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    So, I’m working on a private server for my friends and myself to play on, and I’m trying to set up a Custom NPC that does DBC damage, but, I’ve tried so many things and they just aren’t working, I’ve gone into the NPC Wand and changed Melee Damage there, I’ve used the scripting tool to change Melee Damage and it just isn’t doing DBC damage whatsoever. Could someone please help me?

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    Depends on what you’ve got it set to. I’ve noticed that you need a pretty high melee stat in order for it to do any actually damage, but I’m guessing you’ve tried that make maxes out at 99,000, and that won’t even scratch you really if you’ve got stats of even 10,000 or more. If you haven’t already, look for NBTedit, which lets you do the command /nbtedit. This lets you need with the NBT tag of any NPC while in-game. Use this to set melee above 99,000 and see if it still doesn’t work. I’m sorry if you’ve already tried this or this doesn’t work, but that’s generally what I’ve seen happen(DBC being too strong for customnpcs). Remember that customnpcs works in normal damage, so you’ve got to make the damage a lot higher than what you want to do in DBC damage. Just experiment until it’s the amount of damage that you want it to be, and definitely check out the mod I mentioned. Hopefully my advice works.

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    You can use scripting to deal more than 99999 damage and 9999 ranged damage

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