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    Hi guys i need help i want to create a npc with dbc model like that
    can someone teach me how i want to make models with gokumaster and with veheta and other pls guys

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    I also wanted to learn how to do this but I do not know how to do it

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    Make an NPC and click the edit button highlighted

    Then click the other highlighted button

    Then simply select a model

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    But we want to know how to put hair on it 🙂

    • #30181


      The hair is on the |Goku model FYI

  • #30183

    But do you know how to remove this hair and put it on another skin?

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    All you need to do is replace thw goku skin with another one.

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    Wow is it that simple?

    • #30197


      DaikoGdo is correct and yes it is that simple, you’ll need to get the textures for the goku model for example and make your own for it then use it with the Custom NPC.

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    do not know how to do this. What the hell.

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      You’ve got to go into the assets of DBC and find the texture for the goku entity and edit it in or photoshop and then use it with the NPC.

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    Can you do this for me?

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    Wave Rapid

    what do you want in it like a new skin or just some changes i can do it if its a new skin

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    but if I want to create an npc with a custom hair for example the goku in ssj as I do to place it in the skins

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