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    R.I.P JinRyuu

    The ki sensing system is quite simple. Here’s how it works
    – The ki of the person is a circle, these ki signals surround you in some kind of circle, it depends if the circle is small or large if it’s a strong ki. If it’s very very very small, then it should be very thin aswell. and long. If it’s godly large, then it shouldn’t be sensable at all. These circles should depend on how much stronger someone is than you statistically, YES adding the forms to it. If someone taps into SSJ and you’re base they should obviously get a bigger ki.

    If you do not know what I mean, then people playing Dragon Ball Z Final Stand should understand me easily and know how it works. It represents the ki sensing in dragon ball perfectly in my opinion and if you do not know what I mean then look up ki sensing on a dragon ball z final stand wiki. I hope the new take-over brother can make this update possible in some way. Like pressing F3 but then for ki sensing on some key

    Ki sensing should definitly be a numpad key, or if you have a laptop without a numpad, just somewhere far away from WASD, because in the show it actually takes them time to sense ki too.
    Instant Transmission should somehow link to this ki sensing thing. You can click on those circles. and if it’s god ki you can’t click it because it doesn’t show, or when a ki is extremely small and thin, it should be so thin that it’s unclickable.

    If this update is not possible then keep the regular ki sensing hud, but adding this visual ki sensing would actually require a bit of knowledge, and would be really cool. I can see that people don’t understand how this works, but they can set this in their settings some how.

    I understand that updates are not easy to create, and the budget’s not always there but I hope this mod successes and gets famous one day.

    This picture visualises how it should somehow work:

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    The picture you provided made what you were trying to say very confusing so I made a little something based on what I got from what you said.

    ki rings

    So I came up with these. The more rings in a ki ring there are, the more powerful the source and a double green ki ring signifies that the source is about as strong as you are. Blue rings are weaker and red rings are stronger, there could also be a 4th gold ring color for someone who is so much stronger than you that you can’t sense their full power.

    Also there is already a ki sense button, it is F4 by default.

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