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      i have some suggestions and ideas for the mod

      1.) for balancing purposes maybe focus on making a mystic form available for everyone which is slight more stronger than ssj3 but less than sbsblue. This could also be mixed with kaioken so that other races may get a similar buff as saiyans and balance out things while more forms and features are developed.

      2.) it would be cool if “evil” players got Super Saiyan Rose instead of Super Saiyan blue as their transformation. or maybe we could have a customizable god form (like the g2 hair, but with ability to color it)

      thats about it for my ideas for now. i hope you take them into consideration

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      i liked this suggestion but we need to confirm if ssj rose is new transformation or is like ssj blue but with different colour

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        apparently, the form is equal to that of ssb, only reason it’s stronger is because Base Goku black is around SSJ3 Goku in terms of strength

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      God’s Flame

      they need to make an super sayian beyond god transformation because of vegeta in BoG when he hit beerus and actually did damage to him. Also, when trunks was not getting his ass absolutely kicked by goku black.

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      I really hope this suggestions is read by jin. it would help balance the game

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      the issue with that is that people are more concerned with just having things how they were in the show (by spitting out bullshit numbers they just made up to make it so “anything goku has is the strongest and the best”) with no concern about actually making a fun, balanced game for people to enjoy together

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