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    I would like to be possible to make ur own race, to make ur own transformation, and to make it how strong u want. Like Ki Attacks, if u want to make them more powerful u need EXP. But in this case, to make the transformation stronger u will need a certain amount of TP and Mind level.

    Would be great if u could even edit ur transformation, like:

    – Aura: color/size/Jiren’s double aura.
    – Body: color/size/hair growth/eyes color/custom tail/wings/horns(Like
    Arcosian 5th form)/body marks or tattoos/ etc.
    – Accessories: Truth Seeking Orbs/Halos/Barrier of Light(Zamasu).

    This one probably was requested by many people: God of Destruction form.

    – To be a status effect (like Legendary Ki, God Power, etc.).
    – To obtain it from Whis and your minimum level must be 30.000 (Or something
    like that).
    – To master the form u will need to kill minimum 20 mobs.
    – To enable/disable the Hakai technique (like Kaioken, UI, etc.) and right click any
    mob to destroy it. (This thing should be disabled for servers).

    I know that probably I’ll be rejected because this is a very difficult task, but I still have hope. xD

    Maybe I’ll update this list later…

    *Sorry for my english, I’m romanian. I hope u understand what I wrote.*

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    Sam Noé

    I thought custom forms were already there ? I don’t remember, a lot happenned ever since the last time someone brought that up.
    Killing 20 mobs ? I do that on my first 20 min in a new vanilla world so, with DBC uuuuh…

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