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      So, whenever my mind reaches a certain threshold (I’m unable to pinpoint this right now.) The mind used to purchase skills goes deep into the negatives (-94440 to be exact.) Frustratingly I can’t replicate this unless I’m playing legitimately, I’ll use commands to raise my mind to huge values, and nothing happens. So yeah, any help is appreciated. Core, DBC and JBRA, are all up to date, and I’m only using optifine as my other mods. I’m also using the config from this: (http://main.jingames.net/forums/topic/the-default-config-files-are-bad-so-i-rebalanced-them/) topic, with the increased skill cap of course.

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      Quick update to anyone who finds this thread in the future, the thing that was causing the issue for me was the old kai unlock skill, which had a huge mind requirement. To solve this I decreased the percentage by a fair margin.

      To configure the skill you go to jinruujrmcore.cfg, and find the following line:
      # Server Sided! Mind Requirement is percentage based. Values can be from 0.005 to 100 (default: 1.0)
      D:”Skill OldKaiUnlock Mind Requirement” <
      Afterwards configure it to your liking and save, and that should fix the issue, note that you might have a different skill causing the issue, so take a look around.

      Also to any who find this in the future, I hope you are having a good day.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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