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    The basic idea is that with a Time Machine you can travel to the “past”.

    The past is essentially a dimension, sort of, that is a copy of the naturally generated world before you had to go and ruin the beauty of computer generated nature with dirt houses and pillars in the shape of d-

    *ahem* Anyway, there is also another major change. The DBC NPCs/Locations, in the past dimension: so things will be replaced.

    Locations like Babidi’s Ship will cease to exist but the Red Ribbon Army Base will now exist.

    But with the case of Goku, he’ll be replaced by a younger version of himself but Kami would stay the same(forever old…).

    Now why does this matter?

    Well besides learning past techniques that have been long forgotten(Potentially with Android technology and the past/only version of Red Ribbon Base), with the new “Teach” function of Ki techniques you could teach a technique to, for example, Kid Goku and return to the present and learn a stronger version of said technique from Adult Goku.

    Also if you teach a technique to the past self of an NPC, then the present version(if there is one) will talk to you/teach you skills regardless of your morality. But once you learn a technique from them, you and him will be “even”. So they won’t give you any more options.

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    I actually kinda like this idea, I worry about how it’d affect the balance of the game though.

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    it should be so you can meet yourself in the past, and there is different periods of the past, like you defeat the ender dragon, but you go BEFORE you did that

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    Mr. Perfect Cell

    finally! an original idea that isnt form, race, or fusion related. so rare these days.
    anyway, i too would love a time travel aspect of dbc. more specifically: i wanna travel to future trunk’s time. i wanna fight the androids myself. maybe even take on future gohan and future trunks as a mentor. while on the topic of time travel, I think planet vegeta should be its own time travel location… why? because by the events of the original series planet vegeta was… basically a mass of loose space rocks. doesnt make sense i can travel to it in a space ship. should be its own time travel destination.
    also. i would like to add: in the present, red ribbon army bases could be in ruins.

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      Ooh, I think I like the idea of Red Ribbon Base Ruins, besides being a good marker for where to find the past version of it, I can imagine a sort of side quest you can do.

      Where you help the leader of that base and by finishing those quests it will spawn a chest in the present, in the ruins. The chest could be filled with Android parts/upgrades. Or maybe instead of a chest, it’ll spawn an old version of the leader in the present and he gives you the parts/upgrades himself.

      Like a gift from an old friend.

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      • This reply was modified 1 year, 5 months ago by  mors_mortis.
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    make it so your actions in the past of your beautiful minecraft world can have either a small effect or large one, on your minecraft world and your dbc character in general. lets say that you destroyed the diamond you got in the past. that means that your present and future should be greatly effected, lets say you just kill a pig, JUST KILL IT, and that could be the pig that saves your minecraft player from hunger, if in a rare chance you get that, it could kill your minecraft player and reduce the progress you’ve achieved, or lets say you make a loyal android for your past, your future and present shall be affected, and will learn either if your android survives, or not, all im saying is that there should be a thing that if you do something in the past can greatly effect your future. or we can say if you broke a piece of grass, that grass could also be very important, so you’ll have to be very careful, for about your actions in your past could lead to terror in your future

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      While I think it would be too much to have the whole “killing a pig will screw you over”, I love the idea of opening up more quests by what you do in the past

      I think it would be cool if by interacting with past NPCs, you can unlock quests in the present world. Sort of like, helping Goku defeat Red Ribbon and the Androids will inadvertently create Cell X and you’d have to defeat that monstrosity in a new quest line.

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      But… That’s not how time travel works in DBZ… I don’t think it should affect the future negatively.

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      Well there should be negative consequences to time travel, and you could simply explain the changes in the present as, you’re going to the future of the new Timeline you created.

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    This is… really cool.

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    Good Idea! Just one thing, this should be related with Years C.
    What i’m saying is about depending on how much time you lived in the world, and more years, more you will have to go back, and also you can complete old sagas you already did or not.
    Should be too a where-to-born option selection, letting you in what timeline and era you gonna born.

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      Hmmmmm, I don’t think Years C should change the Past dimension itself but I do think it would be cool if a younger/past version of yourself would appear in the original spawn area.

      Another feature that would be interesting is if you/someone else could kill your past self to instantly kill you. You could ask your past self to follow you to put them in a safe place but if someone finds it then they could kill them and you simultaneously. Also if a change occurs in the past, a message saying “the timeline seems to have changed” will appear instead of it straight up saying that someone died. So on multiplayer, people can make a small change in the timeline and you would have to find out what they did and correct it. Resurrecting your past self via the dragon balls will bring you back as well.

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