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      Because the SSB2 was added(a bunch of months ago I think xD) we need something for Arcosians too!(I know Humans and Namekians need too, but most of the players play as Arcosians or Saiyans)

      How about the True Golden Form. It will have the same multiplier as SSB2 and will have a bigger and more saturated, yellow-orange Aura. You will also move faster in this form.

      Yeah, pretty short but, I guess I can’t say more to that!

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      Sadly I doubt this would happen as Jin prefers to stick to the anime and manga. A True Golden Form has never been stated in either of these. So the closest thing would be a mastered golden form like how Frieza went from having Golden Form be about equal to Blue if not a little bit stronger with a large power consumption to being on pair with Blue Kaioken Goku and having a low ki drain.

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      Sadly that’s not canon, so Jin probably won’t add it. But we could end out with a controlled or mastered Golden, with (as Justin said) equal to SSB Kaioken Goku, and with a lesser Ki drain. I kinda hope the form boosts the Ki attacks more than melee based ones

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      I think that’s what he was talking about though. The wording is just different; he said “the” true golden form, obviously referring to Freeza’s golden form in the tournament of power arc (and how he called it “the true Golden Freeza.”). So there’s no difference, really; you’re basically just arguing over what to call it.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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