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    I really enjoyed watching Bleach.
    So i really would like if you would start or make Bleach C it can be named differently.
    It would be like DBC but the items from Bleach of course.
    And you could have the mask transform into the Hueco Muendo Hollow form
    And you could get Max 2 Zanpakto’s and you could get you’re zanpakto custom element
    and other then you could have getsuga tensho skill and other i hope you now what i mean i really would enjoy Bleach C too pls make it happpen!

    Thank you! <3
    -A little fan of Bleach

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    Henry bushard

    im not a fan of bleach but making another mod thats cool and could work

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    Thanks Henry ^w^

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    Bleach c was made it was just an April fool’s joke

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      Look i just wan’t it as a mod real mod you understand?
      I wan’t it to come true!

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