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    Nova Craft

    The user of this skill should be able to switch custom skins or default skins, and switch skills,attacks. Everything like stats etc

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    No just no

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    Sam Noé

    Nah this waY it’s too OP.
    It should be temporary, and also very punitive if you miss or even worse hit another target.
    Also depending on the level of the skill you can only use a certain percentage of the power of this new body.
    Like 50% at lvl 1, and 5 more per level (which would lead to 95 at lvl 10, which is accepatble considering you can’t really master the depths of an unknown body)

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    Nova Craft

    Epsolon why not body change i just want it so i can troll my friends or others online.

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    TDS Odyssey

    This sounds really fun in my head however this would be pretty hard to make but also must be one hell of a challenge to code.

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