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    This probably won’t get read, but i mean, WHY NOT. Since i started playing dbc i always wondered, hmm, why cant I be cell. So first my first suggestion, i’m going with bio-android race. The more i thought about it, the more ideas i got for it, i also asked people on servers i played, and they said the ideas were good. So first, be able to pick your colors. Now, i’m just thinking of using the format for arcosians. For transformations, cell duh, but the more i thought about it, the more my idea for looking like cell in different coors wasnt that good, so i thought, hey why not have a feature that all the dbc mobs that this race kills, that player gets apearance of that race sorta, so if u killed a lot of saiyan1, 2, raditz, nappa, or vegeta, you start getting a more human/saiyan apearance (idk how it’ll look, i’m not a modder or designer really) if u “absorb” freeza over, and over, and over agen, and maybe mecha freeza and king cold, then you start looking more like an arcosian (that’s more or less the point). If this isn’t possible, then instead what you could do when you are making your character, u can choose the weird antenna, crown, thingy. And maybe like that you can deiced if you wanna look like cell, freeza, or what ever and you can still have the absorb thing, and because of the absorb thing, this race gets more tp then any other race, BUT, to balance it, make the transformations different to get then the other races. Instead of having a skill, after killing specific mobs (which could be decided which mobs they are by you antenna, crown, thingy when you make your character) and after you have killed that specific mob(s) multiple times, you get the semi perfect form, then after even more “absorbing” that specific mob, you get the perfect form. Now, about the whole Golden Cell thing, maybe we can make it so depends what head antenna, crown, thingy (i’m going to call it a crown from now on) you choose when you make your character. So if you pick the Arcosian looking one, you get golden form, if you picked the cell looking one, you get a super saiyan kinda one (a long with the other super saiyan forms including god and blue/rose) and if you pick, i don’t know, a namekian looking one where you actually have antenna, you can turn giant, and maybe that kind of crown thingy can have regenerative abilities, and there’s a crown thingy for every other race, and the Bio-android gets the same stats and attributes, like namekians have the most health, a bio-android with namekian antenna has the most health, one with an arcosian crown thingy could be the fastest and is stronger with ki attacks, so on so forth. My second suggestion, is for three new kinds of ki attacks. First, we have barrage. I remember when the new ki attack types were gonna be added JinRyu mentioned barrages, so why not include them now. Now,maybe JinRyu can make the model for the player make their arms go straight foward like a zombie, and the barrage is a bunch of laser models coming from both hands, again idk. Second kind of ki blast is explosion. Explosion is obvious, it would just be a huge explosion around you, but it damages you too. And for my last ki attack type suggestion, and suggestion in general, Ki Sword, or Spirit Sword. Now, the way it could work is, you charge it like any other ki attack, then when you let go you have a very strong sword that lasts for, idk, like 30 seconds or something like that. And the damage you do with the ki sword is based off Strength instead of Will, so it’ll be an interesting type of ki blast. If JinRyu reads this and adds all this to the mod, I’ll be sooo surprised and happy. but what are the chances of that? (Also if ALL this has been suggested before, i didn’t know). If anyone reads this, tell me what you think, and JinRyu, if you read this, please add these things, and if you can’t add all of it, then at least the Bio-Android race

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    Son Netsui Surudan

    Whe are speaking from ideas,so…i will give a idea of ultra instinct.My idea not are SOOO hard
    but not are so easy from get him.To get ultra instinct,u will need:superform lvl 8 and godform lvl 3(yes jin u will need up ANOTHER level).Post it,u will need be whit 10% of life and ki.If this happen,are 25% of chance from you get ”normal ultra ” state.If u use the normal ultra 2 times,at the third,at the local from get normal ultra instinct u will get medium ultra instinct.To u get the mastered ultra instinct,u will need be whit 10% of life and ki AT the medium ultra instinct.If this happen,will be 10% of chance from u go to this.And all forms are a time-limit,like godform,and when they over u will get a stats:form normal ultra inscint will be normal fatigue,whit then u will be 20% of life and ki.At medium ultra instinct medium fatigue,then u will be whit 15% of life and ki,and for mastered ui complete fatigue,whit then u will be 5% of ki and life.To me,they will work:at the normal ultra instint:70-80% of chance from dodge(not take damage),at medium 75-85% and at mastered 90% of chance.And they will up power(changable at config).PS:i NOT are speaking:JIN ADD ULTRA INSTINCTG PLS OMG THIS IS am giving a IDEA(ps:i am brazillian so sorry for bad english)

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    Henry bushard

    I love this bio-android race i always wanted in the mod i think all your ideas about the transformations is good. I dont think you can make it so that you look like the race you absorbed cause even cell couldnt do that normally e absorbed like 1000 humans to get stronger than 17 and dint look like a human i think he can only look like a specific race like the androinds and big aces like arcosians but not races like human i mean it could work on saiyan but i think it should only make them look like arcosian or like namakian. o now the absorbing i have a better idea whereit is a skill where you have to upgrade to increase the chances ok absorbing them fully like fusion you will start with this skill now whe you start if you press x in an empty slot it will say absorb and you have to enable it then when an enemy has 25% or lower health you press for example control and then it makes an absorbing sound if it works then you get a power boost and the power boost depends on your enemy and how much health/strength they have. for the transformation yea i think you need a new npc where they spawn randomly and you have to absorb them like 3 or 4 times and if you die after gaining your new form if you die you have a 90% chance of keeping it like cell did also make it so that if you loose all your health and you have kaioken for cell race you get it back but you can only use this ONCE everytime you die it resets now if you have kaioken enabled you wont lose it cause your health go’s back. but really i want the absorb abiity where you press a button with the skill and then you absorb when they have 25% health or lower and tis instead of giving tp will give stats in genral like a zenkai boost (which you should add aswell) sure it might be a bit op but cell was supposed to be overpowered i mean in less than a year he got the power to destroy the entire solar system with his kamehameha i know it isn’t staded by the owner but pretty much everyone accepts it so just add my absorb idea and bio-android race please jin you have to YOU HAVE TO(also son netsui start your own post about ui)

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    wow thanks for the support for this, also you have good ideas for this THANKS

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