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    I’m back! Hehe, anyhow I’ve enjoyed immensely playing Dragon Block v4, Naruto C v1, Family C v3, and your epic Core. Btw, those are the only mods I had on my server. Which runs with 2G of Ram.

    Anyhow, back to the purpose of the thread at hand. Bugs, ahh, troublesome little devils. This server was played with 2 people, my girlfriend and I. My GF was human, Ki, Martial Artist, Female. I was half-saiyan, Ki, Martial Artist, Male. (TAILZ! YAY!)

    Oh before I forget, can you make an option where you just choose your default skin’s hairstyle? Would be appreciated.

    1) Most notable bug is that when we get near each other (like around 124 blocks range of each other) in 1st person view our ‘arms and hands’ switch. Like, they literally exchange skins. Yet in 3rd or Inventory we’re fine, and when we look to each other’s we look normal. But yet we still have the arm skin of the other. Freaky right?

    2) Dinosaurs, SPAWN A LOT on Namak. Not that don’t mind they are good training, but damn their aggro range is annoying! especially with the bug I listed last time still there! Also, I apologize for saying they don’t fill hunger last time, they do. But they don’t give that 10% Ki which is quite vital in this Ki regen UI!

    3) This is a major one, Kill stealing of villains. If for example, my GF killed Vegeta by accident to try and help me, I wouldn’t get the credit in my Saga system! And since I cannot respawn him with my saga system, I’m forced to reset my entire system and start all the way from square one! To fix this at least temporary, I suggest you put a option to respawn the villain in the Saga system in case something else kills the villain. Like a creeper… Or dinosaur… damn dinosaurs prevented my Ginyu force kill…

    4) You know how when you have low constitution your a cute little kid? Well… Family C… Kids can marry and adopt other kids. FAMILY OF KIDS! MWHAHAHAHhahaha… Oh gawd, what if pregnancy was in O_o

    5) DBC villains can’t create craters with blasts, yet a Naruto C ninja can… Mk

    6) If your using Chakra and you put on a scouter. The scouter GUI starts flashing in and out continuously.. again and again and again.. etc.

    7) Chakra punches sound like Ki punches now.

    8) Above the Chakra GUI is the DBC Charge % and BP, no idea if its meant to be there with Chakra, and if so would appreciate if you placed it next to or in the Chakra GUI.

    P.S. Just a personal thing, but would like it if you could switch between Chakra and Ki at any given time.

    P.S.S. There is no mentioning (or anywhere I can find) of the benefits of each individual race. And so I cannot give any reports of incorrections between race stats.. etc. Would you please state those?

    9) Ginyu force, if you kill the Ginyu force out of order it does’t count towards a kill in the Saga system. Cause one time I accidently hit Ginyu while fighting Recoome and killed Ginyu, but it didn’t count. And so had to… *cry* Reset the saga system…

    10) Would be appreciated if Saga bosses gave more EXP per hit cause I can more exp from 1-2 dinosaurs then I do from Captain Ginyu in a battle! And if they do, and just didn’t for some reason… well.. there is a bug for ya! 😀

    11) Dragon Rader causes entire GUI to flash in and out when you have it in hand.

    12) If the server delays for a moment and your still inputing the charge command (and don’t have overcharge skill) then the server catches up. You get a free overcharge.

    13) Server delays for some reason for at least 10 sec to 10 mins max. If Anyone has a solution or why this happens, please tell me. Cause it’s annoying, especially when in midst of battle.

    14) Imperial Saibaman Army, just saiyan. There were 50 of the things against one SSJ me… I didn’t bode well for me. (Had BP of 1337 at the time too! :D)

    15) Just a question, do Naruto C mobs give more exp than regular mobs too?

    16) Shenron, if you summon shenron at night. When he goes away it turns into day at the same position of the moon. So if could go night like right away again… zombies…

    17) Some Gi such as the long sleeve Gi, have the upper sleeve going off the arm in 1st person.

    18) Female gender has breast when still a child, don’t think that’s accurate unless the child form is actually teenager.

    Think that’s all I found. Hope this was all helpful and can’t wait for the newest version(s)!

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