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    Yes, another one of these.

    I decided to edit the existing dbc saga, as it isn’t that good:
    I made all enemies health x4 greater and reduced damage x2-x4 times depending on the enemy.
    I also got rid of most of the transformation requirements and moved the ssj requirement to the fight with 100% power frieza. I removed the quest where you had to get dino meat, because in my personal experience dinosaurs are almost impossible to find.


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    Forgot to mention I added training sidequests.

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    how you do it?

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    you go to the saves file, find a dbc world where you have already loaded the missions, go to the data folder, then missions, and open Maindbc.json

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    I’ve updated the saga by adding Beerus and Golden Frieza sagas.
    I’ve also added 1 side quest and “Intense Training”.

    The link is automatically updated, so just download the zip again and put it into your world.

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    1 other thing I’ve just noticed.

    Yes, yes I did forget to re-id the missions and side missions before shipping the update.
    There will be quirks because of this.

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    I’ve updated the dropbox link to contain the new files.
    I fixed the mission ids, so now there should be no problems with that, I also added a few side missions.

    Currently there are only saiyan exclusive mission, I will add some for Arcos Humans and Nameks but not rn, So I made it possible for all races to access the saiyan quests to make it fair for rn.

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    The Dropbox link is now updated to contain the newest version of the config and mission files!

    I added a few missions, as well as tried to make them race exclusive.
    The human/namekian exclusive missions will come along with the next update, so sit tight if you are either of those races.

    I also adjusted the config a bit, I felt some of the forms had too low or too high drain so I adjusted some of them as well as edited some of the other things.

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    Quick Fix Update!
    2 missions had the same id, which made problems and I fixed that real quick.

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