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      Well, I admire so much Jin job, he did very well with Crimson and others colaborators (if there were). His progress with DB and Naruto went so far and so good! Even with his busy personal life. So I can’t except a little from his hands if we see mods made by him in Avatar universe, players bending water, fire, and stuff in multiplayer; players playing as aliens in Ben 10 universe and maybe using the omnitrix… So what about playing as a sacred knight from Nanatsu no taizai? Or as a commandment?!

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      Sam Noé

      I dunno what Nanatsu is at all, I’ll go check it out.
      For Ben 10 I have no clue if there ever was a mod ’bout it.
      And for Avatar, lucky you ! Here’s the link.
      It’s still in developpement, with weekly news on their MCF thread, their answer to questions quite fast and clearly, and they have still some big things to add with an active dev team, so I don’t think they’ll disappear anytime soon.
      BUT it’s in 1.12.2. And they clearly said that they won’t backport it to 1.7.10. So if you want to stick with 1.7.10, that won’t do.

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      • This reply was modified 1 year, 3 months ago by Sam Noé.
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