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    hello so basically i had a few ideas firstly fusion time limit and what forms drain that time limit and by how much should be configurable. also potara fusion should be a thing and there should be different colours which have better multipliers of power and time which should be configurable. and to fuse in the ctrl e menu you put it on and the nearest person to you with one on. if you both are holding down the fusion key jin should implement when he can if he wants and your wearing the same colour earing you will fuse. now onto my ui idea so as your probably all aware because u saw ep 130 you will se that as the fight went on goku got further and further past his limits. so for instance when jiren tried killing his friends goku powered up in rage and beat the snot out of jiren so my idea is as you use it if u take substantial damage you will get something sort of like a zenki boost and like the config for freeza race when u can change the reserve ki you can change how much of a zenki boost you will get when your near death and how much the ui stat power up will increase for a temporary time untill well you power down then it goes back to normal so its like a rage boost.

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    Well I’ll get to the point I have suggestions for the dragon block mod c.



    While we know the tps sometimes annoy because when training we do not get enough to buy the skills and more to spend with the MIND, I think they should remove them and start using the RPG mode I mean , that we use XP and when leveling with the XP we give points of improvements that plus the points that give us to raise the level we have to raise the ones we want, this system would give us more playability and fun with the DBC mod.

    Missions by NPCS

    Very well we go with another topic that occurred to me and it can be very interesting that the npc give missions, thanks to these missions would give us points of improvement and thus strengthen the RPG mode while more npc find and more vallamos avazando with the story would be unlocked the missions.

    More mobs

    It is true that with the RPG system the zombies and the enemies of the minecraft will not give enough xp for that reason they should place more mobs like the saibaiman, bandits, assassins, etc.
    thus we would have more enemies to fight with and more difficulty to the game.

    Properties in suits

    It’s not that I’m complaining but they’re putting a lot of costumes and their only function is to decorate the character better than those costumes can raise characteristics to our characters for example, that the clothes of Kaioshin regenerate life and ki this would make the suits have a lot more functionality and not just adornment.

    If you got here you know you read my suggestions, keep in mind that I made it so that the DBC mod is more interesting if you liked my suggestions send this information to Jinryuu to read it and so I can put this in the mod thank you goodbye

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