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    Every player should have the right to look at the configs to plan out what race they want to pick.
    What if you pick a race that seems good in everything just to find out that in the end it sucks compared to other races? And with this new Mind requirement being configurated for each skill, it sure would be nice to know what you’re about to do.

    I suggest that in the GUI that shows up when you press K should have a “server configs” that shows all the DBC, JRMC and other configs that the server currently has.

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    God yes, we’ve needed this feature for a long time. I’m tired of logging on to servers and playing a race only to find out I just wasted anywhere from a week to a month of my time playing a race that can’t even compete in end-game pvp. I also hate seeing that the tp gain is set to a certain amount but not being able to see what intervals are set for the amount to increase. Worst part is that most staff will either ignore those questions or don’t even know. Jin, please make this a thing. And to anyone with a server out there, please make a section on your fourms, a book/signs at spawn, or some method out there for someone to look at your configs before they invest time into your server. It’ll keep them from wasting their time and it’ll keep your playerbase that much happier for barely any work on your end.

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