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      That’s right, I said it. Destroyable Planets. So you may be wondering, “How is that gonna work”?
      Simple, if you have strong enough stats (maybe around 5000 or so) You will have the ability to create powerful attacks, attacks strong enough to destroy the planet. I will cut to the chase, if you blast the powerful move, You will be able to destroy the Earth fully. If it is not as powerful, it will only darken the sky and have lightning everywhere. Once you destroy the Earth, you will be teleported to the Space Dimension. You might have to go to the Namek Dragon Balls to wish the Earth back (May be Configurable). So that is my idea, just let me know your opinion if it good or not, or you could add your own ideas. If I didn’t do a good job, just let me know. Oh wait, I already said that.

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      When the space update does get added, this could be a cool feature but unfortunetly destroyable planets won’t get added (I think crimson or jin said it) but if it does in the future then it would be a nice feature, the thing is that there is little to no chance that you will be able to destroy the main story planets (earth,namek,possibly vegeta&yardrat).

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        I can see Namek and Vegeta being destroyed because they are only a real one time place but Earth that would be a bit much since almost all of the story missions are on Earth. But I do like the IDEA of destroying planets. It should also be linked to your alignment where if you destroy a planet without a DBC mob spawned near you (configurable), you become more evil. And then if you restore a planet destroyed by a fight or by a DBC mob you become more good. Also to answer your question piratefoodog1 the mod wouldn’t have so many dimensions, that would lag the game. Instead they would make the non-story dimensions optional and make them a configurable dimension that we would turn on at our own risk. If we turn them all on it would be chaos which would then make it impossible to play. I also expect there to be visual only planets like our solar system or Vegeta’s solar system and stars like our sun.

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      this is a good idea, but instead just depending on the stats, I think that a certain type of ki attack would be a good addition just to make sure someone doesn’t accidentally blow a planet up. One example would be the death ball that Frieza creates to destroy planet Vegeta.
      Just an addition to an idea, reply if its semi-good,

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      If something like this is added, which it probably won’t be, or won’t be for a very long time, it could work something like this:
      Well, you see, I once made a Energy Move BP thread, which had a thing I called KBP (Ki Battle Power) which meant, every ki blast you fire has its own bp based upon your strength and energy put into the ki blast.
      Now, for planets, this could work too, with each planet having its own BP depending on its Attributes (Hardness of stone, all that) So say a planet’s BP is 50mil, you have to charge a very powerful attack, and fire it at the planet.

      Now, for how it would work mechanically.
      If you destroy a planet (And destroy all saves of the planet) Then if you try to wish it back, what would you use to wish it back with?
      If you destroy a planet, and keep the seed (map generation number) then that could work, but then all of your structures would be destroyed, since that wouldn’t save.
      If you destroy the planet, and don’t delete ANYTHING, Well, that would eventually be quite laggy, but basically, you could disallow players from entering a destroyed planet, while it’s not actually destroyed, just you can’t enter it, making it seem destroyed.

      Lets take into consideration another mod with a very large amount of dimensions.
      So, you find pages, make a book, all that, but then you create your very own dimension.
      However, if you delete the book you made (that takes you to the dimension) The dimension is lost forever (Unless you have a second copy of the book, if you destroy the main, first book, it deletes it, if you destroy the copy, it doesn’t.)

      Now, there is a problem with having a ton of dimensions.
      It would cause a ton of lag.
      I’m wondering how the mod would even work with hundreds of dimensions, each dimension taking up space in a harddrive, which will continue to get filled with world files.

      But I suppose we’ll just have to see what happens, and hope it doesn’t lag the absolute shit out of everything.

      But yeah, this should at least be a config, or even a admin command (for sake of clearing up space.)

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        A big problem with that would be that certain planets were easy to destroy like Namek and Vegeta while Earth is a lot harder but was pulled from the brink multiple times so a power level of 1 mil would be enough to destroy a lot of planets and not only that but also survive in space for a good amount of time. Broly was able to survive in space for a long time with a power level of 10,000 at birth so anyone should be able to survive for a few minutes in space with a power level of 100,000 and be able to destroy a lot of planets. IF we were to make a planet’s BP 5 mil it would be indestructible and should be the Kai’s planet. Not only would it be indestructible but also it should only be found through King Kai or Supreme Kai because it would be at the edge of the universe.

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      how about to destroy a planet you have to overcharge a ki attack. As for the space generation they can do something like what Starmade did and have planets look like spheres up until you are close to it and have only key planets like Earth Namek and Yardrat undestroyable and be dimensions while all other planets would just be plots of land in the space dimension.

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