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    My idea consist in two principal points.

    -The Ultimate Form of Arcosians urgent need a increase in his multiplier, actually the Ultimate Form is equal to Super Saiyan 3, When Frieza shows that Ultimate Form is superior to Super Saiyan Blue in his movie, the ki drain of this form is fine in my opinion, but need increase his power. Is true the fact of the power of all transformations is configurable but the most people don’t touch the config of the mod.

    -Ultimate Full Power Form: In the last chapter of Dragon Ball Super Frieza shows a new level in the power of Arcosian race, the Full Power Form of his Golden Form, in really the transformation only reduced his ki drain, don’t increase his power, my idea is add a new upgrade of racial skill of Arcosians, adding the Ultimate Form Full Power, this form have the same multiplier of regular Ultimate Form but with less ki drain.

    I thing that my ideas would do the Arcosians equal to Saiyans in power.
    Sorry for my bad english guys.

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    1. The multipliers are Configurable by the server you play on, not the mod itself.
    2. That idea has been thrown around a bit, I don’t believe Jin is going to use it mostly because it was just the equivilant of going from 50% base to 100% base.
    3. Arcosians and saiyans, along with all other races can be entirely equal in this current version of the mod with a few tweaks to the config file.

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    Golden Frieza was superior to SSBlues because his base form was EVEN STRONGER than Goku’s and Vegeta’s Base 😛

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    No it wasn’t lol, Goku was beating Frieza’s final forms ass in his base

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    Andrew Hamilton

    Actually, it was, and it wasnt. Frieza fought them as soon as he learned how to use his golden form. Goku even said (or someone else, its been a bit) That if frieza had took the time to master the form goku would have lost.

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    Maybe re-read what I said? I said “No Frieza is not stronger than Goku and Vegeta in base form”

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    Andrew Hamilton

    oh, i was confused. i thought u meant goku’s base form

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    On the recent episode of Dragon Ball Super, True Golden Form Frieza and SSB Goku were shown to be equal in power when they punched each other in the face and knocked each other out

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