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      We have golden form yes but can we choose between frieza’s and cooler’s golden form? I know people will say “Coolers golden form is not cannon” Well nor is golden ape, ssj4 and super evolution but there in dbc anyway. (the cooler golden form would look just like super evolution btw. Just look it up in dragon ball hero’s)

      This must have been suggested many time’s but can we get 100% full power form? I mean even in super frieza was saying it was a form. It would be ssj for arco’s. Yes some will say “power points when being used should make you go buff when 100% power” I get it but arco’s have 2 forms and that’s it…well…there is god but still. Give the arco’s some love. Let them have the 100% full power form.

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      Sam Noé

      “I get it but arco’s have 2 forms and that’s it…well…there is god but still. Give the arco’s some love. ”

      *human screaming again in the distance*
      Come on, I mean they don’t have a form cannonically exclusive to their race ! And they have like virtually infinite stamina ! Come on it’s a cool race !

      Jokes appart, that could be done by taking Humans’Buff form and applying it to Arcos.
      And the aesthetic tweak at 100% power is logic, since it’s, well … Full Power form… and 100% is supposed to be Full Power…
      Now that means no access to Full Power until you’ve maxed out Potential Unlock, since you can’t use PP without 100% (which is again kind of logic).

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      Though yes it would make sense that when you go 100% you get buffed, but again freiza already in super side it was a form so it’s not just 100% full power.

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        Sam Noé

        Let’s face it, this is basically the Buff technique, just like USSJ is ASSJ + Buff technique. And just like USSJ, everyone considers this as an actual form, while it’s just Buff. You can’t call a form something that most of the cast could use.
        When fighting against SSJ Goku in Z, Freezer just speaks of going full power, not using another form. And this is cannon too, so what version do we believe ? Frieza changed his mind in the meanwhile ?
        Considering how Super makes asspulls with everything, I wouldn’t rely on it.
        Not that is not cannon, it is of course, but more because they make me feel like they have no idea of what they’re doing most of the time, especially in ToP arc.

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      All I can say is if its cannon then there is nothing we can do. So it’s form rather we like or not.

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      I think this could work as a skill for all races. Remove Ascended/Grade 2 and Ultra/Grade 3 Super Saiyan and just make it so you can combine Super Saiyan 1 with the power-weighting skill.

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      Like Sam noe said yes Arco all ready have it, and I wouldn’t mind it being a actual form, but if we get as a form, we may not be able to 100% with Potential unlock, to use an arco full power in base and other forms, due to the fact its a full form now.

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