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    Sam Noé

    Having to look for several hours for DBs and invoque an eternal dragon that bends reality at will to change a so tiny detail such as your aura colour is … maybe a bit harcore ? It’s like going to the Niagara waterfalls to fill up a glass of water.
    Especially knowing that when you create a ki blast you can choose the colour. I don’t see then why I can’t change the coulour of my aura as easily.
    So there could be in the ki techniques tab a box that allows you to change the colour
    But it wouldn’t be free either, it should cost some TPs, like [player’s level]*100.
    Here you are, just a quick thought.

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    Not bad. I support it. Could always make a config for it.

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    See like I was wondering this too. Pretty damn good idea.

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