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    Uh, well, i’m gonna be honest here:
    I’m unhappy with the default DBC saga. So… i decided to make one my own!
    Now, before you download this, there are some features and things i want to note.
    First of all,

    I’ve set up the stats in a way where the fights will be long, but not like extremely long, and the attack damage won’t be so unfairly high where you would be afraid to get in there no matter how much health and defense you have just because the mobs in dbc have generally too much attack damage. Attack damage for most mobs is cut in 1/4, sometimes less, sometimes more, and health is…
    Really buffed. But not to the extreme points. Expect fights to be:
    Saiyan Saga – 1-2 minutes long at most
    Frieza Saga – 3-4 minutes long at MOST (around the end where frieza shows up)
    Android Saga – 5 minutes should be the biggest fight
    Majin Buu Saga – 5-6 minutes at most.

    There will be some grinding. This saga is almost completely unplayable with normal configurations. Don’t worry, i will have the custom configurations that make training and skill costs just as good as they need to be down below.
    Saiyan Saga – Enemies should be easier than they normally are
    Frieza Saga – Enemies should be around the same strength.
    Android Saga – Enemies should be a bit tougher
    Majin Buu Saga – Enemies should be very tougher than normal

    Extra Quests:
    I didn’t just change the descriptions, the subtitles and stuff, i also deleted some quests and added some new quests.
    Having to gather dragon balls at namek, having to kill vegeta again at namek, tweaking the “You have to go SSJ” stuff (You only need SSJ1 and SSJ3, basically.), and more.

    Item Gathering:
    You definitely need to do some more vanilla stuff for this saga system. Don’t get too frustrated, you only need to get like a spacepod, a katana and a radar, which shouldn’t be that bad.

    Personally i think what i made actually kind of makes sense. I wouldn’t call it a perfect storyline, but i don’t know, i think just the story is enjoyable as something secondary. It’s not something you will ignore and just have it there for the sake of being there, basically. I’m not sure you’ll get involved in it as much as i did, i mean, let’s not forget i made it so it’s basically my job to get more involved into it, but anyways.
    Also, these are my rankings on the saga’s i made/changed:
    Saiyan Saga: 5.3/10
    Frieza Saga: 8.1/10
    Android Saga: 7.4/10
    Majin Buu Saga: 7/10

    These are the notes and features i think you should know before you download it. You can discover everything else on your own 😀 If you will use this on anything, please tell it in the comments. it’ll make me really happy cause i spent a lot of time and effort in this!

    Configuration in order for this to be playable:

    Custom story:

    (If you don’t know how to change the story system on a world, comment below and i’ll tell how in a comment)

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    By the way, you have to name the DBC.json file to mainDBC.json, my bad. If you don’t and replace your dbc.json file in your world it will crash.

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      Wait, it still crashes. Let me fix it and i’ll upload it again. sorry for the inconvenience 😛

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    Also, something you might not know that could change your experience when you’re playing the saga is, the options that make you more evil give you more TP, so keep that in mind when you’re making a choice. I did that so being evil is somewhat less useless, you know? Cause right now nobody chooses to be evil cause of senzus.

    Fixed version:

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      Andrew Hamilton

      Hey rood. i dont choose to be evil, it just so happens that killing my friends on my server makes me evil 😉

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    Don’t download any of the versions above, the version below is tested and crash-proof, from what i’ve seen.

    Also, as i was testing, it was unfortunate to find out that the attack values i put on the mobs don’t work. So it’s basically a cool storyline with a lot of features, but instead of the fights just being longer and you don’t have to be anxious about healing up when fighting, they’re just a bit harder. Hope you enjoy my custom story, and i swear, this is the final fix! If i repost it will be an enhancement to the story, or, whatever.

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    Sam Noé

    Meh I tried but can’t figure out how to install.

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      You make a new world, go back to the main menu, and then for the saga:
      1. You press the windows key and “r”.
      2. You search for “%appdata%”
      3. Go to your .minecraft folder, then to your saves, then to the world you just made (The folder will be named whatever you named it when you made it), then to “data”.
      4. Delete the mainDBC.json file that is located inside it.
      5. Place the mainDBC.json file you downloaded (Not from the main post or the second comment, from the last comment only, or else it will most likely crash at some point.) in the data folder.
      6. Load the world and play

      For the config:
      Basically replace the configuration file with mine.

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    would be great if i didnt have to go to rocky biomes bc my worlds 99% of the time i cant find one

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      Install the mod “Nature’s compass”, it adds a compass that can search in a 10k block radius from where you are for any biome you want. Just craft one, right click it, select the biome “Dirty stony” and press search. After a bit it will say the exact coordinates, distance from you and it will point towards the biomes direction.

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    Hey mint are you gojng to update the jrmcconfig file with the LSSJ and Max Power LSSJ multipliers?

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    Mkay i found a lot of balance issues and some story errors. Also i’m using dropbox since it’s probably annoying downloading 6-8 files at a time

    Updated version:

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      It’s really annoying that you can’t edit your posts if you’ve left the site, or a certain very small period has passed.
      Anyways i forgot about kaio-ken on my configs so… new link

      (btw this is not completely tested >_>)

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      the Elite frieza soldiers side quest seems to crash the game, will test it more

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    So uh, i’ve been trying to fix the elite soldier quest a while now, but i’m not sure what’s wrong with it. I’ve even copied another side quest that worked just to make sure there were no typing mistakes that caused the crash and just made the objectives killing the guys you had to kill in that quest… Still crashed for some reason.

    No worries tho, i made 1 new quest to make up for it… I’m running out of ideas >_>
    Also, i balanced a ton of crap since it was kind of funny how the god form just let you stomp every single mob after cell, even if you’re not even imperfect cell level.

    List of changes:
    Zarbon transformation (Don’t get crazy, i didn’t make a whole model n’ stuff xD)
    Nerfed some mobs, buffed most mobs and TP gain increases
    TP Cost changes (Mostly increases)
    Minor stuff, balancing and some things that i don’t remember
    Kaio isn’t useless now, plus i changed LSSJ configs more

    All of em

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      How do you get to namek, if you do not get given the space pod?

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      You make it.
      sometimes i think dbc completely destroys the MC aspects, so i thought having to mine and collecting resources would make it feel a bit more minecrafty, y’know?

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    Damn this TP gain feels weird.

    So everything TP wise was buffed, for overall balance. I think i finally hit the sweet spot; the thing is TP gain is crazy rn xD

    Also, i removed zarbons transformation since it doesn’t work, plus i fixed freezas insane damage… somewhat

    I think there wont be any need for more fixes, so there’s no need to keep downloading and changing files for a while. I’ll try to come up with cool concepts or more side quests, but i’m not sure on what i can make… So idk how that will work out


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    Planning to make a dragon ball saga with a mod with mobs i’ll start coding. I got the idea to make a mob mod and add the mobs to the dbc storyline from omgisgreen and oscorum, so yeah. Gonna finish that in a while. I’ll also make a dbs saga eventually, because i have not watched super yet >_>
    As i’m rewatching db, i’ll try to make the db saga as good as i can!

    Also, for the storyline here, i nerfed a shit ton of stuff, made it a bit more playable, and balanced a few things. Also, i fixed typos, made some new side quests and i improved everything i could.


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      It is a nice idea right? xd

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      Yep xD

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      Son Netsui Surudan

      hey,remember from u custom saga whit super saga?How i get trainers in than?

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    So i forgot to do some things (Increase the TP gain on some side quests and make legendary configs… exist)

    Nothing big though, this should be highly compatible with worlds that were started with the config and side quest 5 and 6 i posted above.


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    Alright so I know that like 99% of the people here play mostly on servers, but this is pretty easy to do and kind of fun actually, especially if you’re down for some local multiplayer. I’ve updated the configs, made side quests and tweaked the main story, adding the RoF saga and monster Zarbon. Overall, this came out good imo.


    Note that I disabled the legendary status effect thing.

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    So… has anyone updated this or…

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      Lol, I tried clicking that one above my comment, but it told me this doesnt exist.

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    Son Netsui Surudan

    how i get the trainers?

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    Uh. Some things were added to the mod, so uhhh, thought I should update this.
    I didn’t bother to make side quests since they’re bugged out in this version.
    Human and namek drain configs are also bugged, but uh, whatever, I think it’s still pretty good.

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