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    So…i was thinking…Jin could add this to Dragon Block C , as a real Dragon Ball Mod!!!
    And clothes could be….like…dirty…
    Well…You continue at there with REPLIES!

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    Do you mean just visual, or do the wounds have an actual effect on gameplay?

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    Actual effect and visual.

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      Mind elaborating upon how it would work?

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    Son Netsui Surudan

    idea for how can work.Will change the actual sistem of life. Will be simple:When you get a attack very strong,you start at blood,and when blood,you start at lose life.Will be like a stats,and they have a time limit.When you eat a senzu beam,go to a regeneration capsule or eat a medicinal of namek,you lose time of this stats.

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    Sam Noé

    It could lower stats depending on how much injured you are and which part is of your body is injured – so here comes back the limb system, as Crimson had talked about in the Devblog a while ago.

    Like if you lose an arm or have it severely damaged, like SSJ2 Gohan against Cell, you’ll have a harder time pushing back a wave and your melee attacks will be less powerful – and here comes androidification to replace the armm, or a senzu, or Sheron, as you wish. Constitution could have an effect on the speed at which your limbs fall appart.

    Maybe there could be a “Mental Breakdown” effect. Well I can’t think of any time in DB somebody had a mental breakdown for taking too much damage, probably because this goes against anime logic – just look at Videl standing back up after each of Spopovich’s stike while a normal person would just beg him to stop at this point-, but I find it’s not a stupid thing.

    Taking damage always have an impact on your mind – and here comes the mind stat – weakening it with each hit. At a point you just can’t take anymore, you’ll only try to find a way to make it stop.

    So if your character takes too much damage, the maximum you can take being determined by your mind stat, he has a “Mental Breakdown” effect, severely lowering his stats until he recovers, also forcing you to take more time to load ki blasts.
    As your mind is shattered, you drop out of your form instantly, your power release falls down and is capped, and if you try to retransform, it’ll take twice the time to do so and you’ll consume twice as much ki.
    Your mind is also too unstable to reach God Form and UI.
    As a fusion has the mental strength of two people, his limit would be the sum of the two fusioning players’limits.

    This would make mind even more important because this would be of course stackable with the maluses due to your wounds. So you actually have to watch out for you health rather than goind in ORAORAORA-ing hoping your dex will save you from death. I mean a SSJ3 at 5% of his health who still can go all out is senseless. Remember Goku dropping from SSJ3 against Kid Buu, well it should be the same here.

    For visuals there could be spits of blood, maybe a sound to show the character is breathless, and pain screams when your limbs start getting considerably damaged.

    If you have a Mental Breakdown, you could start to have auditive and visual hallucinations – like in the Enviromine Mod, aka the best survival mod ever imao.

    Well of course, as I say myself, people won’t like a thing that brings difficulty, but hey I’ve brought an idea.

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    I don’t liked it @sam_4, I LOVED IT!!!!!

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