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      Gustavo Philipe

      That should add a lot to the lifetime, and gameplay/roleplay itself.
      Some people may face a hard choice to make when diciding whitch race they should be… and often being afraid to choose one and be weaker than the ones who had choose Saiyan, or “what gender should i choose for my characte”, “should i choose to be good, or bad?!”. With a ChooseYourCharacter option we could just play as we’d like to without any restrictions…
      About Mechanics… 1- All the characters have their own StatsSheet, but Share the same inventory. 2- All characters Share the same TP ammoumt, so as to decrease farmingtime, and still share the same inventory
      HowMany?!… At least 3characters, for the most common in my opnion 1MaleSaiyan 1FemaleSaiyan and AnotherRaceOption

      A new “Biome”, it would add more life to the ambient, with SkinnyBuldings, roundedHouses, streets and Capsule corpo, with goten, trunks and bulma there for dialogue/quests.

      Beerus Planet
      As long as we get strong, we go to NorthKai planet to train at gravity, and than to TimeChamber, but a place where we all need to really get a god form should be training with Whis at Beerus Planet!

      Bonus: please… using weighted clothes is kinda useless, make it worfit, like giving any TP Multiplier or something thnk u


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      Sam Noé

      Weighted clothes reduces your damage, so that it takes you more punches to kill a target and so more chances to get TPs.

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      with the west city part and beerus’ planet. I could add that to my mod (DBC Extended Saga) if you have seen it but never checked it out I recommend doing so. Granted it does need some work. But nothing that cannot be fixed. But yea if it is suggested enough there I may add it. Who knows it may even be contributed and end up going into DBC after.

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        That would be so lit

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      Gustavo Philipe

      Sure! Great idea <3

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