack.” This was enough to make Zae motionless with shock, but as always, that deep hatred of his friends returned. Before the dust cleared, Mitaku flew at the speed of sound and punched Ginyu in the face, making a loud boom. It was powerful enough to send out a shockwave that comepletly cleared out the smoke. Mitaku then started to repeatedly hit Ginyu with a volley of punches, each one just as powerful as the punch that cleared out the smoke, and yet she didn’t seem to tire out. Then Ginyu caught one of Mitaku’s fist and delivered a staggering blow to her stomach. He then did an akward pose, he put both arms strait out, as if trying to make a “t” then squatted and pointed his right arm so it was pointing at Mitaku. He smiled and yelled, “Milky Cannon!” and shot a blast of dark purple energy that moved slow. Miatku easily deflected it and returned with a large wave of flame like energy that Ginyu blocked with both arms. Ginyu flew forward faster than Burter and sent a small volley of punches and kicks, then finished with an upward kick that sent Mitaku flying high in the air. When Ginyu pursued her and tried to land another strong attack, Mitaku flung her hand out fast enough to create a shockwave that made Ginyu get pushed back. Miatku followed up with a kick to the stomach that sent Ginyu flying through a destroyed building, then just as it seemed Ginyu was about to recover, Mitaku appeared behind Ginyu and sent him flying again. Mitaku repeated this for a little bit, then let Ginyu recover, who then shot a ki wave at Mitaku. Mitaku yet again vanished, but this time, she reappeared above Ginyu, then shot a ki blast as large as a common Namekian building. Even though Ginyu tried to stop it with both hands, it pushed him into the ground, making a crater twice the size of the blast before disappearing. Ginyu was cut and his armor was damaged, but this didn’t seem to bother him, *man, this guy is really strong, and sadly, it seems that Mitaku’s control over her ki hasn’t gotten much better. I hope that she doesn’t ruin the plan* Kasan thought worriedly. Ginyu launched up and tried to hit Mitaku at speeds to fast for the human eye to see, but Mitaku caught his hand with equal speed. She did a cruel smile that made Kasan happy that she was on his side. Mitaku crushed the bones in Ginyu’s hand as easily as a grown man could snap small twigs. She then punched Ginyu in the face, sending Ginyu into the ground, making yet another crater. Despite looking as if he was run over by a tractor, Ginyu laughed, then said, “finally, I’ve been waiting for a good challenge, now I’ll use my full power…” Ginyu’s power nearly doubled as he was surrounded by a vibrant purple aura. This power increase troubled Zae, *damm, I thought we had a chance.* Then Ginyu appeared in front of Mitaku, and punched her in the face, making a shockwave that kicked up large dust clouds and blew rubble away. Mitaku’s smile was still there, she had not budged, not even the slightest, then grabbed Ginyu’s forearm. Ginyu’s smug look faded as Mitaku moved his fist out the way and said, “nice try, freak.” She then punched Ginyu in the stomach, breaking his armor and nearly pierding his skin. Mitaku let go of Ginyu’s arm, then shot a small ki ball into the spot of Ginyu’s armor that was destroyed. The ki ball disappeared almost immediately, but still had the force to send Ginyu flying backwards. Ginyu was almost ready to surrender, *this saiyan is inflicting way to much damage, and she doesn’t seem the slightest bit tired. I can barley hurt her! I may have to flee.* Then his thoughts were interrupted by Mitaku punching his face. Ginyu then said, “I’ll kill you, you won’t be able to damage me, the tables will be turned.” Mitaku took this as a bluff, but Boten knew what he was about to do, but had to wait for the right time to strike. Ginyu stood up strait, and spread his hands out as if trying to stop Mitaku, then yelled “change now!!” Mitaku realized what he was doing a second to late, the attack had been activated, paralyzing Mitaku, and surrounding Ginyu with a purple, flame like aura. Ginyu opened his mouth, and a small beam of energy came out, just as it was about to reach Mitaku, the beam disappeared. Mitaku could move again, and Boten had pierced Ginyu’s right lung. Ginyu coughed up blood, then fell to his knees as Boten took his arm out of Ginyu’s chest. Boten returned to the others after telling Ginyu, “you made one of us fight two of you, and now you had to fight two of us. We played by your rules, and you lost.” He then appeared back with his friends. Ginyu looked up in fear at Mitaku, surely, she would kill him, and return him to the hell that he came from. Instead, she said, “get out of my sight.” She turned around and walked back to her friends as Ginyu flew off as fast as he could with a pierced lung. They went and got the civilians, and told them it was safe to come back to the village, then helped rebuild, and it went surprisingly fast. Although that’s to be expected when three saiyans, an Namekian and a human, all stronger than the average person were helping. Afterwards, Kasan asked Miatku why she let Ginyu live. Mitaku replied with, “the truth? I was drained and extremely hurt, I don’t think I could have charged up a ki ball without passing out, much less finish of a super commando.” Kasan nodded, but then asked, “if you had the power, would you have killed him?” Mitaku instantly replied with “of course, he tried to kill my friends, he tried to kill innocents. If I had the power I would have ripped open Ginyu’s lung instead of Boten. And just so you know, I would have stuck to the plan, but I used up to much of my to fast.” Kasan nodded and said, “I’m going to go train with Boten, you can join if you’d like.” Kasan flew off to go train, leaving Mitaku, who then went to go find Zae. She found him eating some Namekian food at a bar. Namekians didn’t seem to have restaurants, just bars, problably because they didn’t usually eat “food,” after all, they just need water to survive. When Miatku sat down next to him and ordered some Namekian beer. Mitaku decided to try to engage in small talk, although she’s not very good at it, “how you doing?” Zae replied with, “fine.” Yet it was obvious that something was bothering him. So Mitaku continued, “Zae, youre bothered by something, I can tell just by looking at your face.” This time Zae said nothing, but was thinking, *why can’t she just leave? If she knows something’s wrong then she should leave me alone.* Mitaku was going to keep asking until she got an answer, “Zae, you’ve never lied to me before, what is it? Do you miss earth, do you miss Flute?” Zae decided to reply truthfully, but not the full truth, “my dreams have been a little troubling, it’s putting me on edge.” Mitaku kept looking at him, as if she knew there was more, and was waiting for him to tell her the complete truth. But how was he supposed to tell her? How could he tell his best friend that his normally peaceful heart, was not full of hate towards his friends. How could he tell her that his dreams at night, were full of him slowly killing his friends, and destroying the earth that they work so hard to protect… Finally Miatku said, “fine. Hey, after you’re done eating do you want to train?” Zae nodded as Mitaku’s drink arrived. That afternoon, while everyone else was training, Zoro was meditating, which helps him find powers. He was searching for Nogaro’s ki, but for some reason, even after searching the entire planet, he couldn’t find his power. So he sighed in frustration, and went back into the town to see what information he could gather. On his way back, he felt a nearby power, it was enormous, and he recognized it, a second to late. He was everything turned a green hue. The. he turned around a shot a ki wave, but was swallowed up but a massive green ball of swirling energy that was crackled with mini lightning bolts. There was nothing left but a crater in the ground, and some burnt flesh buried under rubble. Back at the village, the four warriors felt the power that had been released by the warrior, and realized what it meant. “Damn! I thought he would stay down longer, and it seems that he killed Zoro…” Boten exclaimed. “This time, we’ll kill Harpor, make him pay for killing Zoro.” Kasan said solemnly. The four of them flew towards where the blast was, when they got there, they found the large crater that the blast made. They were silent to a count of ten. Then Mitaku broke the silence, “should we .check down there, I mean, he might still be alive. You know, just on the brink of death.” Kasan shook his head in disagreement, but Zae said, “he helped us get this far, we might as well take a look, then we’ll find Harpor.” They flew down and shifted through the rubble, then Kasan found Zoro, or what was left of him. “Guys, I found him.” Mitaku,Boten and Zae rushed over, just to see the burnt corpse of Zoro, the only part that was remotely undamaged, was his head, which had a third degree burn just above his left eye. Mitaku choked back a gasp at when she saw the Zoro’s destroyed corpse, whereas Zae atteted to not let his grimace show, but it didn’t work. Mitaku was the first to recover from seeing their dead friend, “we are going to find Harpor, then we will kill him.” No one disagreed. They flew upwards and tried to find Harpor’s power, they didn’t have to try hard, after all, his power was massive. They flew towards Harpor, and found him blowing up a uninhabited island. Mitaku yelled, “hey!” and as Harpor and his little karbonian friend, she shot a small ki wave that hit Harpor’s face, but did no damage. Harpor snarled at them, then said, “fools, I killed your friend, and still you pursue me. This time, you’ll die, due to my zenki boost, I’m much stronger than before, and I will make you pay!” Boten laughed, “so you can speak! I didn’t get to fight you very long when we first met, what do you say we have a round two?” Harpor grinned at this, then started to power up, making everything turn into a green hue. *I’m never going to get used to that odd aura,* Kasan thought. Then Boten turned to his friends and said, “guys, I know he’s strong, but please try not to interfere, I want to fight him on my own.” Kasan patted his friends shoulder and replied happily, “there you go! Now you’re embracing your saiyan blood! Taking on an enemy that’s most likely stronger than you, by your self!” Boten smiled at his friend’s enthusiasm, then turned around to face Harpor. Lighting was discharging around him, the green aura was very thick around Harpor. Harpor’s hair rose up, making his hair look like he had stuck his finger in an electrical socket, then his puipls seemed to fade, they didn’t disappear, but they defiantly faded, making it look like he had cataracts. Then the green hue moved towards Harpor, making an optical illusion that made everything to bend towards him. Then all the green condensed into a green ball of energy, making the illusion fade. Boten whistled, impressed by Harpor’s near ten times increase to his power, the said, “quite impressive, I must admit. But, you’re going to need more power if you want to beat me.” Boten powered up, while it didn’t discharge lightning like Harpor, he was surrounded by a purple aura so bright it was hard to look at. About a hundered feet below, the water looked like a helicopter was right above it, it was being pushed away and evaporating, despite the Boten’s distance from the ground. Once Boten was done, his power was about three fourths of Harpor’s power. When Miatku pointed this out, Kasan replied with, “while it’s true he isn’t as strong as Harpor, he has perfect control over his ki, making him able to outlast most opponents that he comes across. What did you think would happen when he spent most of his time focusing his ki instead of doing physical training?” Then Boten launched at Harpor with lightning fast speed. The green ball had disappeared as Harpor tried to block, but despite the fact he was moving to fast for the human eye to see, from Boten’s perspective, he was moving sluggishly. Boten delivered a quick volley of punches into Harpor’s gut, then made a shockwave that pushed Harpor back, followed up by a small volley of large, powerful ki waves that made an explosion of similar size of a few pounds of C-4. When the smoke cleared, Harpor was only a little damaged, and was getting frustrated at his enemy’s speed. He then put a hand out as if telling Boten to stop, then released a large volley of small, somewhat weak green ki blasts. Boten moved into the stance he used when charging his power: arms at a ninety degree angle. Then just before the blasts hit him, he yelled louder than normal, it seemed to echo, even though there was no walls surrounding him. The ki blast hit, each one making a small explosion, but they exploded oddly. It was if there was an invisible,e sphere around Boten that was protecting him. “Damn, he’s able to make a shield with his ki?” Mitaku said with grudging respect. Kasan smiled and replied with, “I told you, he has perfect control over his ki, whereas you tend to loose control.” Miatku hit him lightly and said “only in stressful situations!” Meanwhile, Zae was completely silent. He was afraid that if he spoke, his anger would show. It seemed that any time his friends showed their power in any way, he wanted to kill them, to show them that he wasn’t obsolete. When the ki blast stopped, Boten focused the ki he used as a shield into his fist. He appeared in front of Harpor and punched his gut, or tried to. Harpor caught Boten’s wrist, and said, “I won’t get hurt from the same attack twice, fool.” Harpor smiled cruelly, then punched Boten in the stomach. Then as he doubled over, Harpor elbowed Boten’s head, sending him down towards the water far below. Boten stopped his decent right as he was about to hit the water, making the water bend in a crater like shape below him. Boten took a few seconds to catch his breath, *jesus, this guy hits hard. I’ve got to keep this fight a long range one.* So Boten charged up a ball of ki that was small, but was powerful enough for everyone above could see it’s bright and vibrant shining a hundred feet above him. “Well, that one is going to do some damage.” Kasan noted. Mitaku replied with “do you think Harpor is going to try to stop him?” Kasan shook his head and said reassuringly, “Harpor’s ki attacks are strong, but it takes a lot of his ki, as well as it takes him twice as long as Boten to charge up a blast that powerful.” Although Harpor didn’t seem to realize the strength in the attack. Again, h put a hand out, as if telling Boten to stop, but then charged up a large ki ball, about the size of a garbage truck, and fired. “Do you think that the Boten’s attack can match that?” Zae asked, curiously. Kasan looked at him and grinned, “piece of advice: never underestimate a saiyan.” Boten causally put the hand that had the ki blast out, but it wasn’t open, it was a fist. Just as Harpor’s blast was about to hit, Boten fired his ki wave. It was the size of a Namekian village, and it was dark purple, but so bright that it couldn’t be looked at, like a stage light. It vaporized Harpor’s blast, then as it got close to Harpor, he put both his hands out, hoping to stop it. Meanwhile, Harpor’s “friend” saw the power of these warriors, and tried to flee. He got three feet before Mitaku appeared in front of him and kneed him in the stomach hard enough to make him cough up blood. Mitaku grabbed the little karbonian’s throat, and said, “I’m not going to kill you, coward. I’m going to let that insane freak of a person kill you. After all, I don’t think that he’ll take to kindly to his friend leaving him for dead.” Mitaku let go of his throat, but grabbed his head and brought him over back to Kasan and Zae. Kasan raised an eyebrow when he saw the terrified karbonian. “I’m surprised you didn’t kill him.” Mitaku smiled and replied with “I’m going to let his friend do that.” Kasan smiled at this, then said, “oh look, Boten’s blast is pushing Harpor back.” Surely enough, Harpor could not stop the massive wave of energy, it engulfed him, pushing him further into the sky. Then there was a bloodcurdling scream of agony that belonged to Harpor. The karbonian seemed to get even more terrified, and said in a nearly hysterical voice, “We will all die. Harpor is releasing the power of his ancestors, awakening the ancient blood of the legendary warrior. He will loose all sanity, and his power will constantly rise until he is unstoppable, we are doomed.” Mitaku punched him and said, “shut up, you little-,” then Boten’s blast stemmed to implode on itself, and everything started to change color. First it was green, then blue, red, violet, purple, so many colors going by so fast. They all seemed to be sucked in towards Harpor, who had become the center of a massive, shining ball of energy that looked like a sun. Then the ground, water, clouds, everything, was pulled towards Harpor, as if he was a black hole, he was still screaming as if he was slowly being killed in the most painful way possible. Then the last of the colors were sucked into the ball, and the colors turned back to normal. Then the the ground, trees, water, ectedra stop being sucked towards him, but then dark clouds started to gather, making everything dark. Then Harpor’s ball of energy shrank down, getting bright to the point that you could barely look at it. It took on a hulking, human like shape that was at least five times the size of Harpor’s size. “Harpor can’t have grown that much, could he?” Kasan asked fearfully. Then the energy faded away, and there Harpor was, he had grown five times his normal size. His puipls had disappeared, his hair was in the air, and it had turned a greenish blond. Boten, who had stopped this before, did nothing this time, and was regretting his decision. *damn, his power increased nearly twenty times his original power, and it’s still rising! I have to finish this now before he gets to powerful.* Boten thought. He appeared in front of Harpor, delivered a volley of punches into Harpor’s stomach, then finished with an uppercut. Harpor didn’t even flinch. Harpor punched Boten in the stomach, making a sound like a atomic bomb. Boten fell towards the water, unconscious, every single bone in his body broken. “Holy shit!” Kasan yelled, “Mitaku, I need you to distract Harpor, I’ll use one of my techniques. Zae, keep an eye on the karbonian.” Mitaku nodded, but asked, “what if the technique fails?” After a second of thought Kasan replied grimly, “then he cannot be killed.” Mitaku nodded again, charged her power to her maximum, and flew after Harpor. Kasan started to focus all of his ki into his hand, hoping that this attack would kill Harpor. Zae simply had to look at the karbonian to make him to terrified to move. Mitaku punched Harpor in the face, but did no damage. Harpor lashed out, but Mitaku ducked under his attack, then shot a ki ball into his stomach before flying backwards. Harpor was enraged already, but now because of the transformation, he was insane, violent, and bloodthirsty. So he released a volley of green ki that Mitaku was barely able to dodge. Then Harpor flew at Mitaku and sent a punch towards Mitaku’s face. She wasn’t so lucky this time. He landed the hit, making an audible crack that was her jaw breaking. Harpor punched and kicked her repeatedly, with each hit breaking her bones. Zae, despite his irrational hate towards his friend, couldn’t let his friend get hurt like this. He appeared in front of Harpor, then took Harpor’s next fist. He didn’t block, he just took the hit strait to the face, and didn’t even flinch. Harpor had a split second where he looked surprised, then his face contorted with pain as Zae punched his stomach. Zae made it seem effortless, but that punch actually took up most of his power. Harpor lashed out at Zae, although Zae smartly dodged by flying down, then flew up and delivered a uppercut that did almost no damage. Then Harpor kneed his stomach, taking down yet another warrior. Mitaku stood still for a second, watching her friend, not sure if he was alive, falling down to the water. “D-damn it!” Mitaku said as her power started to increase drastically. Her power increased to the maximum amount that her body could take without destroying itself. She became stronger than Harpor by a long shot, and she was surrounded by a blazing white, flame like aura. It was evaporating the water below, and making her hair float up around her as if she was in water. She instantly moved in front of Harpor and delivered a very powerful volley of punches directly into his stomach, each one doing a massive amount of damage and making the sound of an explosion each hit. She shot a ki ball into his stomach that sent him back a hundred feet before making an explosion that could destroy a large Namekian village. Harpor flew after her and tried to hit her, but she dodged or blocked each one of his attacks. Kasan was looking at the fight with astonishment, “H-how did she get so powerfu? Her power increased at least twenty times it’s original magnitude.” He then returned his attention to his half done ki attack. His fist was surrounded in a rainbow colored flame like aura that he could barely look at due to it’s brightness. Mitaku deflected Harpor’s ki ball and retaliated with a volley of large ki balls. Harpor blocked, of course, but the. Mitaku appeared behind Harpor and shot a ki wave that flung Harpor into the water, making a large sphere of evaporated water before exploding. She followed up with repeatedly firing powerful ki blast into the water, making an explosion big enough that she could see the bottom of the ocean. She couldn’t sense Harpor’s ki any more. *finally, he’s dead.* she thought grimly. She searched for her friends powers, and found that they were to far away to see, but she could sense that they were there, and they were above sea level. *how did they get there?* she started to calm down, and so her power did as well. *It’s been a while since I’ve gotten angry enough for my power to rise like that.* she thought. She looked over to Kasan and smiled, but Kasan wasn’t smiling. He was yelling at her, “What are you doing, TURN AROUND!” Mitaku turned, just in time to see a massive ki ball head towards her. She didn’t have time to dodge, so she fired a wave of ki at the ball, although it did nothing. The massive ball of ki consumed her, pushing her further and further to the ocean. When it hit the water, it vaporized the water, continuing to force Mitaku into the ground. By the time the blast dissipated, she was nearly dead, and her last sight before falling unconscious, was the water, surging up around her. *damn it, Mitaku is down. I’m going to have to use this technique fast. But it’s not charged yet, come on, please, just give me a few more seconds.* Kasan thought worriedly. Harpor turned towards Kasan, and charged up a blast. *damn it!* Kasan thought furiously. Then, just as Harpor was about to fire the blast, he stopped, and turned rigid, as if he noticed something odd. Then Zoro came out of nowhere and punched Harpor’s gut. He then fired a quick volley of ki waves that sent Harpor backwards, but not damaging him. Zoro got out the way and yelled, “do it!” Kasan recovered from his shock and got the attack ready to fire as Zoro went to retrieve Mitaku from the water. Harpor was growling and turned towards Kasan, then launched towards him. Kasan smiled, and launched the attack. Kasan flew forward, as the amount of ki in his hand made the air bend towards him. Kasan had closed the distance in less than a nanosecond, and punched Harpor in the stomach. The speed at which Kasan was going, mixed with the energy that was being released due to Kasan’s attack, made a sort of after image. He seemed to be in three different places: one of the images seemed to be in front of Harpor, punching his stomach. Then another image, seemed to be going through Harpor, and the final image, seemed to had gone through Harpor, and was behind him. Time seemed to stop, as these three images where there, accompanied by a high pitched noise that resonated from the attack. This especially bothered Zoro, namekians have super sensitive ears, although his tolerance for high pitched noises, this was bothering him. Then, there was a blast of sound one hundred times louder than a sonic boom, followed by the shockwave similar to the size that a nuclear bomb would make. Then everything went back to normal, Kasan was behind Harpor, standing strait up (err, floating strait up. You know what i meant) and looking perfectly calm. Harpor was rigid all over, his body contorted in pain, but not moving. Then a large amount of electricity discharged around Harpor, then his eyes, mouth, and nostrils glowed, as if they had been filled with lava. Harpor’s screams of pain were loud enough to be heard for miles before his screams were replaced with the loud noise of powerful energy humming, louder and louder, about to explode. Harpor’s skin started to shine so bright you couldn’t look at him, as if he has turned into a Sun. Kasan vanished, grabbed his friends, and before they realized what was going on, had flown them out of the area which was about to explode. Kasan’s face turned grim, yet Zoro’s face was filled with horror at the power of his friend as the Kasan’s attack exploded with the destructive power of a nuclear bomb. It was done, Harpor’s friend was caught in the explosion and vaporized instantly, and Harpor, despite all his strength,had been the center of the explosion, and had died. Or so they thought… After getting their friends to a city to get healed, Kasan asked Zoro, “how are you alive? I saw your burnt corpse.” Zoro chuckled at this, and replied with, my head was intact, very damaged, but intact. Namekians can heal after any injury, as long as their head’s intact.” Kasan nodded with grudging respect, “it must be pretty useful to be able to do that.” Zoro nodded, but had a question of his own. “I’ve seen powerful ki attacks before, but, I have never seen something like the technique you used.” Kasan’s face turned grim yet again, remembering the last time he used the technique, “I’ve known that technique even before I knew Boten, but the first time I used the attack is when me, Boten, Mitaku, and Zae fought that completely black arcosion that came to earth to destroy it. Back then, it would only had been strong enough to destroy a mountain, and it didn’t even faze the arcosion.” Zoro nodded. “I think it’s time. Our main goal has been to strike at the heart of this corruption, but we have been delayed multiple times now. We need to strike, as soon as your friends are healed.” Zoro said with grim determination. Kasan nodded in agreement, but noticed that Zoro had said, “your friends.” After all they’ve gone through, did Zoro still not consider them as his friends? *it doesn’t matter.* Kasan thought. Soon, thanks to Namekian healing, his friends would be healed, and they would go after Nogaro, and it would become all or nothing. There was a high chance they would fail, but Kasan was thrilled, after all these years, he would finally fight Nogaro…

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      Age: 16
      Neutral He will help his friends if he thinks it’s the correct way to go. But he would never kill people close to him just beat them to a pulp. Would go as far a making them immobile just to prove a point.
      Personality: He is a pretty chill dude doesn’t get pissed off easy and overall just calm. If he is pissed off though, he will decimate you with out hesitation. Very “dopey” and almost always half asleep. Makes bad puns and is horribly sadistic.
      He has white hair because he accidentally bleached his hair when he was little and it wont come back (hair style is the one in prof picture.) He has a black jacket he always keeps his hands in and has a light blue undershirt also wears black pants and black shoes.
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      Attacks: Gaster Blaster He fires two powerful Ki waves (one from each hand) Last Blast It’s everything he has into a wave after the attack he is left completely useless. Giant Storm Basically a barrage of death beams that explode on contact. *Feel free to add more if you want*
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      looks: is 11 yrs old and has goku-like hair and gi. hair is blond.
      powerlevel: 19.8 million
      fighting style: martial artist
      personality: likes to battle a lot. Tends to go ss2 rather than ss3. Knows his limits and tries to outskill opponents who are better.

      My skin is:my player

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      Name: Masutā Kama
      Age: 17
      Race: Scythian
      Backstory: Masutā Kama is the most powerful Scythian to ever live he’s been known as a demon on his planet of Scythia, because of his strength, but he’s really a good person. But eventually there was a murder, and he was framed, the sentence was death he was a fugitive for a while after escaping the prison. he soon found a saiyan space pod near his home town. he investagated and when he got close he saw an oozaru destroying it, he went to kill it to save his town and prove he was good, all the warriors were dead on the ground and Masutā Kama wasn’t looking to good, but when his family was crushed he got so mad and blasted the oozaru with a power ki wave. he then knew he had nothing to live for on his planet and took the space pod. he ended up on Earth.
      Training: He trains in the woods punching trees and using a type of multi form that doesn’t weaken your power, to fight himself.
      Ki techniques/Normal Skills: Black Luster Grenade (Blast) Green Soldier (Wave) Light Ball (Blast) and Light Disc (Can you guess?)
      Powerlevel: 1250
      Personality: Quiet, calm until enraged, strategic.
      How he/she looks: He’s medium height, Gohan (Ultimate) Hair, And Vegeta Buu saga clothes
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      Chapter 6:death of Namek

      It had not taken very long for everyone to get healed, and when they were
      Zoro explained to the others what he told Kasan. Zae shook his head, “are
      we even ready to fight a guy like him? We don’t even know what he’s like.”
      Everyone looked at Kasan without thinking, after all, he was the only one
      who had encoutered Nogaro before. Kasan sighed, and said, “well, he’s an
      arcosian. The one time I saw him, he was in his final form, or at least
      that’s what he said. He was small, no more than five feet tall, but very
      powerful. He was almost entirely black, except for his eyes and crystal
      forearms and head, which are gold. His ki ability isn’t that good, but his
      speed and strengthen are extraordinary. As for if we can beat him now,” he
      looked at Miataku, “possibly, if we use our full power.” Mitaku frowned and
      said, “you’re referring to the power up I got when fighting Harpor, aren’t
      you? That only happens when I’m angry.” Kasan raised an eyebrow, and asked
      with detached interest, “are you a half-breed, only half-breeds have that
      power.” Mitaku shook her head and said “no, I’m completely saiyan.” Boten
      had been silent for the whole time, but now spoke, “the thing that matters
      is that you can obtain that kind of power, and Kasan, if that attack you
      used on Harpor was really as strong as you and Zoro said, then you’ll need
      to use it on Nogaro, and I can’t believe how powerful it is now,
      considering your zenki boost. Zoro and me can keep him back with our ki
      blast if you guys need help.” He turned to Zae, who was unable to think
      straight due to the voices in his head, telling him to kill his friends.
      “Zae, according to Kasan, you were able to take a hit from Harpor when you
      wanted to save Mitaku, that makes me think that you have some locked
      potential. If your able to use that, it would be extremely useful.” Zae
      nodded, but barely heard what he said due to the voices in his head. Then
      Zoro said, “sounds like a good plan, but with this tyrant, even the best of
      plans fail.” Kasan simply smiled with amusement, “Zoro, you need to learn
      how to be optimistic, after all, you have three saiyans on your side.” Zoro
      simply grunted at this and asked without any emotion, “do we have a plan?”
      They all nodded. But then Boten asked, “how do we find him?” Kasan smiled
      and said “we already have.” Everyone looked at Kasan quizzically, to which
      he responded to with, “I did some asking around, and one of the Namekians
      told me that the castle was north, about four minutes north from here.” Zae
      looked around and asked solemnly, “when do we go?” Mitaku smiled cruelly,
      “right now.” About four minutes later, they saw a large structure that
      reminded Kasan of a mace, it had spikes all over, and was jet black. Kasan
      whistled, astonished that the castle was actually made of pure katchin.
      “So, how do we get in?” Kasan looked at him incredulously, and replied
      with, “we blow it up, it’s just katchin.” Zae couldn’t tell if he was
      joking or not, katchin was one of the hardest materials in the known
      universe. Zae continued to question worriedly, “what’s our plan of attack?”
      Boten gave a dramatic sigh and replied with, “Jesus Zae, don’t worry so
      much, our plan of attack is simple: attack.” Zoro frowned, “we will not use
      my plan?” he asked, obviously displeased. Mitaku rolled her eyes and said
      “of course we are, Kasan and Boten are just being overconfident, I think
      it’s a trait that all males have.” Kasan pretended to look offended, but
      then laughed and replied with, “I wouldn’t say that Mitaku, after all,
      you’re quite confident, and I’m pretty sure your a female.” Mitaku hit him
      lightly, in that way that females do when they’re mad at you. “Anyways, we
      need to attack, now.” Kasan said more seriously as he charged up a small ki
      ball. Mitaku, Boten, and Zoro followed, but Zae was hesitant. *What if it
      doesn’t work, what if we’re all killed?* he wondered. Then the voices in
      his head continued. *kill them, KILL THEM!* Zae focused on making a ki ball
      as much as he could with the voices in is head. Kasan looked at Zae’s
      pained expression worriedly, *whatever it is, it seems to be bothering him
      more and more.* Kasan thought, he then turned his attention back to the
      structure that he was about to shoot. Kasan shot his ki ball, which was
      followed by everyone else’s. The ki balls combined into one, and blew a
      hole in the side of the structure. “Let’s go!” Zoro yelled, then they all
      flew into the katchin castle. When they entered, they found themselves in
      some sort of narrow hallway, there was almost no lighting coming from the
      lights in the carpeted room. Kasan shrugged, “well, since the ceiling
      collapsed, let’s go this way.” Everyone except Kasan turned around and saw
      that their ki blast had indeed collapsed the ceiling behind them. “That way
      it is.” Mitaku said gleefully, then her demeanor turned serious. They
      walked through the hall for a few minutes, before reaching a massive red
      door with gold trims. Boten looked around curiously, “shouldn’t guards have
      tried to stop us, you know, considering we destroyed a part of their,
      whatever this is.” Kasan shrugged, Mitaku told Boten “hey, the less
      resistance we get, the better. On the other hand, are we ready to open this
      do-” she was interrupted by Zoro shooting the door with a ki wave, tearing
      them off their hinges and sending them flying into the room behind the
      door. Mitaku looked at Zoro angered, “you could have waited to destroy the
      door!” Kasan chuckled at this as Zoro grunted with indifference. When the
      dust cleared, they could see a massive room with a crudely shaped throne
      that looked like a random collection of rocks. On top of it sat a small
      arcosian that was almost completely black, except for a gold dome shaped
      crystal that replaced the top of his head and most of his forehead, as well
      as a small bit of golden crystal back of his forearms. His eyes were a
      luminous yellow, his eyes had no white, just completely yellow. He was
      surrounded by a small amount of guards of unknown alien races. “Nogaro…”
      Kasan spoke with hidden rage. The arcosian spoke in a deep voice that
      sounded like the same voice spoke multiple times over, “well, kill mthose
      fools.” The small amount of guards looked hesitant. One of them spoke up,
      “but sir, these ar the men who killed the Ginyu force, as well as Harpo-”
      The arcosian waved his hand in a dismissive gesture, followed by the
      guard’s head exploding. It took a second for everyone to realize that that
      Nogaro had been responsible for the guard’s head exploding. Mitaku spoke in
      a surprised tone, “you weren’t kidding when you said his ki was strong.”
      That was all she was able to say before the rest of the guard’s came at
      them. Kasan vanished, then reapeared back in the same spot a second later,
      followed by the guard’s falling, either dead or unconscious, no one
      bothered to check. Norgaro grunted, and said with no emotion, “that was my
      elite guard, but I shouldn’t be surprised, considering that you killed the
      Ginyu force.” Kasan walked up to Nogaro as he got out of his throne. The
      two fighters studied each other. Finally, Kasan spoke, sounding calm, “do
      you remember me?” Nogaro studied him a little longer, “have I taken over
      your planet before?” He said indifferently. A faint aura seemed to form
      around Kasan, “you killed my parents, you killed my little sister, and then
      mocked me when I could do nothing to stop you,” now, his voice was raising,
      filling with rage. “And now, I will kill you in return.” Then the aura
      around Kasan seemed to burst, become much larger and brighter. Nogaro still
      didn’t seem to care. “Damnit, he’s going to try to fight him by himself,
      that over confident-” Mitaku started to say before Zae interjected, “I’m
      not very fond of Kasan, but we’re not going to let fight alone, let’s go!”
      They flew after Nogaro. Kasan shot a blazing white ki blast, it hit Nogaro,
      and exploded, destroying the throne behind him. Kasan’s friends caught up
      to him, each more or less frustrated. “Why did you have to go try to attack
      him on your own like that, huh?!” Mitaku scolded. Before Kasan could
      respond, Nogaro spoke, “I don’t remember killing your family,” he appeared
      in front of Kasan, floating high enough to grab his throat and lift him off
      the ground. “I don’t think I’ll remember killing you either.” He flung
      Kasan upwards through the roof. Everyone else tried rush him, but Nogaro
      used his ki to fling them upwards as well. They were able to stop
      themselves at about thirteen thousand feet in the air. “Damn him, I’ll kill
      him!” Kasan said with apparent rage. Mitaku hit him in the face, “don’t you
      learn? You tried to fight him by yourself, and he had no trouble stopping
      you. Me and Boten will hold him off, you charge that attack you used on
      Harpor, Zae and Zoro will provide us cover if we need it, understand?”
      Kasan took a second, but then nodded and started to focus on concentrating
      all his power into his fist. Nogaro appeared a few meters in front of the
      five warriors. Mitaku and Boten looked at each other, nodded, then flew at
      Nogaro to try to attack him after powering up to their maximum power. They
      fought to fast for the average eye to follow, but even at that speed,
      Nogaro had no trouble holding them off, despite the fact it was two against
      one. Nogaro landed a kick to Boten’s side, and was about to hit Mitaku, but
      Zoro appeared behind him and shot a powerful ki ball into Nogaro’s back
      that, despite it’s power, did nothing but slow him down and annoy him.
      Nogaro turn around and attempted to hit Zoro’s neck with a flat hand. Zoro
      ducked under it and flew away, had the attack hit Zoro, it would have
      decapitated him. Mitaku grabbed Nogaro’s tail, and threw him over to
      Boten, who punched Nogaro hard enough to send him flying back to Mitaku.
      She used her elbow to knock Nogaro back back to the ground. “That should
      buy us a few seconds.” Mitaku said. She was proved wrong by Nogaro
      appearing in front of her and punching her chin hard enough to send her
      flying even further upwards. Boten shot a volley of ki that did no damage
      to Nogaro, then followed it up by a quick volley of punches that also did
      no damage. Nogaro simply hit Biten with the back of his hand, sending him
      flying over to Zoro and Zae. Before Nogaro could pursue after Boten, Zae
      and Zoro shot waves of ki that combined. They hit Nogaro’s stomach, then
      with a blinding flash of light, exploded. When the dust cleared, Nogaro
      laughed, “you would need to be at least fifty times stronger if you wanted
      to defeat me.” Mitaku then flew down and landed a punch on Nogaro’s head,
      the vanished for a split second, appeared in front of him and punched his
      gut. Nogaro chuckled, “you are a fool, little girl.” He punched her in the
      gut and then, got shot in the back of the head by Zoro. Nogaro turned
      around and thrust his hand out, creating a whirlwind of ki, throwing Zoro
      into a building on the ground about thirteen thousand feet below. Zae was
      unable to create a ki ball that would do sufficient damage due to the fact
      he couldn’t focus, thanks to the voices in his head. Nevertheless, he still
      tried, the result was a small and pitiful ki ball, he shot it anyway. It
      simply disappeared after hitting the back of Nogaro’s head. As Nogaro
      turned, Zae was worried, *he’s going to kill me.* He had not noticed that
      Mitaku had disappeared, neither had Nogaro. Just as Nogaro raised his hand
      to shoot a blast that would have killed Zae, Mitaku broke his arm. Nogaro
      didn’t scream in pain like someone normally would, he simply looked at the
      now broken arm with indifference, completely calm. Mitaku kneed his
      stomach, then, punched his face, and finished by shooting a ki wave that
      pushed Nogaro back about fifteen yards. Mitaku was trying to catch her
      breath as pain surged throughout her body. *damnit Kasan, hurry up with
      that attack!* Mitaku thought furiously. Kasan was watching the battle with
      frustration, “damn, the attack is only half finished, please, just hold him
      off a little longer.” Nogaro was undamaged, but was now getting annoyed.
      “How long until you fools learn, you cannot defeat me, you will peri-” he
      was cut off by Boten shooting a ki ball into his face, making a small smoke
      cloud surrounding his face. He then appeared in front of Nogaro, and fired
      a ki ball that was about as large as a person. As it pushed Nogaro further
      towards the ground, it grew to the size of a large house. Everyone went to
      the ground after seeing it explode, destroying the deserted village below.
      By the time the smoke and dust cleared, Kasan’s attack was three fourths of
      the way charged. They saw Nogaro, walking towards them, out of the crater
      that was thirty yards wide. He had small burn marks on his stomach, and his
      lip was bleeding. He turned towards Boten with a slightly pleased
      expression, “you are the first one in a hundred years to cause damage to
      me,” his face then turned more serious, “and yet your power is nowhere near
      mine… That confuses me, and I hate it when someone confuses me.” His
      non-broken arm shot out in front of him, he was pointing at Boten. Boten’s
      expression turned from grim to surprised as he said “shit!” He tried to fly
      out the way, but was to slow. He got pierced through the chest by a bright
      purple beam with the diameter of a penny that came from the tip of Nogaro’s
      finger. Boten looked down at the hole through his chest, and when he tried
      to speak, his voice came out as a gurgle, followed by his mouth filling
      with blood. He fell to the ground, unmoving… Mitaku looked at the
      unmoving body, a pool of blood forming around him, then looked at Kasan.
      His face was filled with rage, his hands shaking. A bright aura surrounded
      him as his power skyrocketed. The ground around him was shattered, as if a
      small meteorite had hit it. Kasan turned his gaze from Boten’s limp body to
      Nogaro. Kasan’s voice was quite, but filled with total rage, it was like
      the calm before a storm. “I, will, kill you.” The aura turned much more
      violent, making winds like a hurricane. Then, Kasan disappeared, but
      instantly reappeared in front of Nogaro. He punched Nogaro’s stomach,
      making a shockwave that blew away dust, rubble, and a few trees. As it did
      once before, three afterimages of Kasan appeared, one in front of Nogaro,
      one going through him, and one on the other side of him. It was accompanied
      by a shrill noise that sounded like metal screeching against metal, but
      amplified one hundred times. Nogaro’s eyes turned from calm and unworried,
      to being filled with pain and fear. His screams were almost as loud as the
      shrill noise being caused by the attack that had nearly destroyed the
      legendary super saiyan. Then, with a flash of light, it was over. Kasan was
      standing behind Nogaro, completely calm, but Nogaro’s entire body started
      to shine a bright gold, to bright to be looked at. *this is the attack that
      he used against Harpor? Didn’t it explode with the power of a nuke? He’ll
      kill us!* Mitaku thought fearfully, whereas Zae was frozen out of fear of
      his friend’s power. Nogaro’s screams stopped, but were replaced by the loud
      hum of energy discharging. Then, it exploded. It as if there was a geyser
      below Nogaro, shooting energy upwards, going past the parting clouds, and
      into space. The mass of energy was only five meters in diameter, but was
      powerful enough to create winds strong enough to knock down buildings,
      trees, even pushing Mitaku and Zae back a few feet, but didn’t seem to
      bother Kasan, who was just barely outside of the geyser of energy. Kasan
      had walked over to his friends, and started to see if Boten was alive by
      the time the geyser of energy disappeared. Where the energy had exploded,
      there was a massive crater in the ground, almost going to the planets core.
      “Boten is alive.” Kasan announced. Mitaku started to question Kasan, “how
      were you able to create such a powerful explosion, but keep it in such a
      small place?” Kasan shrugged, “speed isn’t my only skill you know.” Mitaku
      nodded, but then Zae asked the question that Mitaku was wondering: “is
      Nogaro dead?” Kasan shook his head slightly, “no, I just pissed him off.”
      Mitaku and Zae were shocked, such a strong attack, and yet Nogaro had
      survived, and Kasan didn’t even seem surprised about it! Kasan got up, “we
      need to find Zoro, he took quite a hit, but I’m pretty sure he’s alive.”
      Mitaku looked at Kasan incredulously, “Nogaro is still alive, and you want
      to just leave Nogaro alone, and go find Zoro?!” Kasan glared at Mitaku.
      “Zoro has healing capabilities, he didn’t know before, but he figured out
      that he did when you guys were recovering from Harpor’s attack. He can heal
      Boten, and problably the rest of us, we’d have a much better chance of
      killing Nogaro if we find him while Nogaro is recovering.” He kept glaring
      at Mitaku until she nodded. “Don’t worry Mitaku, I’ll go.” Zae offered, he
      smiled, although it was obvious he was in pain, “after all, I can’t
      contribute much anyways.” He flew off as Mitaku said with a sigh, “for some
      reason he’s so hard on himself nowadays.” Kasan shook his head but said
      nothing. Mitaku looked at the crater in the ground worriedly, “how much
      time do we have before he recovers?” Kasan thought for a moment, he replied
      with, “not very long.” Mitaku asked, “shouldn’t we be trying to do more
      damage to him? Now would be a good time to shoot some ki blast down the
      crater.” Kasan shook his head, “nothing that we can do right now would do
      anything except annoy him. We’ll just have to wait until Zoro gets back and
      can heal us. Even if he’s not awake, we could lend him our energy to wake
      him up. But right now, I’m to worn out to form ki in my hand.” Mitaku was
      confused at first, he seemed fine. Then she noticed his hair pasted to his
      forehead by sweat, his arms were shaking with exhaustion. They were silent
      for a few seconds, then Mitaku felt a ki coming, “Zae’s back.” Mitaku
      announced. Kasan looked up and saw that Zae was indeed back. They could see
      a bright spot in the sky that was made by Zae’s ki surrounding him as he
      flew. A few seconds later, Zae landed with Zoro unconscious on his
      shoulder. “I found him under some rubble in the middle of a crater, I think
      he landed on a house.” He set Zoro down as Mitaku and Kasan walked over to
      them. Kasan kneeled down, put his hand on Zoro’s arm, and closed his eyes
      to focus. Kasan transmitted all the energy he could to Zoro, which wasn’t
      much. Then Kasan got up, and got out of Mitaku’s way so she could do the
      same. Mitaku was able to give Zoro more energy, enough to wake Zoro up.
      Zoro got up, and before he could ask a question, Kasan said “Zoro, I need
      you to heal Boten, he’s dying.” Zoro nodded, flew over to Boten, as the
      others followed. Zoro saw the injury and said, “I’m surprised he survived
      this long with an injury like this.” He kneeled down and healed Boten,
      although Boten didn’t wake up. Zoro around and healed the rest of them.
      Finally he asked, “where’s Nogar-” but was interrupted by a explosion
      behind them. Nogaro had flown out of the crater fast enough to destroy the
      ground surrounding him. He was breathing hard, his eyes full of bloodlust.
      Mitaku noticed with some amusement that the attack had done a lot of damage
      to him, he was bleeding in multiple places, and had a large burn mark were
      Kasan had hit him. Nogaro spoke slowly, “I will kill, each one of you for
      what you have done to me.” A dark purple aura surrounded him as his power
      raised. He wasn’t as strong as before, but was still to powerful for the
      five of them to beat. Mitaku finally realized the truth, they would die,
      there would be no way to stop it. Then she was filled with rage, *not
      today.* she powered up to her maximum power, which encouraged everyone else
      to use one hundred percent of their power. Once everyone was at their
      maximum, Kasan realized that Mitaku’s power was going above her maximum,
      *she’s gotten angry,* Kasan grinned, and followed his friend into what
      might be their final battle. At first it was just a blur, five against one,
      flurries of punches, and ki attacks. At first they seemed to be on even
      ground with Nogaro as their fight destroyed the village they were around,
      but Kasan soon realized, as they tired out, Nogaro didn’t, *but neither is
      Mitaku,* Kasan noticed with amusement. Then, Nogaro released a wave of ki,
      not very destructive, but enough to send them flying backwards. As
      everyone, (Nogaro and Mitaku included) caught their breath, Nogaro warned
      them, “this will be your last chance to flee, if you don’t take it, I’ll
      show you no mercy.” This enraged Mitaku even further, “we will show you no
      mercy tyrant, we will not stop until you’re dead!” She flew forward at the
      speed of sound and delivered a punch to his stomach, making a sound like a
      gun shot. This time, Nogaro did not react, he shot a ki ball into Mitaku’s
      stomach, sending her flying back into one of the only remaining buildings.
      Everyone else rushed in, but where quickly struck down. Zoro had his left
      arm torn off, then punched in the stomach and thrown to the side like
      trash. Nogaro grabbed Boten’s tail, punched the back of his neck, making an
      audible crack, then was sent flying by a shockwave. Zae attempted to hit
      Nogaro in the back of the head while he was turned around, but got an elbow
      in the stomach, and fell to the ground, writhing in pain. Finally, Kasan
      shot a small ki wave as Nogaro turned around, but Nogaro deflected it as if
      swatting at a fly. Kasan tried to punch Nogaro, but was stopped by a
      whirlwind made by Nogaro’s ki being expelled. Then Nogaro launched his hand
      out, creating another whirlwind that flung Kasan into a nearby pillar of
      rock. Nogaro’s laughed boomed through the battle field, “I warned you
      didn’t I? This is what you deserve, maggots.” He continued to laugh, but it
      was cut short as a bright beam of blue energy came out from the rubble,
      causing the rubble to be destroyed. The beam went strait into Nogaro’s
      chest, and his laughter stopped. Mitaku got up, and got out of the now
      non-existent house. She was battered up and bleeding, her right arm was
      numb, and she was unable to move it. “Like I said, you idiotic midget, I
      won’t stop fighting until you’re dead.” Nogaro simply grunted, and put his
      fist out, pointing his index finger at Mitaku. She realized what he was
      doing, but couldn’t move, she simply didn’t have the energy, and was scared
      of dying, but nonetheless looked Nogaro in the eye with a fierce gaze. She
      saw a flash of purple that she recognized as the thin beam that had nearly
      killed Boten, and realized that it would kill her. Then there was a flash
      of movement in front of her, followed a purple flash, making the form that
      moved in front of her a silhouette. When the light faded, she slowly
      recognized the body standing in front of her, arms held in front of him in
      hopes to block the attack. And worst of all, as she realized who had saved
      her, she had also noticed the large hole in the left side of his chest, the
      one who had stopped the blast from killing Mitaku, in exchange for their
      life was, Zae… He fell backwards into Mitaku’s arms, as she looked at
      him, dying in her arms. “M-Mitaku-” Zae tried to speak, but coughed blood
      up violently. Mitaku quickly set him down on the ground, and tried to stop
      the bleeding. “Oh god, oh god. Zae…” Zae looked at Mitaku, blood dripping
      from his chin. He took a shaky breath, “I’m going to die.” Mitaku yelled at
      him, “NO! You are not going to die, ok? You’re going to be fine.” Zae was
      like a brother to her, despite the way she acted, Zae was one of the most
      important people in her life, she wouldn’t be complete without him. Zae
      smiled, “I can feel myself dying Mitaku. Thank you for your friendship
      Mitaku, you were like a sister to me.” The voices had stopped, and he was
      glad, he could die, knowing that he had not hated his friends. He took one
      last shaky breath, and didn’t move again. Kasan had regained consciousness,
      just in time to see Mitaku take her hand off the Zae’s wound, her hand
      covered with blood, then close Zae’s eyes with her other hand. She got up,
      shaking, but she was not crying, she was filled with rage. *Dont release
      your power, don’t get angry,* she consoled herself, but it didn’t work, she
      kept getting more enraged by the second. Finally, she lost control. The
      ground below her formed into a shallow crater, with a large diameter
      formed. Rubble and loose rocks rose off the ground as dark storm clouds
      rolled in, blotting out the sky. Mitaku’s hair rose around her head, as if
      she was under water. A barely visible ball of light with the same diameter
      of the crater formed around Mitaku as electricity discharged around her.
      She started to float above the ground, at first, it was unnoticeable, but
      quickly she was several meters above ground. Lightning struck around her,
      making bright spots in the dark clouds from which they came. The ball of ki
      turned vibrant, glowing with golden energy as it compressed around her,
      eventually it seemed like a shining second skin. A large beacon of light
      shot from the ground and into the sky, parting some of the clouds. It was
      see throug at first, but soon became too bright to see through, kicking up
      dust around it, obliterating the rocks and rubble around it. The noise it
      made was similar to a nuclear bomb. Kasan was frozen with fear, *her power
      had skyrocketed, even the best scouted would have exploded upon sensing her
      power. What’s happening?!* Then as the beacon dissipated, the noise
      subsided, replaced by the subtle hum of a powerful aura. Mitaku floated to
      the ground, her body still surrounded by the ki that was like a second skin
      that was too bright to look at. As her feet touched the ground, the ki that
      surrounded her faded, leaving her golden aura as the only light source.
      Mitaku seemed normal, except for her eyes, which where blue, including the
      puipls. Her hair floated around her still, but was now unmoving, and her
      hair was blond. It wasn’t the normal blond, this was luminous, and closer
      to a golden color than blond. Her normally aggressive eyes were now filled
      with hatred, and rage. She turned to Nogaro, whom was frozen, jaw dropped
      by the amazing show of new power. Mitaku sneered at him, and said three
      words with a deadly calm voice, “I’ll kill you.” She drawer out each word
      slowly, emphasizing each one so that Nogaro would realize the that she
      would not loose this fight. Nogaro regained his composure, and shot a large
      wave of purple ki at Mitaku. She did nothing, Kasan would have yelled out
      if he had the strength, but as it was, he couldn’t move at all. The beam
      seemed to swallow her, but it moved no further. The wave of bright energy
      started to move back to Nagaro slowly. Nogaro again was filled with fear,
      as his own ki blast made his way towards him. The blast seemed to shrink
      slowly, and Kasan was able to see Mitaku, walking forward, not
      struggling, despite the fact that a powerful ki blast was pushing against
      her.she stopped just a few feet in front of Nogaro, and the ki blast
      finally faded. Nogaro couldn’t hide the fact that he was terrified, little
      did he know, a situation like this had happened a long time ago, not in a
      galaxy far, far away. As a matter of fact, it happened on the same planet.
      Anyways, just as Nogaro was about to make a plea, there was a explosion of
      sound as Motaku flew forward and punched his stomach, making him
      uncontrollably cough up blood. She used her other fist to hit the side of
      his head, making an audible crack, sending Nogaro flying backwards. Nogaro
      stopped himself, but was quickly sent flying again when Mitaku appeared
      behind him and sent a knee into his back. Mitaku then continued to hit
      Nogaro, sending him flying back multiple times, moving too fast to be seen
      by the human eye. Finally, Mitaku reapeared in front of Nogaro as he
      stopped himself, and sent a uppercut into his chin, sending him upwards.
      Before he could go to far, Mitaku appeared above him, and shot a ki wave
      with the diameter of a bus. It pushed him towards the ground, but as
      Nogaro’s feet touched the ground, Nogaro was able to stop the blast’s
      movement. The ground below the blast was being formed a small crater.
      Nogaro’s face was beaded with sweat, not because of the heat of the blast,
      but because of the effort he had to use to stop the blast, even worse, he
      could not concentrate enough to form a ki blast to push it back. Finally,
      just as Nogaro’s arms were about to give out, the blast stopped. Nogaro’s
      arms were trembling from exhaustion, and just as Nogaro thought he would
      get a break, he got a knee in his face, enlarging the crater. Mitaku
      appeared a few feet away from the edge of the crater, seeming completely
      calm, except for the golden flame like aura surrounding her. “Look at you,
      a tyrant who thought himself invincible, and now here you are, eating
      dirt.” Mitaku scoffed. The dust was blown away by Nogaro’s dark purple
      aura, he was battered up, bleeding in multiple places. Mitaku grinned, “so
      your kind does bleed.” Nogaro snarled, and replied with, “I haven’t been
      damaged for a hundred years, and yet, now, you are overpowering me, all
      because I killed that weakling.” Mitaku went rigid. Nogaro grinned, and
      flew out of the crater. “You cared for that human, you were like brother
      and sister, and then he died because of you. And now, I’ll kill you just
      like that human.” Mitaku looked down, her aura seeming to dim. “That
      human,” she said calmly, but then said furiously, “HAS A NAME!” She raised
      her power, her aura yet again becoming bright, sending dust and rubble in
      all directions. Mitaku then looked back at Nogaro, “and you’ll die for what
      you did.” Then Miraku went into a blind rage, unable to control herself.
      She was much more powerful, but had as much control over herself as a
      saiyan that went great ape for the first time did, (which is to say, no
      control at all.) For the next few minutes, Nogaro was unable to do anything
      except for try to evade and block incoming attacks. Mitaku had been using
      all of her power, destroying the terrain around her with each punch or
      kick, she shot large and powerful ki blast that could easily obliderate a
      building. Once as Nogaro evaded an attack that would have destroyed a
      skyscraper, he thought, *damnit, I can’t keep up. I can’t believe I’m going
      to have to use my fallback plan, but I’ve lost the ki.* then, he had a
      crazy idea, an idea that would probably get him killed, but if it didn’t…
      “I slaughtered your friend, and this is the best you can do?” He was
      answered by a punch that he narrowly dodged, and he was glad he did, when
      it put a crater in the ground the size of a building. Despite that, he
      continued, “Come on, I would expect more from a saiyan, then again, your
      just a monkey!” This time, Mitaku was able to land a hit to his stomach,
      and Nogaro felt as if all of his organs had been ruptured, then got knocked
      into the sky, and knocked back down by a swift knee to his back. He got up
      quickly, *she’s starting to regain control, I have to do it quickly.* “even
      after I killed that earthling, this is the best you can do, you can’t kill
      me.” He grinned. Kasan realized what he was doing, and could finally free
      himself from the rock in which he was entrapped. He got himself free and
      saw that Mitaku’s aura was more violent than ever, and she was putting her
      hand out, Palm facing towards Nogaro, she was charging a ki blast. At
      first, Kasan wasn’t alarmed, and was going to check on everyone else, but
      then saw that Mitaku kept putting more and more power into it, far greater
      than Kasan could. Then Kasan realized, *that attack can destroy this
      planet.* he yelled out, but it was too late, Mitaku could not hear him over
      the noise that the ki ball made, Kasan tried to fly to stop her, and she
      fired it. Kasan had never felt so helpless, a planet destroying attack was
      flying straight for Nogaro, and unless he deflected it, there would be no
      chance they could survive. Nogaro stood still, Kasan thought that he would
      let the massive, golden ball of destructive energy hit him, then Nogaro
      disappeared, hit Mitaku’s stomach, then sent her flying into the ground
      with an overhead hit. Kasan didn’t realize or care that those were the only
      hits that Nogaro had landed since Mitaku had transformed. Kasan only cared
      about the overwhelming amount of ki, headed straight to the ground, then it
      hit. The ball stayed there for a second, then started to turn from the
      vibrant gold, to a blinding white, he could swear Nogaro was grinning as it
      exploded. Even though the explosion went down, and didn’t do much damage to
      the surface, anyone on the planet could see the brilliant light that it
      produced. After about half a minute, the blast finally faded, and Kasan
      could see a hole straight down, similar to his attack, this had gone down
      to the planet’s core, but this attack, had destroyed the planets core. It
      was only a matter of time, before the planet was destroyed. Nogaro saw that
      Kasan was up, and laughed, “do you regret not surrendering now?” He
      continued to laugh, until a hand pierced the right part of his chest. He
      coughed up some blood, and fell to the ground. “Mitaku!” Kasan yelled,
      Mitaku didn’t respond, but looked at Kasan with a look of uncontrolled
      fury. “That blast you shot in the ground will destroy the planet! What were
      you thinking!?” Mitaku still looked furious for a second, but then her
      breathing slowed, and her eyes widened as she comprehended what he had
      said. She looked around her as if waking up from a dream, and flew over to
      Kasan and looked at the large hole in the planet. She seemed to choke up,
      “oh god, what have I done?” Kasan replied with “Nogaro got you mad, and you
      shot a ball of ki into the ground that did this.” He gestured towards the
      hole. She was on the edge of tears, she had tried to control herself, and
      couldn’t. She tried to use her power to kill the tyrant, and instead did
      more damage than he did. Kasan noticed this, and told her what they had to
      do, “look we have to get everyone, get them to the ship, and get off this
      planet. We don’t have time to warn the inhabitants, and someone will have
      to stay behind to make sure that Nogaro stays here.” Mitaku nodded, then
      lokpoked over to where Nogaro was still trying to get up after the powerful
      attack that almost broke his back. They went around and gathered everyone
      up, Boten and Zoro had recovered enough to fly on there own, but Zae was
      still down. As Kasan picked him up, he realized that he had a heartbeat,
      “he’s alive!” Mitaku flew over quickly, she had returned to normal,no crazy
      aura, no weird hair. Mitaku looked at the motionless body in Kasan’s arms,
      and realized that Zae was breathing slowly, although he breathed shakily,
      he was still breathing. Then they heard some rubble shifting. They turned
      towards the crater that was made by Nogaro being hit into the ground.
      Nogaro rose, battered, but still standing. Zoro’s fist clinched, “he just
      doesn’t stop, does he? That son of a b-” Kasan interrupted him, “you guys
      have to hurry, get out of here.” Kasan brought out his power, it wasn’t as
      much as Mitaku, but was definitely more than everyone thought it was.
      Motaku started to argue, “you don’t have the power to fight him, and
      besides, it’s obvious that whoever stays and fights him, will die with the
      planet. I’m a super saiyan, I’m sure you’ve figured that out so-” Kasan
      interrupted her again, now taking on a stern tone, “that exactly why you
      can’t fight him. It’s true I wanted to become a super saiyan, but now you
      are. You have to survive, so if there’s ever a threat the rest of us can’t
      handle, you’ll be able to protect the people we can’t.” Then he grinned,
      “but me, I’m just another saiyan.” Mitaku looked frustrated, and near to
      tears, and she did something that Kasan didn’t expect her to do, she hugged
      him. “I never thought that I would consider anyone except for Zae my
      family, but I would defiantly consider you my brother.” she whispered in
      his ear.” she whispered in his ear. When she stopped hugging him, Kasan
      smiled sadly, and replied with, “family is more than blood.” Boten simply
      nodded in respect, and Zoro said something that Mitaku didn’t understand,
      but Kasan nodded in thanks. They flew away to where they landed the
      spaceship when they first arrived on the planet, and Mitaku was glad they
      left that soon, she hated it when other people saw her cry. Nogaro grunted,
      then said with little interest, ” so, it looks like you’ll fight me.” Kasan
      smiled confidently, “yep,” they flew at each other with outstanding speed,
      and their fist clashed as the crevices formed around them, due to
      earthquakes caused by the destruction of the planets core, “do you remember
      me now Nogaro?” Kasan finished. Boten hadnt been conscious very long, but
      had understood what happened, *so Mitaku thought Zae was dead, causing her
      to go super saiyan, she fought Nogaro, and he made her mad enough to loose
      control. She destroyed the planets core, and now they were escaping the
      planet before it explodes, and Kasan is staying behind to make sure that
      Nogaro is killed in the explosion.* He normally tried to hide his emotion,
      but the grief of loosening his friend was plain on his face, *but this must
      be worse for Mitaku, she and Kasan were like brother and sister. The fact
      that she is the reason the planet is exploding problably doesn’t help.*
      Boten thought, then added as a afterthought, *at least she still has Zae.*
      Boten saw Mitaku fly near Zoro and ask him a question, then retreated back
      to his thoughts. Mitaku flew next to Zoro and asked him, “what did you tell
      Kasan?” Zoro replied without looking at her, “I spoke in Namekian, I told
      him what we tell to all warriors that die or will die in battle,” he
      repeated the series of noises that sounded vaguely like words, “it means
      ‘hail and farewell, brother.'” Mitaku nodded, and looked at Zae, who was
      being held by Zoro. “Don’t worry Mitaku, he’s still alive.” Zoro told her
      when he saw her worried look. When her worried look did not go away, he
      realized that it was more than worry, it was sadness, and guilt. He tried
      to console her, “what Kasan did has nothing to do with you, and besides,
      that’s the person who killed his family, he’d be glad to go down fighting
      him.” Mitaku replied with quietly, “you asked us to come and save your
      planet, instead, I’m the reason it’s being destroyed, and Kasan is going to
      die for my mistake, and my inability to control my power.” Zoro shook his
      head, “I asked you to free my planet from a tyrant, and you did. Kasan will
      die, but at least he will die with honor. You, as a saiyan, should
      understand that. And besides, your planet has the dragon balls, so we can
      fix the damage, even bring Kasan back if he wishes.” Mitaku almost started
      to cry again, “Zoro, our Namekian guardian of the planet died long ago, so
      the dragon balls are just useless stones now.” Zoro was at a loss for
      words, but it didn’t matter anyway, Mitaku flew away from him enough to
      indicate that the conversation was over, and she was quiet the rest of the
      way. Back were Kasan and Nogaro were fighting, the crater that led down to
      the planets core had expanded larger than the entire town that they had
      fought in. Kasan started to wonder how far his friends had gotten, and
      barely noticed the ki blast headed for him. He was able to dodge it,
      barely. *be careful! If you get reckless, you might loose this fight.*
      Kasan scolded himself. He got back into fighting position, and just as
      Nogaro started to fly towards him, there was a sound like a space shuttle
      taking off. They both froze, wondering what it was. Then they noticed the
      crater was filled with lava, then, large portions of the lava shot up as if
      coming from a geyser. This time, it was Nogaro who was barely able to dodge
      it, he flew backwards out of the way, then flew around it. Kasan flew
      forward at the speed of sound and attempted to punch Nogaro, but his fist
      was caught by Nogaro’s hand. Nogaro tried to punch Kasan, but his fist was
      also caught. After a few seconds of them struggling, Nogaro smiled, and
      said “you think I’m oblivious to your plan. You plan to keep me on this
      planet, so when it’s destroyed, I will die.” Kasan said nothing. “But you
      see, my kind doesn’t need air, so I can survive in space, and you can’t.”
      Nogaro gloated. Kasan decided to point out the obvious, “but I doubt you
      can survive a planet’s explosion.” Nogaro laughed at this, “true, but I
      will not be kept on this planet.” He kneed Kasan’s stomach, making him
      loose his grip on Nogaro’s hand. Nogaro then used that hand to punch Nogaro
      into one of the sides of the crater while chuckling. Nogaro started to fly
      off, but Kasan quickly recovered and shot a ki wave at Nogaro’s heart, but
      this ki attack, instead of having the sphere at the end, it was pointed,
      like a spear made of energy. Nogaro noticed it with a second to spare, and
      twisted out of the way. Despite that, it still burned his chest. This pain
      enraged Nogaro, had he not had the hole in his chest, beating Kasan would
      have been nothing, barely a joke. But here he was, injured, in pain, and
      frustrated about being stuck on this planet. He charged a ki attack, but in
      his frustration, put more power than he meant to, *I will not die on this
      planet!* Nogaro thought furiously. He shot the blast which had enough
      strength to instantly destroy the planet, and Kasan had to make a split
      second decision. *If it hits the planet, it’ll destroy it instantly but, if
      I take that attack, I problably won’t be in any shape to keep him from
      leaving.* he quickly searched the area that his friends went, and sensed
      them, they were off the planet, but not far enough to survive the
      explosion. *then letting it hit the planet’s out of the option.* he turned
      towards the attack, and stood still, and let it hit him. *That saiyan is a
      fool, trying to stop that attack.* Nogaro thought humorously. To Nogaro’s
      surprise, the attack lost momentum, and stopped, “WHAT!! HOW!?” He was
      shocked, he wasn’t the super saiyan, how could he stop such an attack?
      Kasan was struggling, barely able to stop the blast, even using all of his
      ki and strength. “I… Will… Not… Loose… To… This… Attack…” he
      struggled, and then he decided to use the technique that he promised
      himself he would never use. It was a technique that very few warriors knew,
      the ability to tap into their vital energy, (the energy they need to live)
      and use it as a power boost. *Well, I’m not going to die anyways…* he
      thought grimly. He closed his eyes and focused, and tapped into his vital
      energy. Nogaro’s jaw went slack when he saw that the saiyan, half dead, was
      pushing his attack back towards him, and Nogaro was in to much shock to do
      anything. *i need more,* Kasan thought as he started to use more of his
      vital energy. His vision started to go dark, but it was working, he was
      pushing the attack back, but it was killing him in the process… Finally,
      Kasan released a small, but powerful wave of ki, pushing the attack back,
      and Kasan fell towards the crater, dying. Nogaro recovered from his shock
      to late, and was unable to stop the attack, his own attack, from pushing
      him into the sky, incinerating him on the way. Soon, it engulfed him,
      putting him into pain beyond that of anything he ever felt, his skin was
      melting off his bones, and his bones turned to ash, as he was pushed into
      the atmosphere. Then, just as Nogaro got hope he might survive the attack,
      it exploded. She shockwave redirected Kasan, so that instead of falling
      straight into the crater, he was falling at a forty-five degree angle
      towards the edge of the crater. As Kasan landed, a few of his bones broke,
      but he barely noticed, he was completely numb. He watched the planet be
      destroyed around him with detached interest. The earth beneath him rose and
      fell due to earthquakes, creating crevices and hills, lava shot out of the
      ground like geysers, and finally, there was a blinding flash of white, as
      the planet exploded, and Kasan took his last breath knowing his friends
      were safe…
      well, hope you like it! it took a long time to make, see you in the next chapter!

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      He waved towards Zae, who had been motionless. As the thing waved at Zae, he started to scream and writhe in agony. “He is persistent, but soon-” a red ball of light surrounded Zae as red lightning discharged around it. “That’ll happen.” he finished. Zae rose off the ground, the red ball making a whirlwind strong enough to push Mitaku and Boten backwards. Zae’s head was still lowered, his hair slightly lifting, as it turned dark red, the color of blood. Mitaku sensed his power skyrocketing, raising above hers, but this power was unnatural. It was a dark, evil energy, she could sense Zae’s pure ki being replaced by something demonic. Buildings around them crumbled to dust, and the ground below Zae was pulverized, forming a shallow crater, but the cement had practically turned into gravel. Finally, Zae rose his head, the area around his eyes were dark, as if he had a lack of sleep, and his skin had turned unnaturally pale. Then, he opened his eyes, and Mitaku nearly screamed out loud *oh my god, what happened?!” Blood came out from his bottom eyelids in a continuous stream, and his eyes themselves, seemed to have fire in trapped inside them, and his puipls were jet black, and were shaped like cat eyes, thin and elliptical. Then he smiled, not a kind smile, but a cold and calculating smile. Each one of his teeth were sharp, like shark teeth. The aura that surrounded him was similar to the thing that taken control of Flute’s body, but Zae’s aura was more like a super saiyan’s aura, but bright red. “Hello Mitaku.” his voice sounded raspy.

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      0Chapter 7: hell unleashed

      On the way back to earth, Mitaku had been very quiet, and solitary. The only time she came out of her room is when it was time to eat. (The rooms had personal restrooms.) Even with Zoro’s healing, Zae woke up near the end of the trip, and even then, couldn’t do much. Finally, they arrived at Earth, and Zoro informed them, “thank you for helping me kill the tyrant, even if it did destroy my planet. I must go find Akima.” Everyone nodded, except for Mitaku, who was just looking sullen, although now she would talk. After Zoro flew off, Boten turned to Zae and Mitaku, and said “see you around.” Zae nodded, it said nothing, whereas Mitaku did nothing. Boten flew off, and finally, Zae turned to Mitaku, “what now?” He inquired. Mitaku shook her head, “you should problably go back to Flute, he’ll be wondering where you’ve been.” Zae raised his eyebrow and asked, “what about you?” Mitaku replied with a hint of annoyance in her voice, “I need to go train on my own, and get used to this power.” Zae stood there for a second, worried about his friend, but flew off with a sigh. Mitaku stayed in that spot for a few minutes, trying to think of a way that she could have done better on Namek, made it so that Kasan didn’t have to die, but she kept coming to the same conclusion, *I need to train my ability to control my power, and the only person that ever seemed to help with that, is my uncle….* This would not have been a problem, if her uncle hadn’t disappeared so many years ago, without a trace. The only thing of her uncle’s that she had, was his scooter, and his space pod, although she never had a reason to use it. Now she did. She quickly flew to her house, which was nothing special, just a small, box shaped, wooden structure. She went in her house, which mainly had saiyan necessities: lots of food, things to cook that food with, punching bags and other assorted training materials. She went into the basement, which was really just a hole that was the size of a room, which was covered with a round wooden hatch. There was no lighting, so Mitaku formed a ball of energy in her hand, spreading a pale blue light throughout the small area. After a few seconds of looking around, she found it, saying, “found it,” to herself. She had found the green scooter and capsule which contained a space pod, both were her uncle’s. She never had use for a scouter, due to the fact that she had learned to sense power levels at a young age, and she never used the space pod because, well she never had a reason to go to space, until now. A few minutes later, she was outside, wearing the scouter, new, undamaged armor, and the capsule that had the space pod. She pressed the small button on the top of the thin, test tube looking thing with a odd symbol on it. Then, she heard a ticking, and threw it a few feet in front of herself. Then, a large amount of smoke plumed up around the capsule, as if it was a bomb, but the smoke quickly disappeared, revealing a white, spherical object, with an oddly shaped door that had a large circle of red glass. The door opened up, lifting upwards, revealing a white, spherical object with an oddly shaped door that had a large circle of dark red glass. The door opened, lifting upwards, revealing a metal looking seat with a flat remote about the size of someone’s palm. She moved towards it, but then felt a sharp pain in her side, *so I’m still recovering from the fight. It seems like the super saiyan form puts a lot of physical strain on someone.* so she decided to wait a few more days before departing. She pressed the bright red button on the inside of the door, making another ticking sound. Mitaku back away, as another plume of smoke surrounded the pod, then disappeared, leaving the capsule that the pod had come from, now refilled with the pod. Mitaku rested for a few days, attempting to use the legendary form at will, but failed each time. About five days passed, and she was planning on leaving now, although she thought it would be best if she called Zae and told him first. Although she had no way to contact Boten and Zoro. She called Zae, but the phone didn’t answer, she tried again, with the same result. *he’s problably training with Flute.* she thought, *but shouldn’t someone else had picked up the phone?* she added as a afterthought. She went outside, and prepared to fly to Satan city, dedicated to a hero by the name of Mr. Satan. It was a few miles from her house, she had wanted her house far enough from people, so that they couldn’t bother her, but close enough she could get to them if need be. After a few minutes of flying, the city came in view, and so did a terrifying sight, a large plume of dark smoke was rising from the buildings. She sped up so that she had made it to the city in seconds. She heard some familiar sounds: ki discharging and the sound of powerful warriors fist clashing. She flew towards the sound, but when she arrived, she could not see the fighters, only smoke and the desiccated buildings from which it came. Then the smoke a beam came out from the smoke, nearly hitting Mitaku. For a second, she could see the two fighters, one was Zae, and the other was an arcosian, this one was completely white, except for a purple crystal on his forearms and the crystal that replaced the top of his head. Although the smoke wasn’t cleared long enough for her to recognize who it was. She was about to rush in, when Zae suddenly flew out of the smoke, coughing, and nearly ran into her. “Oh hey Mitaku, it’s about time you showed up.” Instead of replying with a sarcastic remark like she normally would, she simply asked, “who is that?” Zae took a second to answer, and when he opened his mouth to do so, the arcosian flew out of the cloud at outstanding speed, but immediately stopped when outside the smoke. Mitaku quickly realized who it was, it was a evil emperor, someone who had been dead for a long time, an icon that all the kids in history class knew. His name was, “Freeza…” Freeza smiled, “I see you know my name, any saiyan would. How long has it been since I was dead? One thousand years? Two thousand?” Mitaku decided the best thing to do was ask unhostile questions. “How are you alive?” Freeza didn’t seemed bothered by the question, he actually laughed, “well, I was brought back, by a creature that I have no words to describe with. If you manage to defeat me, and that’s a big if, then, you’ll meet him.” He smiled cruelly, then added as an afterthought, “three of the saiyans are here, Raditz, Nappa, and Vegeta.” Mitaku was not able to hide her shock, *prince Vegeta, why would he be brought back? He’s a protector of the earth!* She quickly searched for powers around her, and found three powers, none of the.pm were too strong, but surely stronger than the average human. Mitaku turned to Zae and said, “I don’t know if it’s Vegeta and the other saiyans, but there’s three evil powers. I’ll go handle them, you hold off Freeza while I take down the rest of the saiyans.” Zae nodded, and then laughed with little amusement, “that’s what I have been doing.” Mitaku nodded, and rushed off to the power levels. She found them, just as they destroyed a building. There was a large, muscle bound, bald saiyan, who Mitaku recognized as Nappa. Then there was a smaller person, about tend average size of a human, with long hair that went down to his lower back, Raditz. Then there was one that was smaller than Raditz, his hair was strait up, and he had a receding hair line. All of them had tails, (a saiyan trait,) and original saiyan armor. *this is odd, this Vegeta is much weaker than the one that died a long time ago. Well, I won’t complain.* Disregarding all rules of engagement, Mitaku unfairly rushed in, and in a single second, had ripped out Raditz’s heart, instantly killing him. Nappa and Vegeta turned towards her, just as she obliderated Nappa’s head with a punch that did the same damage to the saiyan, as a fifty caliber bullet would do to a normal human. Vegeta didn’t seem the slightest bit angered by the death of his team. Mitaku decided not to kill him yet, “how are you like this? I was told that you were revived, but the real Vegeta died a long time ago, with a much larger power.” Vegeta replied with a smirk, “the one who revived me will tell you that, if you manage to kill me and Freeza, and that’s a big if.” Mitaku rolled her eyes, “that’s the second time I’ve been told that today.” Mitaku disappeared, and Vegeta felt a terrible pain in his chest, like nothing he had felt before. He looked down, and saw Mitaku’s hand, going through his sternum. Darkness seeped up around the edges of his vision as he died. To Mitaku’s surprise, Vegeta vanished as he died, like paint being washed off a canvas. Then she realized that the other saiyans vanished when they died as well. *That doesn’t matter, I have to help Zae.* She flew back towards Freeza, deflecting a beam that he shot at Zae. Before Feeza could protest, Mitaku warned him, “look, I’m going to warn you, I’m a super saiyan, and if you don’t surrender, you will die.” Freeza considered this for a second, then laughed, “I can’t tell you how many times a saiyan has said that.” Mitaku smiled back, then powered up to her maximum, (at least the maximum she could go while still having control over herself.) and delivered a punch to Freeza’s face that sent out a powerful shockwave, and sent Freeza flying backwards. “Well, you are strong, but that’s not a super saiyan power.” Mitaku decided to try to transform, she wouldn’t have trouble killing Feeza without transforming, but she wanted to see Freeza helpless, and terrified. She brought out all her anger, all her rage, and tried to raise her power beyond its maximum. A golden aura surrounded her, as she closed her eyes in concentration. Her hair rise around her, as if she was under water, and then it happened. Every time she attempted to go super saiyan forcefully, there was always something stopping her, this normally made her frustrated, and stopped her transformation, but this time, it enraged her even more, and then it happened. Her power skyrocketed, the golden aura became much more violent, swirling like a mini-hurricane. Freeza’s eyes widened, and started to back up. He barely had the time to ask for mercy before a hole was shot through his chest. Mitaku had not done anything, she turned towards were the blast came from, and the figure was in front of the sun, making it so she couldn’t see him. He flew down to Mitaku, Zae, and Feeza. It was Boten. “Sorry Mitaku, I had to get a shot in on him before you killed him.” He had his arms crossed, and had a scowl on his face. Mitaku had no idea how Boten had gotten so strong so fast. Whereas Zae, was again assaulted by the voices in his he’d that had not bothered him since Namek. *Kill them, prove that you’re the strongest.* but he was able to ignore the voices now. Mitaku nodded and turned back to Freeza, who had not recovered and, and had blood streaming from his mouth. Mitaku quickly finished him with a powerful shockwave released from her hand that broke Feeza’s neck with an audible crack. Freeza’s body vanished before it hit the ground. Mitaku sighed with relief, “well, now that that’s done with-” she was interrupted by Zae screaming in agony. “Zae, what’s wrong?” He started to grip his head, as if his head was splitting open. He fell downwards in a uncontrolled fall. “Damnit!” Mitaku said quickly, and flew after him. She was able to catch him just before he hit the ground, he was. It screaming, but he was writhing in pain. Mitaku set him on the ground, and tried to talk to him as Boten came to the ground as well, more curious than worried. “Zae, what’s wrong talk to me!” *what happened to Flute,* she wondered, but would soon find out. Then, Zae went limp, he was breathing raggedy, reminding Mitaku of when Nogaro nearly killed him. Then, Mitaku felt it. It was like a tidal wave of power, had she not been kneeling down, she would have fallen, although Boten did fall to his knees. The power was completely evil, it filled Mitaku with a sense of helplessness, terror, and the urge to just lay down and die. She and Boten fought it the best they could, standing up shakily. Then the sky turned blood red, the sun seemed to turn black, spreading darkness, and the heat it gave of increased a drastic amount, making Boten and Mitaku feel like they were burning. Then they saw him. It had Flutes Namekian body, but the skin was red, and the aura that surrounded him looked like fire. When he spoke, it sounded like a fire if it had a voice, but his voice didn’t come from his mouth, it seemed to come from everywhere at once, and seemed to be a thousand of the same voice speaking at the same time. “You fools actually killed Feeza. You have progressed since the last time I saw you.” Mitaku was confused, *I don’t remember ever seeing this guy.* The thing said “that’s because you haven’t, but I’ve seen you.” Mitaku couldn’t hide her surprise, he heard her thoughts. “You might wonder what’s going on. Why am I in this form. Why I summoned those warriors. Why they weren’t as powerful as they really are.” Mitaku and Boten were silent. The thing continued, “I took this Namekians body, mainly because I have to take a host when I’m on this planet, at least until I get enough power to take a physical form, which will be soon. In case your wondering, my host will burn to ashes when I take on a physical form. I summoned those warriors to test your power, and I saw that your worthy of my attention. As for why they weren’t in their true form, I don’t have my full power, due to a pest that stopped my transformation into my true form a thousand years ago. So I am only able to revive weak shadows of the warriors, but soon, I will be able to revive the warriors in their full strength.” Boten replied with, “unless we stop you.” The thing laughed, and said, “but how can you do that, when your to busy fighting your friend?” He waved towards Zae, who had been motionless. As the thing waved at Zae, he started to scream and writhe in agony. “He is persistent, but soon-” a red ball of light surrounded Zae as red lightning discharged around it. “That’ll happen.” he finished. Zae rose off the ground, the red ball making a whirlwind strong enough to push Mitaku and Boten backwards. Zae’s head was still lowered, his hair slightly lifting, as it turned dark red, the color of blood. Mitaku sensed his power skyrocketing, raising above hers, but this power was unnatural. It was a dark, evil energy, she could sense Zae’s pure ki being replaced by something demonic. Buildings around them crumbled to dust, and the ground below him was pulverized, forming a shallow crater, but the cement had practically turned into gravel. Finally, Zae rose his head, the area around ethos eyes were dark as if he had a lack of sleep, and his skin had turned unnaturally pale. Then, he opened his eyes, and Mitaku nearly screamed out loud *oh my god, what happened?!” Blood came out from his bottom eyelids not a continuous stream, and his eyes themselves, seemed to have fire in trapped inside them, and his puipls were jet black, and were shaped like cat eyes, thin and elliptical. Then he smiled, not a kind smile, but a cold and calculating smile. Each one of his teeth were sharp, like shark teeth. The aura that surrounded him was similar to the thing that taken control of Flute’s body, but Zae’s aura was more like a super saiyan’s aura, but bright red. “Hello Mitaku.” his voice sounded raspy. Mitaku turned to the thing that had possessed Flute, “who are you? What did you do to Zae?!” The thing chuckled, “I have no name, but if you wish to name me, call me Akuryō. As for what I did to your friend,” he turned towards Zae, “ever since you left for Namek, I filled his head with evil thoughts, nightmares of killing his friends. He was persistent, and still protected you, but, now that I’ve come in person, I was able to turn his slight envy of you, Boten, Kasan, and Zoro’s power, into a deep hatred, which allowed me control him. Now, I will use him to destroy this planet, starting with you.” Boten quickly interjected, “you said you saw us before, what did you mean?” Akuryō seemed amused, “when you and your group first got together, an arcosian came to this planet to try and find a extraordinary warrior. He found nothing, but he beat you four before leaving, I came and directed him to leave this planet alone. Back then, my form was simply a flaming mass.” Boten said nothing, he wasn’t actually curious about that, he was just stalling for time. Akuryō disappeared in a column of flame, after saying, “have fun dying.” Mitaku turned, just in time to see Zae, someone who had practically been her brother, punch her in the face with all of his power. Even though it was Boten and Mitaku against Zae, two against one, they were hopelessly outmatched. Boten’s ki attacks reflected off of the red ball of energy that surrounded Zae, and was faster and stronger than Mitaku, despite the fact she was a super saiyan. Mitaku tried to knee Zae’s stomach, but with my one hand he caught her knee with lightning speed, and with his other hand, shot a very powerful ki wave at Boten that was to fast for him to dodge. Before Mitaku could see how bad Boten was hurt, Zae sent a punch into her stomach, then let go of her knee, and kneed her face, sending her flying. Instead of letting her just fly into the building, he flew after her, fast enough to keep up with her, and deliver multiple blows to her stomach and face. Then, once she crashed into a building, nearly destroying the wall, he sent a punch so fast it was unseeable, even to Mitaku, right into her gut. She screamed out in pain, barely holding back tears. Mitaku’s vision blurred, and she could barley breathe. She saw Zae turn his head to the sky, just in time to get a ki ball to his face. It did nothing, the last thing she saw before loosing consciousness for a short amount of time, was Zae flying off to fight Boten. She saw blackness creep up around the edges of her vision as her power dropped dramatically. *I detransformed.* she thought with detached interest, and lost consciousness. Boten saw Zae fly up to him, and knew he couldn’t stop him, *but I’m damn well going to try!* Boten shot a volley of ki blast, but they were deflected by Zae’s bright red sphere of energy that surrounded him. Then, Zae disappeared, and Boten, anticipated Zae’s next move, and turned around to shoot a ki blast. The good thing, Boten guessed correctly, Zae appeared behind him. Bad thing, Boten was to slow, and got hit in the face with a small ki blast. It was followed up by a punch to the stomach, then a quick volley of punches and kicks. As Zae was going to finish with a ki attack, Boten quickly shot two thin energy beams that went into Zae’s eyes. Zae yelled out in pain, and put his hands over his eyes. *It worked?* Boten had not thought it would do anything against Zae. Nevertheless, Boten flew of to were Mitaku laid unconscious, picked her up, and flew into a building that was somewhat intact. Boten put his hand on her shoulder, and gave her some of his energy, enough for her to regain consciousness. She sat up while holding her stomach, were she had received multiple attacks. Boten asked the question that had bothered him since the fight had started, “when you went super saiyan, how come you weren’t as strong as you were on Namek?” Mitaku took a second to answer, “when I get angry to a certain extent, my power raises. When I went super saiyan on Namek, I was in an extreme rage, putting my power to the maximum that my body could take. I can try to get that angry again, but it would take some time.” Boten nodded grimly, then smiled, “I’ll buy you some time then.” Boten’s smile immediately fadded, “he found us!” Boten quickly used his ki to form a protective sphere around them as a ki blast destroyed the building. For a few moments as the building crumbled on top of them, Boten could hear Mitaku’s ragged breathing. “We’re going to be fine Mitaku, just, give me a second.” He closed his eyes in concentration, and released the barrier, blasting the rubble around them to dust. Then, before Mitaku could even spot Zae, Boten flew off to fight him, as Mitaku tried to get angry. As Boten flew towards Zae, he thought of what he should do, *that energy ball deflects any sort of ki, unless I get close to him. At the same time, he’s physically stronger than me, and a lot faster.* Then he decided on a plan. As he got close to Zae, he shot a weak ki blast at Zae, and of course, the shield deflected it. Boten immediately flew behind Zae and punched him in the back of the head. He followed it up with a volley of ki waves, then as Zae turned around, Boten launched a ki disk, right at Zae’s throat. It should have cut through his throat, cutting his head off. Instead, when it hit Zae’s throat, the disk spilt in half, and dissipated. *That was a direct hit, how is he not even scratched?* then, the next instant, Zae was choking Boten with one hand. Zae’s cruel smile turned into a scowl, “when I first met you, I was stronger than you, and it was humorous to me. I was stronger than a saiyan, then, as we trained, you became as strong as me. Eventually, you surpassed me, your strength with ki was almost as incredible as Kasan’s. I was nothing, and now,” his cruel smile returned, “I’m going to kill you.” Mitaku had seen the whole thing, and had heard what Zae said. It enraged her, although she didn’t know why. Then, a memory came back to her, she had been much younger when it happened. Mitaku was living in the installation on a meteoroid, and she remembered the day that the commander found out who her uncle was. The commander and three other saiyans had ruthlessly beat her uncle, then held him, defenseless, and was about to kill him. She felt anger when she thought of the memory, then realized, *that’s what’s happening to Boten…* Then it hit her, like a tidal wave, her slight anger at the memory, had turned into a burning rage at what they did to her uncle, and that it was happening to Boten. She felt herself start to loose control, and her power skyrocketed. Then, with the last few moments of logical thought that she had before she transformed, she realized why her forced transformation earlier had not been as effective. *the super saiyan transformation, is best used in extreme situations, and real, unintentional, anger. I can’t force it, like I did when fighting Freeza, it has to be something unplanned, like the memory of my uncle. I can’t just force something as great as the super saiyan transformation to happen, and then expect perfect results.* Then, she lost all rational thought. Boten couldn’t breath, all he could think was, *I need air,* as darkness crept up around the edges of his vision, then it stopped, he could breathe. He took in deep breaths, almost gasping, then he realized why Zae had let go of his throat, Mitaku was a super saiyan, and was as strong as Zae. Zae had been kicked in the face by Mitaku, forcing him to let go of Boten. Even though Zae’s bottom lip was bleeding, he was grinning, “it’s about time.” Mitaku said nothing in response, instead, punched Zae in the chest, sending him flying backwards, then appeared above him once he stopped, and shot a volley of golden ki balls, sending him into the ground. While Boten recovered from being choked, Mitaku and Zae fought furiously, destroying all of their surroundings. Although Zae could not see Mitaku and Zae, he could see their auras, a clash between red and gold, obliterating anything in their way. *My god, Mitaku is as strong as Zae. I can see why Kasan wanted to be one so bad.* Kasan had told Boten of his ambition of turning into a super saiyan on Namek, and now Boten understood why. Mitaku was using all of her power, and was still having trouble keeping up with Zae. Her first few hits were lucky, but now, Zae either blocked, caught, deflected, or even dodged her attacks, whereas she could barely stop him from getting a direct hit on her. Needing a short break, she jumped back and shot a ki wave that was as big as Zae. He was not able to stop this attack, and was pushed into a building, and unfortunately for him, the building hadn’t been stable enough to take the blast, and so in crumbled on him. Mitaku only got to rest for two seconds before Zae destroyed the building, but every second she could rest and get some energy back, was vital. Zae flew at her, shooting multiple ki blast that Mitaku was able to dodge, then as Zae was about to punch her stomach, Mitaku shot another ki blast, but this one was much smaller and weaker. Despite that, it made Zae slightly stagger, and Mitaku used the opening and kneed Zae’s stomach. Zae was not effected by the knee to the stomach, and grabbed Mitaku’s leg and threw her to the ground. Before she could recover, he shot a thousand of small, fast and powerful ki blast into her stomach in less than a second. Zae flew backwards, putting some distance between Mitaku and him. Mitaku got up slowly, as Zae taunted her, “is this all the power you have? I’m very disappointed.” When Mitaku just stood there and didn’t respond, Zae continued. “It’s ironic, isn’t it? You got angry because you thought I died, thus achieving the super saiyan form. Then about a week later, you’re having to use the form that you used to save me, to fight me.” Zae smiled, as if it was hilarious. Mitaku wiped the blood off her chin, and replied with, “I’m not using this form to fight you. I’m using it to kill you.” Her aura turned more violent and bright as Zae laughed, “you think that you can kill me? I doubt it.” He flew after Mitaku, about to punch her face, not realizing that her power had risen. When he attempted to punch her, she caught his fist, but otherwise motionless. Zae’s expression turned from completely confident, to confused and slightly afraid. Mitaku kneed his stomach, and this time, it effected him. Just as he was done coughing up blood, she punched his face, sending him flying backwards a bit, then just as Zae stopped himself, Mitaku appeared behind him and kicked the back of his knee. As he fell to his knees, she appeared in front of him, and just as he looked at her, punched him in the face again. The force of the punch sent him to the ground, creating a good sized crater, and Zae was stuck at the bottom. Mitaku was catching her breath as Zae slowly got out of the crater, then heard Boten yell, “Mitaku, move!” She didn’t even look up to see what he was doing, but flew upwards above one of the skyscrapers in less than a second, and saw what Boten was doing. He had a hand up, as if asking a question in a class room, but surrounding his hand was a ball of ki with rapidly changing colors. The air seemed ripple around him as if it had suddenly become hot. Then the air stopped rippling as the ball disappeared, but now Boten’s hand was a fist, and bright white light was shining out of the gaps between his fingers. *He’s going to try to kill Zae.* Mitaku was shocked, despite the fact that Zae had been turned into this demon, she couldn’t fathom killing yet another friend. Boten pointed his fist towards Zae, who was just now getting unstuck from the rubble. Zae had got to his feet, just in time to look up and see Boten’s large wave of ki fly right towards him. Zae didn’t move in the slightest as the blast hit him, pulverizing the ground below, then, as the energy from the wave gathered into a massive ball were it had hit the earth, it started to shine brighter than before, until it looked like a miniature sun, then it exploded. The explosion was massive, but made no crater, and Mitaku was glad that she flew up as far as she did, *Boten didn’t hold back any energy.* Right as the explosion disappeared, and was replaced by smoke, the smoke was cleared out by a whirlwind. The whirlwind came from Zae’s aura, who was in the same position that he had been before the blast, and was not even scratched. Boten was shocked, *I put all the ki I could into that attack, and it didn’t even scratch him!* Then, Zae was in front of him, and before Boten could react, Zae struck him. It knocked the wind out of him, despite the fact that Zae had used the tip of his index and middle finger to hit him. Boten recognized this attack, Goku had used it on Freeza when he had revived, but Boten barely had the time to finish the thought, and then Zae finished the attack. Zae made his hand into a fist again, while simultaneously moving his fist forward with such speed and strength that it nearly broke Boten’s rib cage, Boten started to fall, and lost consciousness before he hit the ground. Zae felt someone hit his head, sending him into the ground away from Boten. He crashed into the ground, making yet another crater, and trapping him under rubble. Mitaku flew downwards into the shallow crater, and walked over to Zae, holding a powerful ball of ki in her hand. When she reached him, he said unemotionally, “I would appreciate it if you would stop hitting me into the ground, it’s quite annoying.” Mitaku aimed the ball of ki towards him in response. This made Zae laugh, “you really are going to try to kill me? You don’t have the guts, but go ahead, prove me wrong.” He grinned when he said the last part. Mitaku grabbed Zae by the collar of his Namekian gi. She pressed the ball of ki to his stomach, still not saying a word. When Mitaku hesitated to fire the ki ball, Zae questioned her, “well? Are you going to kill me? Go ahead and do it, hurry it up.” Mitaku hesitated a second more, then willed the ki ball to disappear. Zae’s grin turned into a face of false sympathy, and said, “I knew you couldn’t do it,” then his cruel grin returned, “but I will.” He made a shockwave without moving that sent Mitaku flying backwards into a wall of a destroyed building. The impact nearly destroyed the wall, and Mitaku was clinching her fist in an attempt to not scream in pain. Zae leisurely walked towards Mitaku, who was trying to get up. He grabbed her throat, but instead of choking her, pushed her back into a broken pole. It stabbed into her back, cutting through her flesh until it went through her body, tearing through her skin again as the bloodied pole tore through her gut. This time she was not able to prevent herself from screaming in pain. Mitaku looked down at the pole that had pierced her stomach, tears made their way down her face from the pain. She looked back at Zae, who was grinning at her pain. She saw a red light appear in his hand, and realized that he was forming a ki blast. “You know Mitaku, killing you would be a mercy, considering what you’ve done. After all, you killed Kasan on Namek, along with millions of Namekians, millions of Namekian children, can you imagine their tears as they realized that their planet was being destroyed. Not to mention, it’s your fault I’m like this.” Mitaku would have asked how, but she couldn’t breathe, and at this point was barely conscious. “Once the other saiyans came, and proved they were stronger than me, you forgot about me. It’s your fault I felt the resentment that allowed Akuryō to control me.” he continued. Mitaku tried to tell herself that he was wrong, but when she thought about it, *he’s right.* she realized. Zae continued, “you know, I asked Flute if he could contact Zoro, in case we his needed help in a fight, want to know what Zoro told me when we contacted him?” Mitaku would have said no, but couldn’t speak, so Zae continued, “he said he didn’t want to see the warriors responsible for the destruction of his planet. If he ever saw us again, it would be to soon.” Mitaku lost consciousness, completely fine with the fact she would die, *i deserve it* she thought, then lost consciousness, her last sight being Zae, someone who she considered her brother, about to kill her…

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      Zae immediately caught his attack, and returned with a
      punch to the face, which knocked him back to where he was before charging
      Zae. Then Zoro extended his arm so that he could hit Zae from where he was,
      but Zae also caught his strike, but this time, he cut Zoro’s hand off at the
      wrist. The arm returned to its normal size as Zoro let out a quick scream
      of pain. Sans then charged Zae in a similar fashion to Boten, but instead
      of attempting to punch Zae, he shot a quick ki blast into Zae’s face, then
      flew around to Zae’s back and kicked him in the neck. While an attack of
      that strength should have sent an opponent flying backwards, it only made
      Zae stumble slightly. Zae turned around and attempted to lash out at Sans,
      but Sans dodged the fast attack with incredible speed and grace. Sans flew
      backwards to put some distance between him and Zae. Before Zae could try to
      attack Sans, Boten launched himself at Zae, firing multiple blast of ki,
      each were powerful enough to destroy military tanks, but only seemed to annoy Zae.
      Zae turned, firing a red ki blast of his own at Boten, which Boten barely
      dodged. As it was, it burned off the front of his gi, leaving only his
      weighted clothing covering his chest and abdomen. Sans then striked Zae in
      the back of his head, and before Zae could react, Zoro came and landed a
      kick to the back of Zae’s leg, causing him to fall to his knees. Boten took
      the opening, and flew forward as fast as he could, and kneed Zae’s face as
      hard as he could, making a loud burst of noise that sounded like a sonic
      boom. This knocked Zae backwards, as Sans moved out from behind him and
      next to Zoro and Boten. Zae stopped himself midair, and rightened himself.
      He wasn’t even scratched. Then everything went to hell.

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      Chapter 8: awakenings

      Boten awoke on a bed In a hospital room. He hurt everywhere, but was able to focus enough to search for power levels, and found a lot more than he expected. There was thousands, but they were all very weak, they were dying or severely injured. Boten was able to find Zoro’s power, but could not find Mitaku’s power. *Is she dead?* Boten couldn’t stand the thought, first Kasan died, then Zae was turned into some monster, and now Mitaku. *At least Zoro is alive…* Boten sighed, then got out of the bed, he was still wearing the gi that he had fought Zae in, he could tell because it was torn up. He looked towards a small, bedside cabinet that had some more gi that were similar to his, the only difference is that they didn’t have the mark on the back that said his fathers name in an ancient language that his father spoke. He out on the new gi, then went out of the blank hospital room to find Zoro. When he found Zoro, he looked extremely tired, and was so busy talking to another Namekian that he didn’t notice Boten. “Hey, Zoro!” Boten said. Zoro turned to Boten, and had was scowling for a split second, but then his expression turned neutral so fast that Boten wondered if he had imagined it. “Hey Boten, you recovered at a extraordinary rate. I guess it’s a saiyan trait.” Boten wanted to ask if Mitaku was alive, but instead asked, “what’s going on, where are we?” Zoro’s expression turned grim as he informed him, “we’re in a mountain, Saletion mountain to be specific.” Before Boten could ask why, Zoro told him. “Zae didn’t stop after attacking you and Mitaku, he went to a bunch of other cities and destroyed them. All these people were in the cities that were attacked. You’ve been unconscious for about a week, and a quarter of the earths population is gone.” Boten was shocked beyond words. *A quarter of the earth’s population?! Zae, I never imagined,p that you would do this, even if you were being controlled.* Not wanting to hear anymore about the damage Zae had done to the earth, he asked “what happened to Mitaku?” Zoro hesitated, then said, “she has been fatally injured. She’s alive as of now, but her stomach was pierced, luckily I was able to use my healing abilities before it killed her, but I’m unable to completely heal her. She still has not woken up, and I’m afraid that she might die.” Boten now regretted asking. “Can I see her? I wasn’t there with Kasan when he died, if Mitaku dies, I want to be there.” Zoro seemed surprised, but nodded and said, “yeah, I just need to go get someone.” Mitaku wasn’t dead yet, but she figured that she would be soon, she had been having dreams for a while. Then, she opened her eyes. She was in a hospital room, on a bed. She was still wearing the torn and battered up armor that she wore for the fight against Zae. She got up as the door opened, and Boten and Zoro entered the room. Zoro looked mildly surprised, “you’re awake.” Boten’s eyes were wide, obviously surprised, “are you feeling okay?” Mitaku nodded, she only felt a slight pain were her stomach had been pierced, and she realized that she had bandages that covered her stomach. “There is someone who wants to see you.” Zoro informed her as he stepped out of the way of the door as someone stepped in. Mitaku recognized the person’s odd hair, blue gi, and golden armbands. It was Kasan. Mitaku was to shocked for words, then Kasan asked solemnly, “why did you do it Mitaku?” This confused Mitaku, but she was able to ask “what do you mean?” Then she noticed that Kasan had no puipls. “Why did you kill me? Why did you do it?” Then the blank white walls around Mitaku seemed to melt away, and were replaced by too many Namekians to count. There were adults, ones that looked like teenagers, but the worst part, was the children. Their faces were streaming with tears, none of them had puipls, and they all said in unison, “why did you kill us? We did nothing, why did you do it?” Mitaku tried to answer, but her throat felt as if something was stuffed down her throat, and she felt tears make their way down her face. All of them started to walk towards them, and she tried to run, but her legs wouldn’t work, and she fell of the bed. *I never thought about the Namekians. All those innocents. I deserve to die.* then there was a terrible screeching noise that made Mitaku’s ears bleed. Then finally, the dream was over, replaced by blackness. Pain erupted through Mitaku’s body, originating where she had been pierced. She was wearing the battered armor and had bandages that covered her stomach and lower back, just like in the dream. Mitaku thought that if she was able to open her eyes, that she would be in the same room as the dream. She couldn’t move because of the pain, it was overwhelming, not the subtle sting that it was in the dream. Then, she heard the door open, and some footsteps come in the room. Even though it was irrational, she panicked, being reminded of the dream, but couldn’t move, she couldn’t even speak. She heard Zoro and Boten talking, along with a third voice, but they sounded far away, despite the fact that they were only a few feet away. She heard Zoro say, “try to heal her, I don’t have the energy.” A few seconds later, she heard a gentle hum of energy, and her pain eased, but she still couldn’t do anything. “That’s the best I can do,” the new voice said. Then Mitaku slowly lost the ability to hear as she lost consciousness again. Boten was holding back tears as he saw his friend, unconscious, and most likely dying. Zoro had went to get another Namekian healer, due to the fact that Zoro was too tired to heal anyone. Zoro nodded to the Namekian in thanks as he left to go help other injured or dying people. After a few seconds of silence, Boten asked Zoro, “do we have any chance to stop Zae?” Zoro studied Boten, trying to figure out if he should lie to keep his hopes up, but he decided against it. With a sigh he said “i didn’t sense Zae’s full power, but even with the power that he used against you guys, he would be able to beat us, even if Kasan wasn’t dead.” A dark mood seemed to fall over the room at the mention of Kasan’s name. Boten continued to question Zoro, “is there anything we could do to change it?” Zoro chuckled with no amusement, “you’re persistent. I can’t think of anything that we could do to change the odds. Unless…” Boten waited for a second, wondering if Zoro was going to finish his thought. Then Boten asked Zoro, “unless what?” Zoro took a second to respond, “I don’t know much of the earths history, but I have heard of a form beyond super saiyan.” Boten suddenly remembered, “right. It was called ascended super saiyan, or super saiyan two. It was exponentially stronger than super saiyan, but only three saiyans achieved it, Gohan, Goku, and Vegeta.” Boten looked at Zoro with a questioning gaze, “you really think I could reach that level of power?” Zoro nodded grimly, and followed it up with, “with Mitaku out of commission, you’re the only one who’d be able to stop Zae.” This comment confused Boten, “what about you? You could help, right.” Zoro looked at the ground guiltily, “I’m not much of a warrior, why else do you think I would ask for help to save my planet instead of just training.” Boten said nothing to that. Zoro told Boten “there’s a training room down the hallway, just follow the blue lights. There are some other fighters there, but none of them are close to your level of fighting.” Boten nodded, and walked off after saying “you know, you could try to train as well. I know you’re not very fond of us for what happened to your planet, but it would be an honor to fight next to you.” Zoro stood in that room for a few minutes, unsure how Boten knew how he felt, and wasn’t sure wether he should try to fight… When Boten arrived at the training room, it defiantly wasn’t what he expected. He had expected something like a gym, many with a boxing ring for sparring. This was just a massive room, the walls were like everything else in this place, plain white walls, with the occasional grey of metal supports. The room itself contained tons of punching bags, dummies, some metal doors that Boten suspected led to changing rooms. There was armor hanging on the walls, they looked similar to the armor that the z warriors wore when training in the chamber of spirit and time. (Hyperbolic time chamber.) there were call circles drawn on the ground for people to spar in, but the person who drew them obviously didn’t expect the people to be able to fly. There were multiple people sparring in the circles, and in the air. Boten quickly sensed all of their power levels, and found that Zoro was mostly correct, most of them were much weaker than himself, but there were some that were around his level. A small arcosian flew to him, and informed him in a drill Sargent voice, “alright, I haven’t seen you in here yet, so here are the rules, keep your shirt pants, shoes and other assorted clothing on at all times. As for sparring rules, no killing, unfatal maiming is allowed. Otherwise, the rules are don’t bother another warrior’s training.” Boten nodded, and the arcosian flew off towards a balcony above the floor. there were others that seemed to be watching the people training. *Interesting…* Boten looked around at the strong power levels he sensed. There was two Namekians, sparring and fighting at an impressive speed. *I could tell them I’ve been on Namek. Then if they ask what’s it was like, I can’t exactly tell them, “oh, my friend blew up your planet…”* He continued to the other strong power level, two big karbonians, both in their transformed state. *No, I’d rather train with someone one on one.* so he looked towards the final power level, a saiyan with white hair, a blue shirt, black jacket, jeans and shoes. One of his eyes were dark brown, nearly black, but the other eye, was a bright blue. As Boten approached him, the other saiyan studied him. Just as Boten was about to ask if he wanted to spar, the other saiyan said, “let me guess, you want to spar.” Boten was too shocked to form words for a few seconds, “how did you know?” The other saiyan shrugged, “well, it’s a training room, and that’s the most probable thing to ask.” Boten nodded. With a sigh, the other saiyan unfolded his arms and got off the wall. “Well then, I’ll let you attack first.” Boten shrugged, and flew backwards while shooting a small volley of weak ki balls. The other saiyan dodged the ki blast, flying towards Boten at an impressive speed, but Boten saw his fist rearing back, and blocked the strike with his arms. Despite the fact that Boten had formed a thin layer of powerful ki to protect his arms from the strike, the attack nearly broke his arms. It did however, send him flying backwards, stunned from the force of the attack. The other saiyan attacked Boten with a volley of punches and kicks, none of the strikes as powerful as his opening attack, but they all did sufficient damage. By the time the volley of blows was over, Boten felt as if he had been run over by a tractor, then Boten recovered enough to send out a shockwave of ki. It was non-damaging, but sent the other saiyan back enough to give Boten a second to breathe. The other saiyan recovered quickly, and flew at him again. Boten put his hand out, palm facing the other saiyan, and shot out a ki wave. The other saiyan dodged it effortlessly, and tried to strike Boten’s stomach. Boten dodged the attack, but the other saiyan almost immediately changed course and kicked Boten’s side. The strike of the blow caused Boten to cough out a small amount of blood. Boten tried to elbow the other saiyan, but he dodged that attack again. *Its like he knows what I’m going to do the second I’m about to do it. How can I beat him?* Boten flew backwards, away from the other saiyan, trying to think of a plan. *Well, he’s not to fast, if I can move fast enough-* the other saiyan shot a weak wave of ki. Boten found his chance, and shot a much more powerful wave of ki in return. Their waves of ki clashed, sending light throughout the room, as well as strong, hurricane like winds. The thing about ki clashes is that you can’t get out of one once they start, you have to keep using up your ki, keep trying to over power your enemy, until someone looses power, or gets overpowered. Luckily for Boten, the other saiyan did not have strong ki, and Boten overpowered him easily. Boten’s wave shot forward a little slower than a bullet, and upon hitting the other saiyan, exploded with the force of multiple sticks of dynamite, a weak blast for Boten, but he didn’t want to hurt his opponent to much. The smoke cleared, revealing the other saiyan, who was now beat up and bleeding. *He can’t take much of a hit, but he can sure deliver one.* Boten thought while recovering his breath. Boten noticed something bizarre about the other saiyan, the blue eye that he had, was now slightly glowing, *it’s just his aura.* Boten thought, but he wasn’t quite sure. Boten charged up some ki in his hands, which made them shine with an odd blue light. The other saiyan, got back into fighting position, but did nothing. Boten shot the ki that he had charged in one hand, at first it was a small ball of fast moving energy. As the other saiyan moved out of the way, the single ball of ki split into multiple balls of ki that followed the other saiyan. The other saiyan flew around for a bit, but when he realized that the balls of ki followed him, he turned around and shot small waves of ki that obliderated the balls of ki. Once they were all obliderated, the saiyan turned towards were Boten was last, and he wasn’t there. He quickly searched for Boten’s power level, and found Boten’s ki behind him. Before he could turn around, Boten shot a powerful ball of large ki that hit the other saiyan’s back and sent him to he ground. The saiyan was slammed into the ground, and the ki ball held him there for a few seconds before exploding. This explosion was much larger than the small explosion that the ki wave made. This explosion was large enough to destroy a large hill. Once the dust cleared, the saiyan was having trouble getting up. Boten flew down to the saiyan and helped him up. Boten nodded in respect and said, “you’re pretty strong, my name’s Boten by the way.” The other saiyan nodded, and replied with, “my name is Sans, you’re strong as well. Now I think I need to go get healed by a Namekian.” Boten nodded, and said “sorry.” Sans shook his head and chuckled, “don’t be, that’s one of the best fights I’ve had in years!” Then he walked off, and Boten realized, that all the people on the balcony above him, were watching him. *Have they been watching the whole fight?* In a galaxy a few light years away from earth, a saiyan was making his way through a town that was made of mostly metal buildings to compensate for the harsh sandstorm that seemed to rage throughout the entire planet no matter what time of day. The saiyan was wearing a cloak, hiding the saiyan’s appearance. The only way you would know that he was a saiyan, was the tail that wrapped around the cloak like a belt. The sand and wind didn’t bother the saiyan, he was used to it by now. He had no idea how long he had been on the planet, he remembered crashing on it, the impact destroying his ship die to the planets immense gravity. The saiyan kept walking down the metal sidewalks that were covered in sand, until he reached a small, dome shaped building. The door was automatic, it would only open if the person trying to get in was authorized. The door opened for the saiyan as he quickly went inside. Despite the fact he was inside, he did not take off the cloak. The small building didn’t have much in it, some cabnets with food, a counter with some empty glass bottles, and a small round table with a single seat. The final two things in the room were a small desk in the back of the room with two seats, and behind the desk was a wooden door. In one of the seats at the desk, there was a small alien, no more than five feet tall, it has a single antenna in the middle of its head, completely black eyes with no whites, rough, dark green skin that had lots of little small bumps on it due to the constant heat and sand of the planet. It had no nose, and its teeth were all fang like, making it look like he was snarling when he smiled upon seeing the saiyan. “I see you have come back, saiyan. How may I help you?” The saiyan sighed in tempered frustration, “you can call me by my name, you know.” The other alien’s smile disappeared, “your kind destroyed my original planet, despite the fact your kind vowed not to, after Goku and Vegeta brought it back with the dragon balls.” The saiyan decided to change the subject, and ask the question he wanted to. “I’m told that you can tell me were to find a operational space ship, something that can get me off this planet.” The alien nodded. The saiyan was unable to control his anger and frustration, “why did you not tell me that the first time I came to you, asking to get off this planet!” A subtle wind and green glow filled the room. The alien shook his head, and said, “because you did not ask. Were is the other saiyan, the one who doesn’t make green light any time he gets mad?” The saiyan was able to calm himself down after a few seconds, *why does this little guy have to be so frustrating, I just want to crush his skull, to beat the answers out of him.* the saiyan took a breath, *calm down, control your rage, you’re not a mindless beast anymore.* “So there is a ship, one we can use to get to earth?” The alien nodded, “do we need anything that is not on the ship, to go to earth.” The alien considered that for a moment, then replied with, “no physical object.” The saiyan was able to ask the next question calmly, “what else do we need to fly the ship, and do you have it?” The alien said instantly, “you need to know Namekian, and I do know enough to pilot the ship.” This was one of the first times that the saiyan had been happy for a reason besides having the chance to kill someone powerful. “I’ll go get the other saiyan, then you’ll tell us we’re to go, and tell us how to pilot the ship.” Before the alien could ask how he would get back, the saiyan said, “the other saiyan will fly you back, he’s much faster than me.” The alien seemed to consider the offer, then asked, “why do you call the other saiyan, “the other saiyan?” Are you not friends?” The saiyan shook his head, “no, the last time we met each other, we attempted to kill each other. He nearly killed me, but I survived, then-” The alien waved his hand dismissively, “you’ve told me the story multiple times, I need not be reminded again.” The saiyan nodded, then left the small hut and went to go get the other saiyan. *How humorous, first, I nearly died on Namek, then, I find out that my only hope to get to earth, is a Namekian ship.* The saiyan chuckled at the thought, and laughed with glee at the thought of escaping this planet. Back on earth, Boten was still training, despite the fact that it was almost twelve o’clock at night, Boten barely noticed the fact that most of the other fighters had left. Up on the balcony, a few of the observers where whispering among themselves, “that saiyan, he’s been training at the same rate for almost four hours now…” Another observer responded with a chuckle, “most saiyans are like that.” The other observer was still surprised, “but for four hours…” Boten was attacking the punching bag, and once again, destroyed the bag with a punch that he had put to much strength in. After a frustrated sigh, he went to go get another punching bag, but thought better of it. He looked around the room to look for a sparring partner, but there was no one left that would that be a challenge for him. With another frustrated sigh, he went to his room, was the bland, non-painted room he had awoken in almost four hours ago. When Boten fell asleep, he had troubling dreams. First, he had seen the mountain he was in, get destroyed by a massive green ki blast. Then, he saw a entire city, being destroyed. There were explosions, fire, and buildings crumbling. Then he saw two fighters, one was cloaked in a dark red aura, the other was surrounded in a green aura that seemed more like a miniature sun. The fighter surrounded in green was defeated with a simple ki blast, then the warrior shrouded in red, *Zae,* he realized, was flying into the air, charging a power ball of ki in his hand.He aimed it at the ground, and calmly shot the planet destroying attack, right into the earth. Then, he was in space, seeing the earth. At first, it looked normal, then, he saw a bright glow on a large piece of land. Then, there was the explosion, it sounded like a thousand nuclear bombs firing at the same time, and the explosion itself, was a massive, red dome of destruction that constantly expanded outwards. It stopped once it was the size of a major continent, and he could see the damage it was doing, tsunamis, earthquakes, then after a few seconds, the planet exploded in a massive spectacle. The dream changed once again, they were on a foreign planet, Kasan, who was in a form beyond super saiyan, was fighting Nogaro. Mitaku, also in the form beyond super saiyan. was fighting someone he had never seen before. Sans was fighting a green, humanoid thing with spots on it. *Cell,* he realized. Then, he turned his head to the final set of fighters, it was Zae, and Akuryō, but Zae was surrounded in a pure white aura, making him shine as bright as a falling star. Then, he heard a dark voice in his dreams, “you are not with your friends, because you will die, and so will your friends.” Everyone started to fight, and within seconds, all of his friends were dead, except for Zae. “I can tell, that he will escape from my control, but he, still will die.” Then, Akuryō shot a black beam of energy through Zae’s heart, making his aura disappear instantly. *This is Akuryō’s voice.* Boten realized. “Even the brightest light, will be snuffed out.” All the fighters turned towards him. “You do not have to die with them, you can join me, and survive.” Even though he heard Akuryō’s voice, his lips were not moving. Boten shook his head, “I will never leave my friends, if they die, I die with them.” Akuryō smiled, “and yet, Kasan, has already died. Soon, Mitaku will follow. I will have Zae destroy the earth before he escapes my control, you can be on that planet when it’s destroyed, or you can die.” Boten did not move, and replied with a stern voice, “explain to me something.” Akuryō tilted his head slightly. “When we were on Namek, the Ginyu force was there, despite the fact that they died thousands of years ago. Then, once we were on earth, Freeza, Nappa, Vegeta and Raditz were on earth. Why?” Akuryō chuckled before answering. “History repeats itself. You and your friends, just like the z-fighters a thousand years ago, went to Namek. Then, one of you obtained the legendary form of super saiyan, and one of you stayed behind. Then, you came back to earth, and similar to Vegeta after the fight with cell, one of you was taken control of, and set against their friends. You can keep continuing along the path of your elders, and have the earth destroyed by a demon, just like majin but did thousands of years ago, but now, you won’t have the dragon balls to fix it. Or, you can join me, and I might spare this planet.” Boten was silent for a few seconds. “So, everything that has happpened, Namek, Zae, all that destruction, was because of you.” Akuryō nodded, and replied with, “yes, but more destruction can be prevented.” Boten was quiet for a few more seconds. “No.” Akuryō looked shocked, as if the answer “no,” was uncomprehendable. “After all that you did Akuryō, I will never join you. I would rather die a thousand times before I joined you.” Akuryō’s rage was plain on his face. “Boten, you hav made your choice, and I will warn you, the fate you face, will be worse than a million deaths.” With that, the dream faded, and Boten awoke, sweating, and breathing heavily. He looked at the clock on the wall next to him. It was seven in the morning. *I’ve had enough sleep, I need to train now.* he got up, put his gi on, and went to the training room. On his way there, he saw Zoro. “Hey Zoro, where are you going.” Zoro turned his head around quickly. “You’re already awake Boten? You only slept for seven hours.” Boten shrugged, and said, “that’s enough sleep. So where are you going?” Zoro looked down, “I took your advice, I’m going to go train. I’m tired of only being a nuisance in battle.” Boten smiled, “we could spar.” Zoro shrugged, “okay.” When they entered the training room, Boten noticed something, Sans wasn’t there, before he could ask why, Zoro told him, “the other saiyan you sparred with is resting, you beat him up pretty bad.” Boten started to say “I didn’t mean to do so much damage,” but Zoro interrupted him, “it’s not your fault, besides, he’ll get a zenkia boost. Now, let’s start sparring.” Boten nodded, and they sparred. The next week wasn’t very eventful, Boten and Zoro trained each day, and the day after Boten and Zoro first started sparring, Sans came and sparred with them. So then it was a free for all between the three fighters. Boten heard about what Zae was doing to the outside world, he was destroying towns, cities, and the earths population went down quickly. Soon, half of the earths population was gone. Once Boten tried to leave the mountain they were hiding in, in hope to stop Zae. Before he could leave, Sans had stopped him, telling him, “you won’t have a chance at stopping him, not now. You need to train, otherwise you’ll just be wasting another life. Reminded of the dream of his friends dying, Boten decided to continue to train. Then at the end of that week, they got news that Zae was coming their way. Zoro got Boten and Sans, “I don’t think that we’re strong enough to stop him, but we have to try, otherwise, we all might die.” None of them argued. Zoro turned to Boten, “have you reached the level of super saiyan yet?” Boten shook his head sadly. Zoro was quiet for a few seconds then said, “well, perhaps you’ll reach it during the battle. Sans, do have the level of super saiyan? I know you’ve never used it, but-” Sans shook his head, “I have a, genetic disease I guess you might call it. It runs in my family, it prevents us from reaching the legendary form of super saiyan. Before Zoro could ask what it was, Boten quickly said, “Zae’s getting closer by the second, we need to go stop him, now.” Sans and Zoro nodded, opened the metal hatch in the side of the mountain, the only entrance and exit, and they flew outside. Out in space, the two saiyans had escaped from the sand planet, and we’re getting closer to earth. The saiyan that had talked to the alien on the sand planet told the other saiyan, “we’ll be at earth within the hour.” Yelling so that he would be heard. The other saiyan responded with an impatient voice, “it’s about time! So, are you ready to see Mitaku, Zoro and Zae again? It’ll be an odd reunion, especially since the last time you met, you tried to kill them. Word of advice when we meet them, Harpor :don’t get mad.” Back on earth, it had taken them only a few minutes to find Zae, and they almost ran into Zae. Zae was smiling cruelly, “well, well, I see you want to die Boten. I let you live last time, as a warning.” He looked at Zoro, “I have to admit, I didn’t expect you to work with those saiyans again.” He turned to Sans, “and who are you?” Sans spoke quietly, “now that, doesn’t matter,” then he spoke louder, “because you won’t live long enough to memorize it.” Zae laughed. “Such spirit! I can’t wait to break it.” He turned back to Boten, “tell me, how is Mitaku?” He was still smiling, as if the fact that he had nearly killed Mitaku was completely hilarious, and it enraged Boten to the point were all logical thought left him, and he charged Zae. Despite Boten’s training, he wasn’t able to match Zae. With a single hand, Zae was able to block or deflect all of Boten attacks. Thankfully, Zoro and Sans joined in, but still, it seemed that Zae had no problems holding them off. Boten flew upwards, while charging a ki blast, while Zoro got knocked backwards, away from Zae, but quickly recovered. When Zae tried to hit Sans though, Sans dodged out of the way before Zae had even punched. Zae had a moment of confusion, and Sans striked Zae right in the throat, causing Zae to be unable to breathe for a short time. Zoro and Sans used this time to relentlessly punch and kick Zae in every direction. Boten’s attack had finished, he was going to use a technique that he had only used in training. Boten yelled “scatter!” His friends knew that that meant he was going to use the technique, and flew backwards quickly. Boten then shot a volley of balls, but the difference between this and a regular volley, was that he was moving around his opponent at a speed that made him unseeable, surrounding his enemy with a relentless volley of ki blast. Each blast caused a small explosion, and when Boten was done with the attack, the explosion was the size of a Namekian house. Once the dust faded, They saw Zae, standing there, (flying there.) unharmed. As a matter of fact, he laughed. “Your efforts are in vain. My power increases by the second.” He started to fly down to the ground, and the other three warriors followed. Once they were on the ground, Zae continued, “each second, I get closer to becoming a demon, and soon, I will obtain the next stage. Once I go through all five stages, I will become a demon, and my power will be unlimited.” Boten, trying to stall so he could regain power, asked, “what stage are you in now?” Zae smiled, revealing his shark like teeth, “right now, I’m in the third stage, soon, I’ll be in the fourth stage. Then, within a week, I will obtain the fifth and final stage.” Boten, wasn’t sure what to say, so he said nothing, and he attacked Zae. Zae immediately caught his attack, and returned with a punch to the face, which knocked him back to where he was before charging Zae. Then Zoro extended his arm so that he could hit Zae from where he was, but Zae also caught his strike,mug this time, he cut Zoro’s hand off at the wrist. The arm returned to its normal size as Zoro let out a quick scream of pain. Sans then charged Zae in a similar fashion to Boten, but instead of attempting to punch Zae, he shot a quick ki blast into Zae’s face, then flew around to Zae’s back and kicked him in the neck. While an attack of that strength should have sent an opponent flying backwards, it only made Zae stumble slightly. Zae turned around and attempted to lash out at Sans, but Sans dodged the fast attack with incredible speed and grace. Sans flew backwards to put some distance between him and Zae. Before Zae could try to attack Sans, Boten launched himself at Zae, firing multiple blast of ki, each were powerful enough to destroy tanks, but only seemed to annoy Zae. Zae turned, firing a red ki blast of his own at Boten, which Boten barely dodged. As it was, it burned off the front of his gi, leaving only his weighted clothing covering his chest and abdomen. Sans then striked Zae in the back of his head, and before Zae could react, Zoro came and landed a kick to the back of Zae’s leg, causing him to fall to his knees. Boten took the opening, and flew forward as fast as he could, and kneed Zae’s face as hard as he could, making a loud burst of noise that sounded like a sonic boom. This knocked Zae backwards, as Sans moved out from behind him and next to Zoro and Boten. Zae stopped himself midair, and rightened himself. He wasn’t even scratched. Then everything went to hell. Zae screamed, but his voice sounded much louder than a voice normally could, and it made a echo, despite the fact that they weren’t surrounded by walls. His aura flamed up, expanding to the size of a garbage truck, creating a whirlwind that launched Boten, Sans, and Zoro backwards. The force of his ki made large pieces of the ground beneath them get ripped up out of the earth. Then, his aura seemed to burst again, obliterating the ground around him, making a large, spherical crater in the ground. Zae’s aura shrank to normal size, but was still bright and violent, and he stopped screaming. His power had nearly doubled. Boten barely had the time to get himself upright and think, *damnit!* and Zae charged at him. Despite the fact that Boten formed a shield of ki in front of him strong enough to stop a mountain destroying attack, and Zae went through it like it wasn’t there. Then Zae punched him in the stomach, tearing through his weighted clothing, piercing his skin and going into his stomach. The only reason Boten survived the initial strike, was because his intestines were pushed out of the way, and did not pierce them. Boten coughed out blood. The pain wasn’t bad at first, just a dull warm pain. Then Zae pulled his fist out, it was covered in blood. Then the pain really started, it felt as if he had been split in half. Boten couldn’t stand the pain, and crumbled to the ground, and nearly lost consciousness. Zae turned around, and said “who’s next?” Sans flew at Zae with incredible speed, but despite his speed, Zae struck Sans in the stomach, grabbed his arm and threw him into the ground, creating a large dust cloud. Zoro had not moved, and Zae turned to him, and smiled sympathetically. “I know you despise the saiyans for what they did to your planet, so go ahead,” he pointed to Boten, around whom a pool of blood was forming, “kill him, and you can join me in gaining unlimited power.” Zoro looked towards Boten, and scowled. He flew over to him slowly, kneeled down, and put his hand on Boten’s back. “Zoro, if you hurt him, I’ll have to kill you.” Sans was back up, and had a grim expression, as if he knew he would die today, but was going to fight until he did. Zoro grinned, “don’t worry Sans, I wasn’t going to do that.” Zoro closed his eyes and attempted to heal Boten. He managed to close up his pierced stomach, but was unable to do anything about the blood he lost. *At least he’ll live..* Zoro thought. He flew over beside Sans, and said in a matter of fact tone, “I would rather die than join you.” Zae grunted, and simply said, “as you wish.” Before Zoro or Sans could do anything, Zae shot a red beam the size of his fist at Zoro. By the time Sans reacted, Zoro was already being pushed back by the beam. Thankfully, Zoro was able to raise one hand in defense before the blast hit him. “Damnit!” Sans said as he flew upwards. Sans shot four or so ki blast at Zae, hoping that he would be distracted by his blast. Zae diminished his hopes when he almost dismissively waved his other hand, creating a shockwave that stayed in front of him like a barrier for about a second, and obliderated the ki blasts. The beam that was pushing Zoro back slammed him into a rock, then, the beam seemed to form into a ball, pushing Zoro further into the boulder. Sans saw his chance, and flew towards Zae, attempting to strike Zae and make him loose control of the ki blast. Sans hit him, and did no damage. The hand that Zae used to shoot the blast at Zoro started to shine. Sans hit him with multiple strong attacks, but didn’t even make him flinch. Zae shot a shining ball of ki, about the size of an ant, that was small and weak, but moved to fast for Sans to stop it. The small ball of ki hit the red ball that was holding Zoro, and exploded. All Sans could do was watch in horror as the explosion obliderated the ground around Zoro and completely destroyed the rock that he was pressed up against. When the dust cleared, he saw Zoro, who’s arm was now burnt off. He fell to his knees, overwhelmed with the pain from his missing left hand and his burnt off right arm. Zoro didn’t have to suffer for long, due to the fact that he quickly lost consciousness. Sans realized that he had turned his attention away from Zae, and turned around, but he had realized his mistake too late. He turned around, just to be hit in the stomach. Sans coughed out blood on to Zae’s arm. Sans fell to his knees, grasping his stomach, still coughing up blood. Zae grabbed his wrist, and lifted him into the air. Zae’s cruel smile returned, “how pitiful, using half my power, I can take you down with a single hit.” Sans had stopped coughing up blood, but blood still filled his mouth, and ran down his chin. Sans responded to Zae’s taunt by spitting the blood into his mouth on Zae’s face. After Zae wiped the blood off his face, he repeatedly punched Sans stomach, he did not put enough strength in it to kill Sans, but enough to cause Sans extreme pain. After a few minutes of this, Sans was wishing he would just die, wishing that he would not have to endure this pain anymore. Then, Sans heard a female voice call out, “Zae! Put him down.” Zae dropped him after hesitating for a second. “I thought you were dead Mitaku.” Sans did not have the energy to turn his head, and could not see Mitaku. *Who’s Mitaku?* he wondered, and unfortunately, he did not loose consciousness, and had to endure the extreme pain longer. Zae’s smile disappeared, replaced by a grim expression. Mitaku was slowly walking towards Zae, she looked furious, but had tears streaming down her face. She stopped when she was only a few feet away from Zae. She shook her head slowly, “I still can’t believe this happened to you Zae. I’m sorry.” Zae started to look enraged, “sorry about what? Treating me like dirt? Making me hate you? Making me believe that you considered me your brother, then tossing me aside like trash?!” Mitaku looked down, and replied with a shaky voice, “I’m sorry for all of that, but the thing I’m sorry for the most, Zae.” She looked up at him again, “is the fact that I’m about to kill you.” Zae grunted at this, then flew forward faster than light, and struck Mitaku with all of his strength. It should have knocked her out, but to Zae’s surprise, she caught his fist with one hand, and she had effortlessly turned into a super saiyan, and was much stronger than she ever had been before. Zae’s surprise was plain on his face, “you mastered the super saiyan form…” Mitaku, instead of replying, punched Zae’s stomach, sending him flying backwards. Then, before Zae could recover, Mitaku moved behind Zae instantly and shot a golden wave of energy into Zae’s back, propelling him into the air, putting him at least a thousand feet in the air. Zae stopped himself, turned around to fire a ki wave at Mitaku, but she wasn’t there. Mitaku was behind him, and hit him in the back of the neck before he could realize that she had gotten behind him. The strike almost broke his neck, normally Mitaku would let her opponent recover from that, but now, she had an intention to kill. She fired multiple ki blast into his back, then appeared in front of him, and kneed his stomach, causing him to cough up blood. Mitaku slammed her fist into Zae’s face, breaking his nose. Mitaku was relentless, she repeatedly punched Zae’s stomach, face, chest, in a volley of strikes moving at the speed of lightning. She uppercut him, then appeared above him, and shot a large wave of energy, sending Zae, who was screaming from the pain that the blast inflicted, into the ground a thousand feet below. Even though the blast didn’t explode when it hit the ground, it still did a lot of damage to Zae. Mitaku flew to the ground slowly, as Zae attempted to get up, but his efforts were in vain, he didn’t have the strength. Mitaku walked slowly to Zae, taking her time so that she could charge up a ki blast that would kill Zae. *I will kill him, I have the strength now. I will kill him, he will be the last death I’m responsible for, then I’ll find my uncle, and hide from the rest of the universe with him.* she had her mind set, she would not falter, she would not yield. She reached Zae, who was up on his hands and knees. Mitaku swiftly kicked his stomach, forcing him to fall back down and grab his stomach as a reflex from the pain. She pointed the ball of ki that would obliderate Zae at him. “You wouldn’t kill me, I’m your brother, I’m your friend. Please, spare me!” The blood that constantly streamed down his face reminded her of tears, he looked terrified. Mitaku spoke in a matter of fact tone, “I will kill you, you were my brother, but no longer. You’re not my friend, you’re a demon who wears his face. You do not deserve to be spared.” Then. She shot the blast. Mitaku had no way of knowing that Zae was stalling for time, no way of knowing that he would soon achieve the fourth stage, and that he would become too powerful for her to even attempt to stop. Her attack was destroyed by a shockwave, but this shockwave was blood red, sending what looked like a massive wave of fire around Zae. His aura changed, so that it looked like he was surrounded by fire. There was a loud sound of energy humming, mixed with the sound of bones breaking. Another shockwave was sent out, this time throwing Mitaku backwards multiple yards. Zae started to float in the air, as if an invisible force was picking him up off the ground. Zae’s incisors grew until they looked like fangs, his eyes were closed. Then, the sound like sounded like breaking bones, increased to the point were it hurt Mitaku’s ears as she got back up. Then, Mitaku saw something that terrified her. Two horns, made out of bones that were pitch black were growing as if in a time laps video, out of Zae’s head. Describing them like that was an understatement, these were like space, a pitch black void of nothingness. The horns weren’t small, or goat like they came far out his head, Long and twisting, making them look similar to a nail without the head. Then, two bones that were a similar black color to the horns each the size of a fist, tore through his gi, and they kept expanding, creating a skeletal pair of wings. Then, swirling, fire like energy replaced the blood that the bones had made when they cut through his skin, and it surrounded the black bone and formed bats wing out of the fire like energy. Zae opened his eyes, and what Mitaku saw made her yelp aloud. He had no eyes, just empty sockets filled with white flames. Zae held his hand out in front of him and studied it. “Such power, it’s, overwhelming.” Zae’s voice had changed, instead of sounding like he had been gargling liquid fire, it now sound loud, and seemed to echo, despite the lack of walls. Zae’s smile returned, and Mitaku noticed that his incisors were now long, and tapered to a sharp point. “Do you fear me now Mitaku? Do you feel my power?” Mitaku attempted to sense his power, but sensed nothing. Zae shook his head and chuckled, “of course you can’t, my power has become to godly, hasn’t it.” He didn’t say it like a question, more like a statement. Mitaku replied quietly, “your power is not godly, it’s nothing even close. Your power is evil, and demonic, it’s,” Zae waved his hand dismissively, “technicalities Mitaku, technicalities. My power is close enough to a deity, it doesn’t matter wether it’s holy or demonic.” Mitaku took a shaky breath, and hoped that Zae didn’t see her trembling, and retorted with, “well then, I guess I can say that I killed a god.” Zae studied her, as if she was an unexpected result of a science experiment, then laughed. That enraged Mitaku, *I’m fighting for my life, and he’s laughing!* She flew towards him at speeds faster than sound and almost as fast as light. It drained a lot of her energy, but she needed the speed, and punched him. She should have been unstoppable at that speed, her punch could have put a crater in the planet large enough to make a Great Lake. Zae stopped it with a single finger. The force of the punch pulverized the ground beneath them, and sent out a large burst of noise that could be heard back at the mountain hideout. It didn’t even surprise Zae. “It seems my power has increased more than tenfold. That means you’re done for.” He punched her stomach, causing her to double over and fall to her knees. He then absently kicked her face, enough force to send her up in the air. To finish it off, he quickly slammed his open palm into Mitaku’s stomach, fast enough to create a shockwave that broke her already damaged ribs, and sent her flying back, kicking up a dust trail. Then when she hit the ground, dust flew in the air as if a bomb had exploded. Mitaku was having pain induced spasms as Zae walked over to her calmly. He then planted his foot where he had broke some of her ribs, which was also the same place that he had pierced her with a metal pole the last time they fought. This simple gesture caused Mitaku pain. Then, Zae applied pressure, making an audible crack, causing Mitaku to yell out in pain. Zae’s smile disappeared as he insulted her, “you’re pitiful Mitaku, the first super saiyan since the z-warriors, and you can’t even stop a single human.” He spat on the ground, but instead of spit, a small ball of fire came out of his mouth. When it hit the ground, it extinguished immediately, leaving a few ashes. “This day, you will die, I will not show you mercy again.” Mitaku gasped for breath, she couldn’t breath, her body was filled with pain as everything faded to black, then, the pain disappeared, she could breath again, and she opened her eyes. She was still filled with pain, but Zae was no longer crushing her rib cage, he had been removed off of her. When she saw who got him off her, she nearly screamed. The person was a saiyan, which she could figure out easily thanks to his tail. Bu the fur wasn’t brown or black, it was green. The saiyan was wearing similar clothing to Broly, and had green hair that defied gravity. *Harpor!* She couldn’t get up, and was in shock. How is he alive, why didn’t he try to kill her, and most of all, why did he save her? All these questions ran through Mitaku’s head as Harpor spoke to her without turning around and looking at her, “I don’t have enough time to explain why I’m here Mitaku, and I’ll understand if you don’t believe me, but I’m here to help.” Before Mitaku could retort with something, Harpor flew off to fight Zae while Mitaku tried to move with no avail. Zae looked down at his stomach where Harpor had shot a ball of ki at him that got him off of Mitaku. “You’ve gotten stronger Harpor.” He looked back up at Harpor, “you seemed to have regained your sanity. How did you survive Kasan’s attack?” Harpor replied with shooting a large ball of green ki at Zae. Zae deflected the blast with ease, and flew at Harpor with incredible speed, at a speed that someone even as strong as Mitaku couldn’t keep up with. Harpor dodged the attack with ease. The two warriors exchanged a multitude of attacks, blocking, punching, kicking, and got a feel for each other’s strength. Neither of them even used half of their power, and we’re not intending to do any damage. After a few seconds, they stopped. Zae’s confident smile disappeared, ” so Harpor, you’ve raised your power to my level, without obtaining the power of a deity.” Harpor scoffed in response, ” you got a power increase from a deity, and while it is a large increase in power, your strength is not even close to being able to be classified as a deity.” Zae snarled at Harpor, then flew at him and attempted to attack him, but Harpor easily blocked the strike, ” both of our powers increase constantly, the difference between you and me is,” Harpor got the crazed smile that he had when he was a mindless killing machine on Namek. “I started off stronger than you.” Harpor kneed Zae’s stomach, inflicting Zae the first pain he felt since he had turned into a monster. Harpo let go of Zae’s fist, and headbut Zae hard enough to send him flying backwards. Just as Zae recovered and uprightened himself, Harpor flew to Zae and slammed his forearm while flying forward causing Zae to yell in pain, although he was not heard over Harpor’s crazed laughs. Harpor then slammed Zae into a nearby pillar of rocks that had grass and plants growing out of the cracks in the rocks. The pillar shattered like class that had a brick thrown into it. Harpor stopped flying forwards, but Zae’s momentum carried him through the air for a few seconds. Just long enough for Harpor to fly above him and charge up a powerful ball of ki. Zae recovered, but was unable to stop his movement, and opened his eyes just to see Harpor fire the ball of ki at him. The ki ball stopped Zae’s forward momentum, and pushed him towards the ground. Zae was unable to stop the blast until he was standing on the ground, using it to support him. Harpor laughed at his efforts, ” I expected more of a fight from you Zae! You’re just as pathetic as when I fought you on earth. His hand started to shine as their surroundings changed color multiple times, but it only lasted a second. Harpor then followed a volley of small ki blast that fired outward, looking like they would miss the blast, but then they curved inwards to the blast, pushing it further and further into the ground, as each blast increased its size and strength. Zae was able to yell one word before it exploded: “DAMNIIIT!” Then the blast exploded. Harpor used this time to use all of his power, after all, he knew that the attack would damage Zae, but would not even get close to killing him. Sure enough, after just a few seconds, the dust cloud was blown away by a strong wing created by Zae’s aura. Zae was breathing heavily, he had been cut and burned all over. Then, his aura flashed, looking like it exploded, and when it regained form again, it was twice as large as before, but the aura had wisp of it slashing across the ground, making ravines and burning grass. Large chunks of the earth rose slowly, and from every crack and crevice red fire like energy rose up. The sky turned black, and the clouds turned blood red, this terrified Miraku, but Harpor only felt dull curiousness. Then, everything seemed to bend towards Zae, and everything seemed to happen in slow motion until they heard the sound of an explosion. All the ki coming up from the ground had gone towards Zae, and had gone into him, and the sky and clouds turned to normal. *I see, he’s focusing his power, all of it… Then,* Harpor sighed, and said out loud “I’ll have to use all of my power.” Then he grinned, and added *finally.* as an after thought. His power increase was subtle, after all, he didn’t want Zae to notice that he too was using his full power. Although, once Harpor reached full power, he lost all rational thought, it was a common problem with saiyans: when they used all of there power, or use a transformation, they lose control little by little. This was a even worse problem with super saiyans, and even more so of a problem with Broly’s descendants when they used the legendary form. Harpor’s aura changed, instead of being like a normal super saiyan’s, his aura was now a spherical subtle green light. Zae’s aura had disappeared, replaced with a vibrant red light that outlined Zae’s body. Then, Zae disappeared, leaving Harpor confused for a split second, and then Zae appeared in front of him, and tried to punch Harpor’s face. Harpor didn’t block it, and it hit him, right in the face, making a sound like a rock breaking in half. The cracking sound, was Zae’s finger bones, and that was clear when he screamed out in pain. Zae flew backwards quickly, not moving his broken fingers. This made Harpor smile, because what he lost in speed, he gained in strength and resistance. Harpor quickly pursued Zae and landed a blow to his stomach, making Zae scream out in pain again. Harpor clasped his hands together and hit Zae over the head hard enough to send him falling back towards the ground at the speed at which a boulder would. Zae was able to recover just before hitting the ground, and noticed Harpor coming at him again, only a few feet away, giving Zae a millisecond to move out the way. Zae managed to dodge Harpor’s strike, and was glad he did when Harpor’s strike made another crater in the ground the size of a SUV. Zae quickly kneed Harpor’s stomach, and it did push Harpor back, although it did no damage. Zae flew behind Harpor, and fired a volley of small red ki blast, pushing Harpor into the ground. Zae flew up a hundred feet, then fired a small, fast, and powerful ki blast. In reached the ground in seconds, and made an explosion that was large enough to make Zae glad he flew up a hundred feet in the air, and smiled at the explosion, “try to walk off that one, you legendary pain in the-” he was interrupted by a green ki blast the size of a car that was coming at Zae. Despite of the size of the attack, it had little power behind it, and Zae deflected it with the same effort that he would sway away a fly. Zae saw Harpor flying up at him, and Zae sneered with annoyance, *that attack did no damage, and he’s very persistent. This is going to be a hard fight.* Zae appeared right above Harpor as he flew upwards, and kneed Harpor in the face, halting Harpor’s movement, and making Harpor float downwards due to the force of the strike. Zae flew in front of Harpor, and assaulted him with a volley of jabs, knees, and kicks. After a few seconds of this, Harpor caught one of Zae’s hand and was going to return with a punch of his own. Zae saw the attack coming and parried Harpor’s strike, Zae punched Harpor’s stomach, making Harpor let go of Zae’s hand. Zae grabbed Harpor’s forearm, turned, and flipped Harpor over his shoulder and threw him to the ground a hundred feet below. When Harpor hit the ground, Zae could see the dust cloud it made, even from the altitude he was at. Zae flew down to the ground to inspect the crater, and when the dust cleared, Harpor wasn’t there. “What the-” then just as he realized what happened, he got hit in the back of the head by Harpor. Once Zae’s vision cleared, he was on his hands and knees, his body filled with pain from the head injury. Zae got up slowly, trying to figure out where Harpor went, then noticed that the ground was glowing a with subtle green light. Zae turned and fired a red ball of ki that had the power to level a city, and saw it hit Harpor, who was far up in the air, but the blast did no damage. Harpor put his hand out slowly, and Zae noticed that Harpor’s hand was glowing green. “No! I don’t fall for the same trick twice!” Zae flew at Harpor, but instead of just punching him, he made his hand into a fist, except for his index finger, which stayed strait. He jabbed at Harpor’s neck, (weak hearted/soft hearted people should not read this next sentence.) right where there is no muscle, no veins, just skin that he could pierce. Then he could use his finger to grab and rip out Harpor’s jugular vein, killing him in seconds. When Zae’s finger hit Harpor’s skin, it went through it. Zae was unable to hide his shock, he felt no flesh, just, air. Then, the image of Harpor disappeared. Zae flew backwards with surprise, “that’s the afterimage technique! Then, where is he?” Zae looked around himself, he looked up, down, behind him, but couldn’t spot Harpor. Little did he know, Harpor had the sun to his back, making it so Zae couldn’t see him, the brightness of the sun would hide him while he focused his ki to try a new attack. Zae tried to sense Harpors ki, but found that he couldn’t sense it. He couldn’t sense anyone’s power. *Its problably because of this godly ki I now posses, it makes it so I can’t sense other powers, unless they are also godly.* Once Zae came to that conclusion, he stopped looking around, and landed on the ground. Harpor smiled, *the attack is just about finished… There!* he expelled his ki, and formed it into a hard, sphereical shell around him, then launched at Zae full speed. Then, Zae heard the whistling of a fast moving object, and turned towards the direction of the noise, and had to squint his eyes due to the sun. “What is that?” Then saw a green ball of light, and inside it was, Harpor. Before Zae could move, the green ball of ki rammed into him, crushing him against the ground. Despite the fact that Harpor wasn’t moving, the green ball of ki was strong enough to keep Zae pinned against the ground. The ball expanded, making a crater in the ground and pushing Zae further in the ground. Harpor flew upwards, and Zae tried to escape, but Harpor and his green shell of ki came back down, yet again crushing Zae into the ground. After a few more seconds of Harpor’s ki ball pushing Zae into the ground, Harpor flew upwards as Zae tried to get up with his broken ribs. Harpor yet again put his hand out, but this time, the green shell of ki shrank to the point of being the regular size of a ki ball as it moved into Harpor’s hand. Then, Harpor closed his hand around the ki ball, making bright light shine out from the gaps between his fingers. Then, he brought his hand back as if getting ready to throw a ball, then threw the ki ball in a similar way to how someone would throw a baseball. Zae saw Harpor fire the ball of ki, and when Zae saw that it was about the size of a skyscraper in diameter, he knew that he wouldn’t recover fast enough to get out of it’s way. So he put his non-broken hand out, and, using the rest of his energy, fired a red wave of ki. Zae’s attack was moving much faster than Harpor’s, and when it hit Harpor’s attack, it didn’t slow it down in the slightest. Harpor’s green blast made strong wind that blew away small rocks and ripped out small trees from the ground. As the attack got closer to Zae, he didn’t feel fear, or sadness, or frustration. All he felt was dull realization. *I’m going to die, there’s no stopping it, there’s no way I’m going to be saved. I’m dying.* He closed his eyes as he took his last breath and the blast destroyed him. Harpor grinned as the attack hit the ground, making a large crater. His hand was still out in front of him as he said, “I would say I’m sorry for killing you Zae, but that would be a lie.” He then shot a small, barely visible ball of white ki. When it hit the green ball of ki that he had shot before, it made noise equivalent to a nuclear bomb as it exploded, leaving nothing left within a hundred feet area. Except for Zae. Harpor slowly flew down to the ground as he returned to his normal form, and was shocked that Zae had not been completely obliderated by the blast. Harpor attempted to sense Zae’s power and sensed nothing. Harpor sighed and flew over to Mitaku who was just getting up. When Mitaku saw Harpor flying over to her, she tensed and turned super saiyan. Harpor stopped flying and put both his hands up in a gesture of surrender. “Why are you here Harpor? How are you alive? Why aren’t you trying to kill me?” Harpor chuckled. “One question at a time.” He took a deep breath. “To answer your second question, a guy saved me after Kasan did that attack.” He looked upwards as if deep in thought, “I don’t quite remember what he did, but it hurt. A lot.” He shook his head as if dismissing the thought, and looked back at Mitaku. “The guy who helped me will come in a while, his name is Kronos. To answer your third question, well, Kronos helped me, he taught me how to be a person, and not a mindless beast. Finally, to answer your first question,” he grinned, “I want to join your group.” Mitaku’s jaw dropped as she lost her super saiyan form. *The audacity! He tried to kill us twice! Now he says he wants to help us? What bullshit!* Mitaku regained her composure, and asked, “why should I believe you? You tried to kill us!” Harpor looked mildly insulted, “I just saved you!” Mitaku looked defensive, “that doesn’t make up for the fact that you tried to kill us! It’s unfair that you survived instead of…” She stopped yelling at him and tried to hold back her tears. *Instead of Kasan.* she finished in her head. Harpor looked at her with a questioning expression, but only asked, “is that a yes I can join you, or a no?” Mitaku was silent for a count of ten, still trying to hold back tears. She took a hasty breath and said, “I don’t know. I’m going to get my friends and myself healed, and I’ll ask them. Just wait here for a few days, and we’ll come back and give you an answer.” She looked at Harpor angrily, “I have a question for you: how did you get so powerful?” Harpor laughed. “Well, the zenkia boost definitely helped. The main reason though is because Kronos helped me learn how to use my power, allowing me to use much more of it.” Mitaku thought for a moment. Then picked up her friends, which was difficult, not because of their weight, but because there was so many to carry. Despite that, she managed to pick them all up and fly back to the mountain base without dropping any of them. As soon as she got close to the base, some other fighters and medics flew up to her and took her friends. One of them asked if she was okay. “I just have a few broken ribs, I’ll be fine.” Despite her protests, the people insisted that she went to the hospital located inside the mountain. Finally she gave in and went to the hospital to get her ribs healed. The healing process was quick for Mitaku, it only took an hour to mend her rib cage. It would take her friends another few days to heal. After she was healed, she went to her room where she had woken up in a while back. As she got on the bed in the blank, unpainted room, she was reminded of the asteroid that she had spent the first eight years of her life on. As she closed her eyes, the last memory that she had made on that place came to her mind. The three people who were in charge on that asteroid tried to kill her uncle after announcing that they knew he was her uncle. Just as they were about to kill her uncle Imato, she got enraged. She attacked the three of the commanders and killed them all. Then, she had just been saving a life. Now, after she was responsible for so many deaths, the memory made her feel guilty. *I’m responsible for so many deaths. First I killed the three commanders, and even if they were doing wrong, was it in my place to kill them? Then, because I couldn’t control my rage, Kasan and all the Namekians on Namek died. Now, because I forgot about Zae, and treated him wrong, he felt anger towards me which let Akuryō to take control of him. While Mitaku didn’t kill Zae herself, she was still responsible for his death.* she sighed. *Uncle was right, I kill everyone near me.* the last thing she remembered before falling asleep, was crying silently. In the dream, she saw two saiyans in a palace. One was covered in shadows, his back leaning against a stone pillar, his arms crossed. The other saiyan, she recognized. His black eyes ringed with gold, the classic saiyan battle armor, his light brown tail and spiky hair, both of which was a common saiyan trait. *Imato.* Why was she dreaming of her uncle in this palace? Her uncle walked down the brown, dirt colored carpet. The color of it seemed odd to her, until she saw the inhabitants. They wore robes, which only revealed their feet, hands and head. Their feet and hands were just masses of sharp hairs, and their heads were an odd mix between a spider and an ant. They had an ants mandibles an antenna, and a spiders head and eyes. Up on a throne sat one of those odd creatures that was wearing a robe, but instead of being the color of dirt and rust like the rest of them, this robe was a dark red. When Imato reached the throne, the bug man seemed to expect Imato to do something. When Imato did nothing, the bug spoke in an oddly human voice. “You do not bow? This is a sign of treason on our planet. You know this.” Imato nodded, and said, “I know that, and that’s why I did not bow.” The bug seemed to growl. “After all I did for you? After I helped you and that friend of yours, you wish to kill me? Why?” Imato stayed calm, despite the fact that the bug was contemplating on how to kill him. “Because you are a tyrant, despite the fact that when we first came, you gave us the illusion of a perfect society.” The bug shrugged, “it’s true that I am considered a tyrant, but why would you care? You saiyans worked for the tyrant named Frieza for years, and only cared when he killed you.” Imato shrugged, and replied with, “true, but when the saiyans were brought back a three thousand years ago, they wouldn’t stand for tyrants. Now, before I kill you, I need to ask you something. Why do you do it? Hasn’t this planet been scarred enough by war?” The bug shot out of the throne, “you mean by saiyans. You nearly wiped out our race. My entire family was killed. They slaughtered my daughter in front of me. Not only that, but they sent my wife’s head to my front door, like some screwed up gift. You could not know of the pain that I have carried for eight hundred years.” The palace started to rumble, the floor cracked, and small pebbles of the granite floor started to rise to the ceiling. The bug man took a few steps back as a dark purple aura surrounded Imato. “No,” Imato said calmly while looking down at the floor with clenched fists. “I feel that pain. Every day. My daughter and me were sent to a planet to exterminate it, and it went well, until they unleashed some monster. It wasn’t big, but it was fast. It ripped my daughter’s stomach open before I could blink. I nearly suffered the same fate,” his aura disappeared, and the ground stopped quaking. “I managed to rip off it’s head before it could kill me.” In the back of her mind, Mitaku thought, *I thought that she died because of a disease.* Then she told herself, *it’s just a dream, it’s not real.* Although despite it being a dream, something bothered Mitaku about it. She could smell the putrid odor that the bugs produced, she could feel the humid air, and her vision, while normally fuzzy and unfocused in dreams, was now focused, and Mitaku could make out every detail of the place. As a matter of fact, Imato was silent long enough for Mitaku to count the cracks that Imato had made in the tile floor. Then Imato spoke again. “So you have no good reason to torment these innocent people, and you will die for it.” The bug man made a sort of gurgling sound that made Mitaku wonder if he was angry, or disappointed. Then the bug man replied rather calmly, “as you wish.” For a split second, Mitaku thought the bug was going to let Imato kill him, but tyranny, like hell, is not easily destroyed. The bug’s mandibles spread out far, and out from his mouth, came a volley of green, spear-like ki waves. The waves of ki were not straight, like ki normally is, but it spread out, making it look like every blast would miss Imato. Until they all changed directions, every blast aiming going to Imato. He didn’t move. If Mitaku could have yelled out for Imato to move, she would have, but it was not needed. After the blast hit Imato, and the dust cleared, Imato was still standing, unharmed. Before the bug was able to react, Imato vanished, leaving the bug man confused. Then, Imato reappeared directly in front of the bug, causing him to stumble backwards. Imato quickly caught the bugs throat, although the bug didn’t seem effected, even when Imato lifted the bug in the air without leaving the ground himself. To Mitaku’s surprise, the bug laughed, “did you forget, my kind doesn’t need air!” Imato chuckled, making the bug stop in confusion. Imato replied with, “did you forget, that my kind can pierce flesh better than any other weapon?” Imato then used his free hand to pierce the bug’s heart, then threw the bug onto it’s throne. After the bug coughed up green blood for a few seconds, it spoke mockingly towards Imato. “I know who you two are.” Imato stayed silent. “You, are the star walker, the one who goes through the Galaxy,” and said the next part mockingly, “you help all those in need.” Then coughed up more blood. “And then him,” he pointed at the saiyan leaning on the column. “He’s the ghost, the, avenging spirit. Out to kill Nogaro.” Imato responded with, “he’s not the only one.” Then striked the bug man at a speed which was to fast for Mitaku to follow, and the bug’s head exploded. The other saiyan appeared next to Imato, and Mitaku saw that his face was covered with black bandages, covering everything except for one eye and his black, saiyan like hair. Although Mitaku wasn’t sure if he was a saiyan, because he had no tail, nor was he wearing saiyan armor. He was wearing a white gi with Goku like boots that were black instead of blue. He also had an armband on his left arm. Imato told the person, “we need to move on to the next planet, after all, we need to find Nogaro before we get my daughter to kill him.” The other person said nothing, instead, he put his hand on Imato’s shoulder, as if reassuring him, then, raised his other hand to his forehead. He only touched two fingers to his forehead, and then they both disappeared. Mitaku woke up to someone knocking on her door. She got up, switched out the nightclothes she had on for her armor, and answered the door. It was Zoro. Mitaku was surprised, but didn’t let it show. She only asked, “you’re already healed?” Zoro shrugged, then Mitaku noticed he did it with one shoulder, then she looked at his other arm. It wasn’t there. She hadn’t noticed his burnt off arm before, but now, it was hard not to notice, with the bandages stained blue with Namekian blood, and the burnt flesh that the bandages failed to cover. She winced at the sight of it. Zoro looked at his arm and chuckled. “Yeah, Zae blasted my arm off when we fought. I don’t have the energy to regrow it yet, but everyone was healed quickly.” They were silent for a few seconds, and then Mitaku asked, “so, why are you here?” Zoro grinned, “even after just recovering from a fight, you don’t slow down. Anyways, Boten is in the training room, he wants to show you a new member of our group.” Then Zoro looked upwards as if thinking about something, “well, if you agree to it that is.” Mitaku nodded and said, “I’ll come meet him.” After a few minutes, they were in the training room, and they spotted Boten and Sans on a metal bench that was up against the back wall. They went to meet them, and upon approach, Boten and Sans stood up and walked over to greet them. “So, you’re this new member Zoro was talking about?” Sans nodded. Mitaku was slightly confused, because despite the fact that he was a saiyan, he had two different colored eyes. One black, like normal, but the other, was bright blue. Sans went straight to the point, “do you accept me as a part of your group?” Mitaku answered immediately, “yeah.” Sans stared at her. “You, aren’t going to question my power or anything?” Mitaku laughed for the first time in weeks, “I sensed most of the fight on the way there, I have no need to question your power, and as for loyalty, well, you nearly died helping us.” Sans sighed with relief. “But um, there is another person who wants to join our team guys. Two people actually. I don’t know much about the second guy, but the first guy saved my life from Zae, and then killed him.” Mitaku continued. Zoro looked at her inquisitively. “Who is he?” Mitaku hesitated, then after taking a shaky breath, answered. “Harpor.” Boten’s jaw dropped, while Zoro loudly said, “what!” whereas Sans just looked at everyone in confusion. “Who’s Harpor?” Boten started to say, “he’s a insane son of a bit-” Mitaku interrupted him, “he’s a descendant of Broly. Harpor has access to the legendary super saiyan transformation, and has tried to kill us twice. Now he claims that he has become sane, and wishes to join us to repent for doing so.” Before they could argue, Mitaku added, “he didn’t try to attack me when he fought Zae, as a matter of fact, he brought the fight away from me while I recovered. Also his ki doesn’t seem as evil now, it’s neutral, like K…” Her voice cracked when she tried to say Kasan’s name. Everyone was quiet for a count to ten. Sans did so to respect their friend, and the others were silent because the memory was painful for them. Mitaku cleared her throat, “anyways, I think that we should give him a chance.” Boten said nothing. Zoro thought for a second, then said, “if he has changed as much as you say he has, then I think that we should at least speak to him.” Everyone looked to Sans. He shrugged, “I’m the new guy, remember?” He asked sarcastically. Mitaku rolled her eyes, “do you think he should join our group?” Sans raised an eyebrow, “I don’t even know what the guy looks like.” Boten chose that moment to speak, “then let’s go see him, but first, tell us what happened in that fight.” A while later, they met up with, Harpor at the place that they fought Zae. Another person was with Harpor, and while no one else knew him, Mitaku recognized him immediately. *That’s the person that was with my uncle in the dream.* When they landed, Boten glared pointedly at Harpor, although he didn’t seem to notice. “So, am I fit to join your group.” Mitaku answered before Boten could, “we don’t know yet, but before we make any introductions, you have to explain somethig, who’s that? Why was he working with my uncle?” She pointed at the person next to Harpor. Harpor looked next to him as if he forgot that that person was there. “Oh, his name is Kronos, as for why he was with your uncle,” he shook his head, “I don’t know who your uncle is, and even if I did, Kronos doesn’t tell me about his actions when he’s not mentoring me.” Mitaku heard a voice in her head, but it wasn’t her thoughts, *I didn’t know that Imato had a niece. I was working with your uncle just because he needed help, I never asked what his overall goal was.* Mitaku’s jaw dropped. “Was that-” Harpor interrupted her, “sorry, I forgot to mention that, Kronos doesn’t speak, so he speaks telepathically.” Mitaku looked at her friends, they looked just as shocked as her, except for Boten, he only looked a little pale. Miraku turned back to Kronos and Harpor. Harpor smiled and told her, “don’t worry, it’s not like he can read your mind or anything.” Mitaku sighed with relief, and said, “I’ll let you join Harpor, I’ve seen your power, and your devotion. But Kronos, show me your power.” He nodded, then the air rippled around him. Despite the fact that he didn’t make a amazing spectacle of light, his power skyrocketed. He was about the same level as Mitaku in her base form. She nodded and Kronos suppressed his power. “I, personally, am willing to let you two join our group, although I’m not sure about everyone else.” Harpor looked slightly confused, “shouldn’t we wait for Kasan?” Mitaku tried to tell him that Kasan died, but the words got stuck in her throat. Boten told Harpor for her, “Nogaro tricked Mitaku into shooting a planet destroying attack into the ground. Kasan stayed behind to make sure Nogaro didn’t make it off the planet.” Kronos’ bandages rumpled, making Mitaku curious if he was grimacing. *I have bad news for you Mitaku, Nogaro made it off the planet, he is still alive.* Mitaku felt a sense of hopelessness, after all they had gone through to kill him, he was alive. Then that feeling was replaced by hopefulness, if Nogaro made it off the planet, then Kasan might have as well. “What about Kasan?” Kronos tilted his head, *does he have hair that sticks up in the front?* Mitaku nodded. *does he have a blue gi with gold armbands?* Mitaku could barely stop herself from jumping from excitement. “Yes! Have you spoke to him?” He nodded, but seemed, solemn. *I spoke to him in other world.* Just like that, Mitaku’s hopes were shattered, despite everything they did, Nogaro was alive, and Kasan was dead. With detached emotion, she asked, “what did he say?” *He had a message for everyone. Although I guess I can leave out Zae’s since he’s… Anyways,* he turned to Zoro *he said that he figured you would be mad at Mitaku for destroying Namek, he asked for you to not let out your anger on her, or anyone else.* He turned to Boten, *he said that you shouldn’t underestimate yourself, and that you should keep training.* finally, he turned to Mitaku. *He told you to try not to blame yourself for killing him. He willingly sacrificed himself to avenge his sister, and save you guys. He knows that Nogaro is alive, and said, “the next time you meet him, make sure you leave nothing left of him.”* Mitaku couldn’t stop the tears from streaming down her face. She wiped the tears off her face, but said nothing. Boten sighed with frustration, “as much as I dislike you Harpor, I think it would be a good idea to let you join us.” Harpor made a thumbs up, which Boten blatantly ingnored. Zoro answered after thinking for a few seconds, “Boten said the same thing I would have.” Harpor smiled, “thank you.” Zoro grunted and flew back to the mountain base. Everyone else followed. Mitaku flew alongside Harpor. She was quiet for about half of the fly to the base, and when she spoke, she was speaking just loud enough for Harpor to hear her. “Look, just because we accepted you into our group, don’t think you’re a replacement for Kasan.” Harpor turned to her and smiled, “I only wish I could become that great of a person.”

      See ya next time!

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      Saiyan is OP confirmed

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      Which saiyan?

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      First of all I LOVE how you introduced Sans it was amazing and I hope his character becomes amazing.

      Secondly, You literally made harpor 99% of what I wanted him to be it’s like your reading my mind.

      Lastly, I love how your fanfic has its badass and brutal moments! That comic relief is good though!

      You sir are a genius.

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      Ditto what Harpor said about Sans and this is probably my favourite chapter yet the fighting and harpor coming back was brilliant 10/10

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      also…” Zoro turned to Boten, “have you reached the level of super saiyan yet?” Boten shook his head sadly. Zoro was quiet for a few seconds then said, “well, perhaps you’ll reach it during the battle. Sans, do have the level of super saiyan? I know you’ve never used it, but-” Sans shook his head, “I have a, genetic disease I guess you might call it. It runs in my family, it prevents us from reaching the legendary form of super saiyan.” ripadip :p

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      I’m sure you’ll still get ur badass moments :3

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      Im gonna bet the reason he can’t go ssj is because he is too lazy. I’m calling it. His Genetic disorder is laziness.

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      Eh most of my friends from the dbc server joined this so i feel i should to so im just gonna put one for my character i hope you can add me
      name: Lach
      Gender: Male
      A somewhat tall saiyan wearing a red and black gi sometimes just a jacket and pants (if not fighting) has a strange mark on his neck with black hair and eyes

      Personality: A nice but sometimes mean person
      Preffered Fighting Style: Mixed Tries to catch opponents off guard

      Powerlevel: Eh about as strong as sans.

      Race: half saiyan
      Background: The abandoned child of raditz was left somewhere on earth while raditz died the young child was left alone uncared for he raised himself and became stronger than his father at a young age and found someone to train him and give him the curse ability and extrordinary power that goes up to curse level 5 the power of it gets higher and higher in each state level 5 is the most powerfull the price for it takes most of your energy for the next couple hours.

      Training: He works himself to the bone making himself stronger every way possible trying to ascend to another level as soon as he becomes a new level

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      Forgot to mention i time traveled

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      Cause the raditz thing wouldn’t make sense unless i did that

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      I’ll see if I can add your character 🙂
      @everyone reading this fanfic
      I’ve moved the fanfic to another post named DBCfanfic. If you go to it you’ll see why.

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