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      Hello, I just found a bug, I guess, which happened as I wanted to spawn a child from Family C with the summon command.
      I made a creative singleplayer world for testing and fooling around with mods. And then I made a family and was alone, but wanted to have a child to look at it again. However I did not give it a name before, which I didn’t knew that I had to give it one, and then the game crashed. I also am not able to re-enter the world, because it then tries to spawn a nameless ahild, which is impossible. Can these then have some random names or a placeholder one? OR an error message with a hint on a name would be fine as well.
      Also, made two different families and couldn’t get back my former name. So, can the Family name be gone if no Player or Mob has these in their names?
      Already saying Thanks

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