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      A while back there was a post in the devblog talking about the planned Bio-Android race. I know it’s still going to be quite a while until it’s added, but a few friends and I had some questions about how it would work now, mainly regarding the attributes and form change. The devblog post that explained how Bio-Androids would change their form was based on the old 120 Attribute point system. Will the system be more or less the same, but with different attribute requirements for each form? The form changes sounded like something permanent, so will the Bio-Androids have a power-boosting transformation along the lines of SSJ or Namekian power boosts? This last question is kinda out there, but I remembered reading that Bio-Androids will need to absorb Android NPC’s to achieve their next form. In addition to fixed absorption, will Bio-Androids be able to “drink” other NPC’s and common mobs to get stronger, like Cell did?
      Thanks in advance if you answer these questions, though if you don’t, I understand that you’re busy.

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