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    So my idea is: Instead of having training points, we would have level points, every level we get, we would have 1 point to spend on each attribute, okay, you might think it would be a thousand times more complicated than the current method, however, each point could have a multiplier in each attribute: STR: 50, Melee damage: 500, maybe not in my own way, but thinking in the right way, maybe this could work fine in Jin’s mod, if you have not already understood , I will explain better: Ok, we already have level in this mod, however it is not exactly as I think, if you are level 3500, you would have 3500 points to spend, the multiplier of each point being bigger than the current one, so being different of the current method, and maybe better (depending on what Jin does in the mod), maybe a suitable multiplier would work well in this method! Please leave your opinions!

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    Not bad.

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