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      Josh Leganik

      Hello everyone!
      I had a problem while playing Minecraft with the DBC mod on a server, when any of my friends (Who prefer to play as the Natural player type) attack me, they do damage to me, but whenever I try to attack them, (With a sword ki punch or ki blast or any other means) I can’t damage them, now I don’t know if this is a bug or a feature or whatever, but please fix it or add a configuration that allows Ki type players to damage Natural type players.

      Another annoying problem is that the Natural players can’t even damage each other, so any PVP aspiration we had was shattered by this. I would really really appreciate any response to this whether it’s a comment or a fix. (Although I’d really love to see a fix)

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      Sounds fun, I bump this idea.

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      it could be made that natural players still damage each other but also do one-hundredth of their non-natural opponents hp

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