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    Not sure what others think of the way BP works but in my opinion it should be done again. The “accurate” normal system has me being at a bp of 50k with 1,000 in all attributes while the Fbp shows me in the billions. I just think it’s pretty drastic. I know the fbp is more of a, look at me im a super high level person yaaay….which just doesn’t go for me while the normal is just underwhelming in bp level. Yes I know it’s more a show thing but it should also reflect the amount of work you put in to achieve higher levels. If I have 1,000 points in all my attributes I should theoretically have a bp of 6 mil, not 50k in the normal bp selection. Kinda ridiculous to be a SS3 with a bp of 67,000.

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    Who honestly cares about BP anyway? It could mean anything when it comes to stats. I could have a 100k bp and have 50k mind and nothing else.

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      Eh, I agree with you there. I’ve always been a numbers kind of person when it comes to power levels and such. Not saying I know all the ends and outs that is. Just wondered what other people thought about how the BP is displayed as you progress is all.

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