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    Dear Crimson, I just read your combat revamp post and got some ideas on my mind.
    I’ve not played for a while so many things have changed, however I still acess the site every week.

    First of all, to allow better combats Jin MUST decrease combat speed. The times I had played 2 maxed players were able to kill each other with 1-2 hits or ki attacks.
    Decreasing combat speed makes sense because in DBC (I’ve not watched Naruto yet, but its probably similar) characters shittalk to each other before, while and after fighting, which balance the combat speed/combat time.
    In game, we are not able to talk with our enemies while combating, so we can’t taunt, cry, scream, etc. So combats ends very fast. That is why I suggest some changes in combat speed to make it slower.
    How? Well… I suggest increasing health pool a lot or decreasing all attacks damage, increasing health pool seems easier. A good fight should last for some minutes just like Goku vs Piccolo

    -About limbs: slowing the combat speed fits perfectly here and on some other suggestions; I think we should be able to use both hands and legs and use them to defend too. You might be thinking: how its possible? there’s enough controls to do it? Yes there is a way. We will use both left click and right click to left hand/leg and right hand/leg, respectively. Pressing CTRL key will allow us to use our legs, while using only the mouse we will use our hands. It’ll revamp training system too, where you can focus your training on legs or arms.
    Oh I didn’t forget about defense. Players can use their limbs to defend themselves pressing a key (since CTRL selects legs, SHIFT would be perfect to bind DEFENSE MODE)
    -Defense: pressing SHIFT you will turn on defending mode, you’re able to dash while defending, and you can counter ki attacks using a special ki attack (deflection skill that may fail?) or a stronger ki attack.
    -About swooping: travel swooping demands on concentration, not in game concentration, i mean, concentration. If you want to travel to somewhere, you’re not going to stop to fight, I suppose. So, if you want to travel you will start swooping to gain speed, after gaining speed your ki cost to swoop will dramatically decrease because you’ve got a high acceleration. That’s physics bro
    ki cost per time
    -About dash: dashing foward should able us to hit stronger at our enemie, while dashing foward may force a lock out on enemie.
    -Lock on: lock on is pretty much necessary, but its a problem when we talk about charging ki attacks or other special abilities, so my suggestion is: add ki attacks and stamina-based attacks that forces a lock out effect on enemies.
    -Stamina-based attacks: stamina is the physical energy of the characters, and we barely use them to defend ourselv. We use ki attacks because they are more powerful technics, and players rely on them at distance or hitting hand attacks in a near distance. That is why lock on is a problem: if player 1 wants to hit a ki attack he have to charge it while player 2 attacks him with a lock on. It is not going to happen if the player 1 forces a lock out with a dash, mirror image, stunning kick or other stamina-based ability.
    -Crowd control: just like i said, we need some crowd control after stamina or ki abilitys. My suggestion is: add moba-like crowd control like stun, slowness, knock down (or even knock out), confusion, blindness, lock out (as I said) etc. Crowd control combined with stamina-based attacks and ki attacks will make fights very versatiles. Also, they have timers
    -Controls: the last time I played selecting and activating ki attacks were pretty shit, we used to press the middle button of the mouse to select it and right click to charge. In my mind, using SHIFT+1, SHIFT+2, SHIFT+3, SHIFT+4 would make it pretty easier to use. Shift+5 and foward isn’t a big idea because using shift+1-4 allow us to move right after charging the ki attack. Yes… I know, there is 8 slots. That is why I suggest to divide into 4/4 slots group, pressing SHIFT+5 would change to the second group, which can be activated with SHIFT+1-4 like before.
    2 groups

    That’s all for now, I guess

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    The images aren’t appearing huh?
    Img1: Limbs
    Img2: Swooping
    Img3: Ki attack constrols

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    loving this idea! Slower more drawn out face to face combat is much better than the two slaps combat! I played with a mod that add a cooldown when you hit a mob. the cooldown mixed with the dbz mod made combat very different. Made it more drawn out and had more time to think rather than spam.

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    Oh yeah, don’t worry. It will obviously be slowed down. Having combat as is now and expecting people to be able to slap their keys with split second reaction time is insane.

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    God’s Flame

    great idea

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