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      This probably has been Suggested before, yet I can’t really be sure due to the not-existing FORUM Search Button. Anyways, I’ve summed it up here again and I think It would be pretty neat. Doubt that It will ever actually be included in DBC but o. well. Never hurts to share Ideas.

      You’ve probably all encountered this Problem. You’re in a Tournament, have no God Form or It’s forbidden and you’re in Ssj3 which drains your Ki very fast. You encounter an Opponent and then back up as to your Ki. Pretty much you press H, which sets you to base, the Opponent hits you once and you die.

      Now, what I’ve been thinking about which would be way better, in my opinion, Is that pressing H would only make you go one Form back. Per say you’re in Ssj3, Press H and you’re getting descended to Ssj2 instead of Base. If you want to go to Base, you could just press X and click the Descend Button like for Arcosians as an Example.

      It would make Ki Management, Strategy etc in Tournaments, Events, Fights, etc. more Interesting as you don’t just press H and have the possibility to get RKO’d in one shot.

      Anyways. I’d really love to see this in the Mod but the chances are pretty much 0 Aren’t they?

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      I like to die instantly

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      Suggested before, smh

      No but uh, pressing “ctrl + h” to go down 1 form while only “h” would make you go back to base could work.

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      Control+H seems much better as the drop down to base option, and having H as a quick option to go to a lesser form means you dont have to waste an extra second. Or pehaps having it be configurable based on the players end?

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      good idea

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