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      statsif you look closely on my stats you will see my con is 100k and some other atributes not thats becouse im using multipliers ofcoarse. you did know that probably alredy but you can see i do over 1Billion damage. or thats what the screen says but when i punch an entity or wathever that can take damage it says i only do 18M damage instead of 1B+ i think it has something to do with the codes or deeper configfiles in the mod atself that dosnt allow me to higer my atributes go over 100K without multipliers i want to know how you can upgrade your atributes over 100K by changing it somewhere in the filles if you do know how to do that please let me know. im trieng to figger this out for a while but i give up every 5 minutes.

      if the image dosnt work dm me on discord DeralTGM#6626

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      Bryce Hego

      The reason why there is a hard cap on attribute limit and why the config suggests not going crazy with transformation multipliers is cause of an overflow issue that cannot just be ‘lol ignored’.

      Basically imagine doing 1 damage per punch cause you went too high in numbers, that’s an issue you face if things get too high. Minecraft simply can’t handle how high it goes and hence a hard cap on attributes in the config.

      No it’s not something you can just ‘fix’ by telling minecraft to let numbers go higher with a mod before you ask.

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      i know for shure its possible to do over 1Billion damage it happened to me one time with another mod but i think u mean with minecraft cant handle it you mean the mod just dosnt want to go over the limits but it is possible in one or another way but you indeed need to do something in the game’s filles.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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