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      I just had this idea and wanted to suggest it. I have not read any other posts on this topic that I can remember, so if I write something someone said previously, I promise I did not intend to steal. With that said, here we go!

      General Appearance:
      Players should have access to three basic body colors: green, blue like the Cell Juniors, and another color, possibly orange or red, along with the option to choose a body color from the color spectrum. Beyond this, they should look like Cell.

      Stat variance:
      Bio-androids should be a balanced race like humans, being a combination of all kinds of races.

      The Bio-android race should be accessible only through Androidification, and maybe through reincarnation, not as a starting race. Through Andriodification, the transformation should require a higher skill level than would be required for becoming a cyborg or full android.

      Here’s the big one and the hardest, but I think I’ve got it. Attack while holding the 2nd function key to attack with your tail instead of your fists. On a hit, both you and the opponent are frozen in place like when you use ki release, and the opponent starts to lose health according to 50% (configurable) of your melee damage per second. You in turn gain back 50% (configurable) of the damage done as regenerated health per second. This is held for a configurable amount of time before the opponent breaks free, after which your tail attack will have a cooldown before using it again. Of course, there will be lesser or no cooldown if you miss the attack. If you kill your opponent this way, you gain a guaranteed amount of tp according to the amount in the config file; there should be no need for a new config to govern tp gain from your tail attack. Killing your opponent with your tail will also reward a new value that we’ll call “DNA” for now.

      Also a difficult issue, but I got this. In addition to the current tp and mind requirements, Bio-andriod transformation will be locked behind the new “DNA” value. After obtaining enough DNA, you may sacrifice it along with your tp for the ability to climb to your second form, after which more DNA will be required to reach your perfect form. These transformations, unfortunately, can’t be permanent; though they will require no energy to maintain, one will be able to descend to their incomplete forms a la the action menu, aesthetically undermining the transformations. The DNA requirements will only need to be met every so often, every two or three racial skill levels. In between those levels, increasing your transformation skill will give you access to power-ups we’ll call “Super State.” In much the same way as Cell was able to access forms similar to Super Saiyan that increased his power as well, the player will have access to “Super State” levels that gradually unlock as one becomes more complete. These forms will be less powerful than true Super Saiyan forms, functioning instead like the Super Saiyan grade forms do, as upgrades to the form you’re currently using as opposed to a completely new form. While the imperfect form will have no Super State levels, the semi-perfect form will have Super State 1, and the perfect form will have that as well as Super State Ultra (a form like Super Saiyan grade 3), and Super State 2, which is, obviously, Super Saiyan 2. I also have boost percentages for the different levels:

      Imperfect: 100
      Semi-perfect: 150
      Perfect: 200
      Super State 1: 120
      Super State Ultra: 140 (with slightly reduced Dexterity)
      Super State 2: 180

      The Super State levels will stack on top of the power boost you have from your current form, like a combination of the principles behind the legendary ability and stacking kaio-ken on top of your transformations. In other words, when a perfect Bio-android uses Super State 2, his total power should be 280% of his imperfect form.

      So there it is, the Bio-android! What do ya think, Godthumb?

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      Son Netsui Surudan

      And how you get this DNA?

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      Son Netsui Surudan

      At my opinion,will be this:Will be 3 android type:Bio-Androids,Cyborgs and Robots.To bio-androids get DNA points,will need use this “absorb”at a cyborg,whit this you get sufficient DNA for 1/2 of form,so:
      semi-perfect form = 2 androids absorverd
      perfect form = 4 androids absorved
      Obviously,when this androids are absorved,they go to a dimension called “body”.At him,they can train.If the bio-android be whit very low life,he lose a form but get a big regen,so the android left him body.

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      That would require a Bio-android player to be in multiplayer and would inconvenience other players trying to do their own thing, assuming there are even any androids on the server. Other players should not be involved with this kind of game function. Even Super Saiyan God can be obtained without other player’s help past a certain point, whereas what you have suggested would require up to four other player’s total cooperation for just one person to fully experience the race he’s using. Android NPCs could be used to accommodate this, but they would be pretty pointless afterwards, not to mention that in the manga/anime, after Cell self-destructed, he was able to ascend to his perfect form again without Android 18, implying that Cell could transform without the androids, and that they were merely a shortcut to his perfection rather than a requirement due to their atrocious power compared to average humans. Assuming this, I decided to leave out other androids entirely and focus on just absorbing anything you fight to increase your power until you can ascend.

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