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    Greetings, many know me as the creator of the DBASkins mod to expand the dbc story. Well I have made another contribution to the dbc community, Dragon Block Zenith World. Ultimate Dragon Block World has gotten rather old, it doesn’t have skins for the majority of npcs and many of the buildings are hidden. Not to mention the world seems to be corrupted and the link is rather risky.
    Dragon Block Zenith will be a completely remastered version of the previous world. We will take the seed, plant it into a new world then get to building. All locations will be announced in the updates to the world. We might also do remakes of the DBC buildings for more accuracy. (so a config will be made for the world as well)
    The first buildings we will start with are ones crucial to the story, so ones that directly leaded to an event that needed to happen. So Kami’s ship, Guru’s House, Gero’s Lab. We won’t be prioritizing minor ones like the palace of the Serpent Queen (not to mention that is filler). All builds though will be implemented at some point or another. So feel free to suggest in the comments on what ones you hope to see first.
    The link will be https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cv4cggellzqyzjp/AAAEjCCl3fAD1eqCeJ-tUmFma?dl=0 here when the release is ready. We will keep you updated with screenshots. If you want to help just give me a message. Our policy in using it will be that servers can use the world if they want, but give us credit for the buildings we provide.

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    Vegeta Space Ship
    Vegeta Palace (Cannon)
    Vegeta Palace (Non Cannon. Based on Movies and GT)

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    Thanks for the contrubition man , appreciate it!

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    Thx for replying. Just a status report, we have buildings for Vegeta cities but they are being tweaked further. We are also working on Guru’s Hut, Kami’s Ship, Gohan’s House (Grandpa), and Beerus Planet.

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    Yo hows the world coming I can’t wait for this

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    Everyone makes great servers but no one has put the effort into a single player like this, thank you, I’ve just been wanting to do a single player run since I’ve gotten DBC

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