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      As we all know Jin wants to release the now so called Shinka forms of SSB and SSRosé. The Arcosian(which im a fan of) dont get a new transforamtion. Thats pretty unfair if you consider the pvp aspect on servers. What I’d is that the arcosians should get a new form called true ultimate Form. It consumes less Ki and has a boost equal from SSB to SSBShinka. You can now change the aura color to.
      Hope you liked it

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      Noice idea

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      Sam Noé

      *Humans and Nameks screaming in the distance*

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      Personally, I want True Golden but I also wouldn’t mind Jin adding Cooler’s Golden Form as its own upgrade to Golden.

      Humans and Namekians? Those two could easily be made OP.

      I have always believed Namekians should have no transformations (But Great Namek ofc) and instead their base form increases (configured) in multiplier with each fusion they have (maximum is configured) which, combined with Kaio-Ken, would be pretty damn broken. I have three suggestions for Humans. Remove Super Human and split their MAX form into two stages. Roshi displays a half-MAX state which he fights with and a full-MAX state which he uses for Kamehameha which would be great
      for humans. Mystic should be best used with Humans, Half-Saiyan potential is arguably due to their human half after-all. Maybe Jin could do something like making it so Humans can stack MAX on-top of
      their Mystic state. Humans should have a passive racial ability which enables them to learn skills at less of a mind and TP cost, as well as faster XP for their techniques. (Humans consist of some of the most talented and advanced fighters in the entire series)


      My suggestions for the races would also have to include some of my thoughts on how God Ki should work.

      God Ki should be a state like Mystic (Not a form) that drains no ki and simply makes it so only gods can sense you and it increases your power. When God Ki is toggled on your stats sheet turns into the God stats sheet where you can upgrade the power of your God Ki.

      Transformations are locked when using God Ki and you must progress with your God Ki training
      to unlock God Forms such as SSG, SSB and SSBE. Namekians and Humans lack God Forms but they have a prodigious grasp of God Ki and evolve much quicker in power than other races with it. Arcosians would, perhaps, lack God Ki or have little advantage with it but their transformations and growth with their ‘mortal’ powers accelerates in growth.

      God Ki is unlocked via the SSG ritual for Saiyans or being taught by a God Ki using player. You can learn God Ki on your own but it’s much harder to do and is harder to train solo. The Time Chamber and God Chamber would obviously make it much much faster to train.

      ‘Special’ gods would exist (Like GoDs, Supreme Kais and Angels) that can tap into vastly more
      powerful variants of Godliness (GoDs have raw power and destruction. Supreme Kais enhance
      the power of God Forms greatly and have magical powers, Angels have Ultra Instinct). Players can unlock these ‘special’ god powers by training under players with these traits. Becoming a divine being evolves SSB into SSRose which has more potent God Ki and thus power. GoD enhances a mortal’s power to a ridiculous extent and gives them the power to erase anything weaker than they are instantly. UI has ridiculous movement speed, auto-dodge, grows in power as you use it but has awful stamina and can kill you with God Strain.

      Saiyans would obviously benefit the most (if the only to benefit) from becoming divine beings. Arcosians would, perhaps, have the easiest time learning to use GoD and the highest potential as a result of their destructive nature and raw power. Humans and Namekians would learn UI the ‘fastest’ and learn it the ‘easiest’ as a result of themselves relying primarily on base forms and being the races that focus the most on their technical abilities in canon, rather than power like Saiyans and Arcosians.

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        Well, I support this 100%. Good job man you got really creative with your ideas and I thoroughly enjoy them. Upvoted.

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        Sam Noé

        *Humans and Namek stop screaming in the distance*
        Nothing to add, good job bro.

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        Thanks, always kinda figured Namekians should focus on their base form and Humans on skills. Saiyans and Arcosians should be on the other end of the spectrum where Saiyans focus entirely on their forms whereas Arcosians are raw power (with PP and the strongest transformations in their Golden forms).

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