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    Josef Hähnel

    After some time to try to fix the problem by myself, Im at my end
    To visualize and explain my problem here is a picture:

    I placed the 7 dragonballs from the Armorer’s Workshop some weeks ago and yesterday a strange Armorer’s block appeared (symbolized with the stone block)

    I decided to remove that block as I flew over it, facing the block and dropping on it.
    My game crashed with : Internal Error
    When I tried to login again and again, but now im stuck with dropping on the block and crashing again and again

    As I said I tried several fixes by myself, but nothing works

    The only last solution I can think of is to remove that block via WorldEdit from an admin

    I would provide the coordinates:-541 77 1130, but I recommend to spawn a little bit away from that to avoid touching or looking directly at it, so noone else crashes

    Hopefully you can help me and resolve that problem,

    Sincerely Larxias

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    You should ask about this on the armorer’s workshop site

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    Josef Hähnel

    And its not possible for you to remove that block from my claim on the Server?

    I didnt thought the developer of this mod could help me, cause it was something server-related

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