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      I’ve been playing with the latest DBC release for awhile today and found several things I think should be changed/fixed.

      1. Saibamen spawn very irritatingly. Very often they spawn practically on top of player and/or behind the player and get an unfair first hit in.

      2. All mobs’ hits knockback player. You may be an all-powerful superbeing but that means nothing, saibamen will still pwn you around, which is rather aggravating even if you take no damage at all.

      3. With Ki currently stomped into floor, there is no point in ever using Ki attacks (rip all spiritualists). What’s worse is that ever since Stamina introduction melee fighters can completely disregard leveling Ki-related attributes. So, current gameplay balance has no place for Ki _at all_.

      4. Made a testing character yesterday, a Saiyan martial artist with 100 in all attributes. He punches 220 at 50% power release, which takes roughly 8% of Stamina which is regenerated almost the next instant. At the same time he has 2300 Ki, and Ki blast dealing 131 damage on the same 50% power release takes 157 Ki (or 6.5% of total Ki), which is regenerated slowly. Considering that my Ki blast takes 3.5 seconds to charge and additional 10 seconds to cool down, it results in 131 damage each 13.5 seconds, or 9.7 DPS, while melee wins at a whopping 220 DPS. 20-times difference is ridiculous for a class that is supposed to be equally good at both melee- and Ki-based fight, even considering racial stats bonus.

      My suggestions:

      1. Make saibamen (and all saga mobs) spawn at least 10 blocks away from player.

      2. If mob’s BP is no more than 120-150% of a player’s, then player does not get flailed around from it’s punches. The same applies for PvP fights.

      3. Make Stamina a reserve stat for melee fighters should they ever deplete their Ki pool, and calculate Ki drain from melee like Punch_damage / 5 (at least 5 in denominator). In my opinion though, Stamina is uncalled for.

      4. Considering significant time delay in using Ki attacks the latter should be made *MUCH* more powerful than they currently are. That way players can choose between spamming relatively low-damage punches and charging a heavy-damage Ki attack.

      P.S. Considering there is currently no way of defending against point blank Ki blasts, which is especially common when fighting saga mobs, I have an idea for an upcoming blocking – make some kind of “defense mode” which player can jump into. While in “defense mode”, a player can both significantly reduce/nullify melee damage and deflect incoming Ki attacks, but cannot attack themselves. Having this with some small delay between modes changing (0.5 second should be enough) would make fights more tactics dependent.

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      Yes, the current version is feeling the best and youre right. melee attacks should be really weak and ki blasts strong, but ki blasts have a big cooldown time and castime while melee attacks are instant. one other thing though is that, i would like to see higher health and lower attack for everything. Fights last 35 secconds at most. thats not called “fighting”, thats called warm-up. fights should last tens of times more, like 6 or 7 minutes each, and they should be impressive and intense, not streched out boring only-punches-fight. and yea, ki draining punches should also be a thing, but i think it more of a skill. like if you have it enabled, you drain some ki with youre punch but youre amount of damage dealt is multiplied by say 1.3, which can be a lot after a while
      200 damage punch multiplied by 1.3 = 260
      500 damage punch multiplied by 1.3 = 650
      but that should be considered super late game. also, the defence stat should be buffed… a lot. and fixed too.

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      I’m simply waiting till the next update. Theres going to be a new Ki feature. So prehaps you should wait a couple of weeks first!

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      This is one of the most detailed and fact proven posts I’ve ever seen. When you put it like this, I believe that there should be some kind of balance.

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      @FlamesWrath. The problem for now is that low powered blasts like the one I mentioned have a downtime that better fits some heavy hitters. For the damage they deal, they should have charge time of 3-4 seconds max with zero cooldown. Keep in mind also that their explosive versions are hardly stronger that regular creeper, which also makes them harder to hit someone with. Melee attacks turn out to be much easier to use, which throws the balance off even more.

      P.S. Am I the only one who finds it strange that Spiritualists have a better defense stat than Warriors? It would be perfectly fine if Spiritualists had better protection from Ki attacks, but lacked melee defense, and reverse that for Warriors. I mean, this is a common RPG archetype (y’know, wizards have better magic protection while knights are tanky to melee).

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      My idea about the defence thing is that do you really want warriors be able just defend against everything? A spiritualist vs a Warrior isnt going to win right now. But with all the (Hopeful here) different Ki attacks we should see a balance. Hell its why I pick martial artist.

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      Yeah, I think what could be good in my opinion is dividing defense into 2 different categories. Physical defense which is governed by Constitution and Spiritual defense which is governed by willpower. That way, a warrior that only leveled his physical stats will be very weak against spiritual attacks and vise versa. Would be more logical.
      Also I think that the ki blast creation should have more features in its creation/customization. To fit punching I should be able to create weak ki blasts that hit fast to keep someone who uses melee at bay. Heck maybe there should be a deflect feature in the long run.

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      No. i feel like ki blast defence should never be added. why? cause ki blasts have NOTHING to do with magic! dexterity should be an overall defence. with balancing, you can make it so ki is one big source that can be regenerated super slowly, and spiritualists have a TON of ki, regenerate it rather quickly compared to the other ones if they do not upgrade mind, and then make them able to use it more efficiently. it would be balanced, just because ki attacks could be rather powerfull.

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