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    Basic ideas for mod some are repeats. *’s indicate favorite ideas
    -*Beards: start growing at 15 grow out and can be shaved off or styled but it will grow again
    -Hair Growing: similar to beards hair could grow as you get older requiring to be maintained (unless saiyan)
    -Legenday: it should grow in power as used not just be a stronger super saiyan form with a palette swap
    -Clothes: add more clothes and HD textures for clothes
    -King yemma: sends you to heaven if you are good where a kai can reincarnate you or revive you for a price /or/ hell where dabura will reincarnate you or revive you for a price
    -*Knock out: having one of the toggles in you action menu (the 3×3 menu that pops up when you hold X) say passive or violent and if its passive when you defeat a player the person will not die but instead have a black screen for 30 seconds or so, but if its violent then when you defeat a player the player will die and your alignment will worsen
    -TrainingMC: gain dbc expierience from some vanilla minecraft things such as mining, farming and cutting wood
    -Nimbus: make it alot faster so that its useful
    -Plants: being able to plant your own senzu beans
    -Biomes: more biomes on earth such as a ruined city bome
    -Masters: Guru on namek, King Vegeta and Bardock on Vegeta, Supreme Kai in otherworld, krillen, tien, yamcha, majin buu and goten and trunks on earth + vegeta and future trunks should be at a randomly spawning capsule corp and Goten and trunks should be on kamis lookout (cause thats where they learned fusion)

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    Sam Noé

    Well no surprise this is…basic. Maybe too basic, each of your ideas have already been said by dozens of peole and some are on such a low priority level that they might never be added.

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