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      Hello! It’s been awhile since I’ve been here. But now “I AM HERE!”

      As I was messing with the configs, I realized that it was next to impossible to balance out the races. Either you make their few transformations on par with the saiyans, or you make their transformations too weak too keep up. So here’s a few idea’s too help balance things out.

      Individual Mystic Forms

      So yes this is’s bit un-fair, but hear me out. We could give each race an individual config for their mystic form. So for example I could make Mystic=SSJ3 for saiyans, but make Half-Saiyans equal to SSGod. Or for humans, make it equivalent to SSBlue. And I know that would make God Form useless for them if it’s the same as the other god forms. But at the same time, they cant go into their own versions of SSBlue/Evolution/Rose so it’s not useful anyways.

      Namekian Fusion
      So this wouldn’t work like Metamoran Fusion. This would work as a permanent buff that works similarly to SSJGod.
      Where a Saiyan goes to Goku to get a temporary power boost, a Namekian would go to specifically spawned Nemakians, one’s from the warrior clan. But first you’d go to Guru, who would teach ONLY NAMEKIANS a skill that allows them to do the fusion. From there, they would power up near these Warrior Namekians, and they would despawn as you get a new transformation “Namek Fus-1”. This is the first stage after doing it once. It would have two stages, maybe three if enabled in the config.
      But you see, it’s like KI Fist/Ki Infuse ect. Where you can activate the boost whenever you want, but still add Kaioken or God Form onto of it. To balance this however, the fusion would be a flat boost. So maybe #1=+20 stats, and #2=+40 or something like that (configurable). Piccolo got tons of times stronger when he fused, but it wasn’t a transformation. Hence why we have the flat boost.

      and then here’s a few honorable mentions that would be cool, but might be un-balanced.
      5th Ultimate Form (Golden Cooler)
      Human God Evolved (Human God form version of SSBE)
      Mastered Kaioken (able to make exclusive to certain races)
      Super Instinct (That thing Roshi did in the manga, it would be a really weak version of UI)
      *insert race* Beyond God.

      Thank and and- buh-bye.

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