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      José Pazinatto

      Mine Server Crashs using the extended saga, When i reencarn and press L to open saga’s menu,happens fatal error

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      With me the same thing happens, but in my case it is with the GT saga

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      Plamen Tsanev

      For me it happens with all the saga I mean the mod saga aswell I cant even kill the saibamen.

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      I apologize for the necromancy but was my first result in a “dragon block c crash in sagas” search.

      If anyone has this issue going forward you must do 3 steps to resolve it. Remove the folder “~/{Savegame Name}/data/missions”, open the Saga’s menu again, put the removed folder back in place while overwriting all conflicts.
      In effect “Start New” resets the saga system and you must redo the mission reinstall or you get the same crash.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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