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    1. Arco PP should be configurable how strong it is or how long it takes to run out and etc when not in minimalist forms. Arco makes up with Speed and Defense what it lacks for STR and they are a really strong race that are underpowered. As arcos are stronger than Saiyans that aren’t of Super Saiyan. How it works should be kept as it is but it should just be made configurable all in all.

    2. Frieza’s buff form/100% form should be added for Arcosians as their buff form which would bump them up to Lvl 7 transformations, equal to Saiyans. 100% should be equal to SSJ while 5th form should be bumped to be equal to ASSJ

    3. For Arcos, they get bigger as they get into the 1000s in age. This can be seen where King Cold was extremely huge compared to Frieza. Which could mean that Frieza & Cooler could become as big as King Cold is one day when they’re old enough. They should be able to get as big as 1/2th or 3/4th of an Oozaru.

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    I agree arco’s should get the 100% buff form but ummm 5th is as strong as a ssj2. It’s a bit weaker but close to ssj2. But you have to keep in mind that server’s can make form’s stronger or weaker as they want, so if someone make’s a server and they love saiyans but hate the other race’s then saiyans can be op.

    As for age and size..ummm that’s not how it works. There size is up to what form they make. There 2ed form is the tallest as far as I can tell. But there final form or true base form is the form they were born with and they make other forms to keep there power in check. In other words min, 1st, 2ed and 3ed forms are just camouflage/buffers to keep there high power under control.

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