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Bigger than big Namekians

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    I did some short research on lord slug and the huge namekians, and long story short I think they need to be bigger in dbc. my idea is that in order to learn the giant skill you must go to an npc on namek (maybe lord guru or something). What i had in mind is that it should be something you have to upgrade over time and as you upgrade you get bigger. But it would be inconvenient to be big all the time! so I think it should be like the super forms in the sense that there are different levels of it. you can go up to max and be the size of Goku’s resurrection bills, or just level up once or twice so you can still fit indoors.just how big do we want to be? Well luckily I decided to make a huge statue of frieza which I saw as a good size, its about 35 blocks tall, which means turn every pixel into a block on a player model. Now, Any questions!?!!

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    Bigger nameks won’t come for at least a few months even if jin puts the petal to the metal. Jin has always been a bit lazy with some of these things, considering great ape and big nameks are the same size as are king yemma and king cold.

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      Well I didn’t want it now, I know coding is hard and takes time, its just something that I think Jin should consider.

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    In all fairness, do you really think they should be that tall given the current issues with giant/Oozaru? Currently you can barely fight other players in those forms due to the form extending your hitbox while leaving your range at the same level.

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      Well the reach could always be extended, and being a larger target would make it more fair, stronger but easier to hit. Also I want them to be taller to be more similar to the story, A lot of people don’t seem to realize that lord slug was VERY big.

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    Sam Noé

    I dunno man, the bigger you are, the harder it will be to hit your opponent who looks really small in this form. Plus as justin said other issues must be fixed first : the horrible reach (can’t hit Nappa who is litteraly stepping on my feet) and you can’t overcome 1 block height like a horse, which just makes no sense, I mean you’re supposed to be a 10 meter-tall ape and you can’t just raise your foot over a bush ? You should also have things like a higher knockback on your attacks to compensate the fact that you’re easier to hit, or maybe why not the ability to destroy everything with your bare boat-sized hands. Ok here it’s more for fun but I want to see more work on these forms, they’re funny to use, but so worthless in PvP, the only thing you can fight is an another Giant Namek/oozaru or a Dino. And who the hell uses this to fight a Dino ?

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      It being harder to hit things is good so that its not too overpowered, and plus if the reach is a problem INCREASE THE REACH VARIABLE instead of making things to compensate for the problem, fix the problem.With the 1 block height problem, just change from 1/2 of a block to 1 full block, its easy. Hell, I could get the more commands mod and do it myself.

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